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Chris Collins On Six Sigma and Take Home Cars

27 Dec

Pundit and I conducted a lengthy interview with Erie County Executive-Elect Chris Collins last week before the holiday break.  For ease of consumption, we broke the interview up into several small pieces.  This edition covers the issues of six sigma implementation and the use of take home cars and cell phones by county employees.

Department of Six Sigma

Perception of Abuse by County Employees In Regards To Cars and Phones

Collins Transition

26 Nov


I waited for Pundit to return from his Thanksgiving Holiday so that he would have the first opportunity to write about the Collins transition team. His response was as unsurprising as mine will undoubtedly be…

We already know of “fresh faces” Dennis Vacco, Nancy Naples, and Mary Lou Rath. Now, we have 31 subcommittees with chairpeople such as: Cusack, Mills, Ranzenhofer, and Rath

But having legislators and rookies head up something that’s supposed to ease the transition to a Collins administration is equal parts stupid and troubling

So, which is it? Are we upset that he is picking “fresh faces” like Vacco and Naples or are we upset that he is picking “rookies”. Seems to me that most Democrats, Pundit included, are looking for an opportunity to slam Collins regardless of what he does.

His choices for his unpaid transition team feature local Republican Party operative and donors, private sector executives, former legislators and elected officials with knowledge of the political landscape, and members of his party who currently serve in the legislature. Why is this so frigging controversial? If Collins came in and selected only private sector executives to head his transition team, we would hear about his disdain for the current people in government. If he chose all party people, we’d hear the opposite.

If Collins is going to be successful, he’ll need the support of his party, the guidance of experienced political hands like Rath and Naples, and the support of his minority in the legislature. Making them all a part of the transition team seems pretty logical to me, especially since the majority of his nearly 40 member transition team are “fresh faces”.

I guess we could wait to see how things work out when Collins gets a chance to lead, or we could just dismiss every move he makes prior to taking office as political and false. Pretty slim margin of error for this guy…