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They Answer to No One

2 Sep

The United States Justice Department informed Erie County that it is violating prisoners’ civil rights on a routine basis.  The County administration was asked, but refused, to cooperate with the DOJ’s investigation.

The County Legislature held a hearing on the issue, and no one from the executive branch bothered to show up.  It’s become quite clear that the executive branch of Erie County has chosen to treat the legislative branch and the independent comptroller’s office as non-entities.  Collins has chosen to run his administration like he runs his closely-held corporations – as a one-man show, where whatever he says goes. Every other Republican-run county office has fallen in with that mindset.

That’s all well and good until the federal government informs you that you’re routinely in violation of federal laws and regulations.

These guys have no shame, no conscience, no explanation, no “we’ll try harder”, no “we’ll get Six Sigma right on it”, no nothing.  Just silence.

If Giambra was “King Joel”, then it should be Generalissimo Collins.


Stop Guantanamo Tim

24 Aug


(nickname stolen from commenter Chris in OP and modified)

Deep Sheriff Thought

19 Aug

How much more proof does anyone need to conclude that Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard is horribly incompetent and in desperate need of a sacking?

Cheektowaga PD Capt John Glascott for Sheriff.

Erie County Needs a New Sheriff

2 Aug

Tim Howard became Erie County Sheriff in 2005 and he’s up for re-election this year.

Set aside for a moment the fact that vicious cop-killer Ralph “Bucky” Phillips escaped from an Erie County correctional facility using a can opener, and forget the few-too-many mistaken releases of inmates who had no business being released – one of whom committed a rape.

The problem even worse than these is that Howard and his folks don’t think there’s any problem.  The United States Justice Department – with whom Howard’s department refused to cooperate – is appalled by the conditions it observed and learned of in Erie County’s jail facilities.  As the Buffalo News points out, the county rebuts, but doesn’t corroborate.

“We conclude that the conditions of confinement violate the constitutional rights of inmates,” the Justice Department said in a letter to County Executive Chris Collins, who months ago shut off all county cooperation with the probe begun in November 2007, before he took office.

Not only did Erie County refuse to cooperate — on the county attorney’s advice — the county attorney sought out some inmates whom the federal authorities had interviewed in other facilities and asked them to reveal their testimony, the Justice Department revealed.

“Much of what is in the report is based on fiction and not reality,” said County Attorney Cheryl A. Green, who said she conducted those follow-up interviews to assess whether the inmates had been coached and to determine whether their testimony would be accurately presented.

Much“?  What, exactly, is reality and what, exactly is fictionAny reality would constitute a Constitutional violation.  Just because the jails house bad people doesn’t mean you can just do whatever the hell you want to them, or subject them to beatings and other cruelty because you can.

And yes, the county’s cavalier “screw you” attitude to the Justice Department report is almost as appalling as the underlying allegations of abuse.

It wouldn’t be such an insult if it was the first time we were told how bad they were.  From the 2006 Phillips escape report:

The Commission investigation into the escape of Ralph Phillips from the Erie County Correctional Facility revealed serious managerial and executive level operational policy and procedure breakdowns of proportions which rise to the level of willful negligence and professional incompetence.

Use that in a negative ad with ominous music.

Cheektowaga Police Captain John Glascott is running against Howard for Erie County Sheriff. Here’s what he told WNYMedia’s Marc Odien last week:


The Republicans are so afraid of him that they tried to get him to either drop out of the race or quit his job, alleging that he couldn’t do both at the same time.  That didn’t work, so now Tim Howard is stuck defending the demerits of his tenure.

Sheriff Tim Howard’s Heckuva Job

11 Mar

Between Bucky Phillips, Kevin Allen, and the newly-disclosed case of Rasheed Milton – a sex offender and drug dealer who was mistakenly released from Alden only to allegedly rape someone in Buffalo – there seems to be a dangerously sloppy incompetence going on at Erie County jails.

Howard is up for re-election this year, and every time a rapist is released to re-rape, or a Bucky Phillips escapes by using a (fricking) can opener (for God’s sake), Howard ensures that the buck stops elsewhere.

So, Um…

15 Jan

I guess these guys don’t like Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard a lot, hm?