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18 Apr

Money laundering, tax fraud, and an investigation by the FBI? Should make for an interesting few months for state government luminaries Pedro Espada, his son, Steve Pigeon, and Gary Parenti.

On The Cost of Government

26 Mar


A quick message to budding teabag terrorists across the country:

I realize that you’re as angry about the cost of government as you are crazy, and especially hornet-angry about the cost of “socialized medicine” and the “end of America as we know it” by this “socialist” or “national socialist” (because you’re stupid and use them interchangeably) “Muslim” “antichrist” “usurper” who won’t just “show us the birth certificate“.

But when you decide to, say, send a note to a Congressman recommending that he “drop dead” and include some unknown but harmless white powder in the envelope, understand that there will be a massive law enforcement and environmental reaction to that:

The NYPD, the FBI and other emergency management officials responded as a precaution, spokesmen for the agencies say. Weiner’s Kew Gardens office will be closed pending the completion of the investigation.

Now, I realize that you didn’t want to really kill Weiner or his staff – you just wanted to scare them (you might want to re-read the definition of “terrorism”) – and I realize that you’ve probably hyper-rationalized this as being appropriate because you’re a patriot just like Samuel Adams, and Weiner should be happy you’re not tarring and feathering him, because he deserves it for voting differently from how you wanted, and even though Weiner is an elected representative of a defined constituency, you want to equate him with “taxation without representation“.

But that’s just because you’re dumb. We can’t change that.

But when the cops and FBI and hazmat teams have to be sent to Kew Gardens to make sure you didn’t send some sort of dangerous chemical or biological hazard, that costs a lot of money. Taxpayer money. If you were really so concerned about socialism and the cost of government, then instead of terrorizing congressional district staffers, you’d go about joining your local Republican committee and helping someone to defeat Weiner electorally.