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2 Feb

Yesterday morning, the story broke that a very mean meanie of a man-child who plays catch for a living deigned to say something critical of our fair burgh. As usually happens in these situations (e.g., hockey players who quite correctly criticize how dead our downtown is after business hours), our local media and commentariat freak the hell out, defending to the death the mistaken notion that Buffalo is a world-class city.

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Seeing that Channel 2 and 4 were turning this into the top story, I started the #BradyonBuffalo meme.

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The purpose of it – and most people got it – was not to mock Brady, but to mock our community sensitivity and over-reaction to what a Tom Brady thinks of Buffalo. Here’s a multi-millionaire superstar about to play in his fifth Super Bowl. He’s won three of them already. He lives in a world-class city – a Boston that just thirty years ago was a parochially-minded, predominately Catholic, faded and crumbling city with a shrinking tax base and a massive inferiority complex. Today, Boston is a world-class city, and Buffalo isn’t. It’s a simple fact that we should just accept.

Take, for instance, how Channel 4 reported on Wednesday’s meme:

Brady’s comments started a flurry of conversation on Twitter, with Buffalo Twitter users using the hashtag #BradyonBuffalo to mock Brady’s comments.

No, we used it to mock Buffalonians’ oversensitivity to outsiders’ criticism of our region. We used it to poke fun at the predictable top-story treatment this would get in all local media, complete with angry reactions from tourism officials and political figures.

You know what? With three exceptions – the Mansion at Delaware, the Hampton Inn on Chippewa, and the Embassy Suites at the Avant, Buffalo hotels are pretty crappy. I mean, have you set foot in the last Adams Mark on Earth yet? Leave it to a concrete eyesore in Buffalo to cling to a dead chain’s trademark. Tim Graham in the Buffalo News is, so far, the only local mainstream media type to get it exactly right, pointing out the small number of local hotels that can accommodate a football team (hint: the Mansion isn’t one of them).

Here are some of my favorites. Stop being such a whiny crybaby, Buffalo. Suck it up.

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Run the Option

23 Sep

I can’t do it. I can’t watch another debacle, waste another Sunday afternoon, turning away from the television screen in disgust. I can’t ruin all my Autumn weekends on this pitiful performance. I am, of course, talking about the Buffalo Bills.

Miami was frustrating. Green Bay was embarrassing. New England this week will be disgusting, and even harder to watch. After a loss to the J E T S Jets Jets Jets, Brady and Belichick will want to run up the score. I feel bad for my team.

Which is why Chan Gailey, with nothing to lose, needs to think outside the box. Benching Trent and going with Fitz is nice, but only a start. Try something new. Be inventive. He has a chance like few coaches to try something completely different. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? He should have carte blanche.

Which is why Chan Gailey should run the Option. Be the wacky but effective Air Force of the NFL.


If you have no quarterback, but have three above average running backs, including one potential star, then logic tells me to run the Option full time. “But the NFL is a passing league,” you say. I agree. And we can’t pass. So please at least entertain me and confuse defenses for the next 14 weeks.

Step 1: Make the Fitz switch permanent. Trade Edwards for a bag full of footballs, or dump him on the street. I don’t care which. Fitz is smart enough to run this offense, humble enough to accept 10 throwing attempts a game, and willing enough to throw a long ball once in a while when its called for to surprise the defense.

Step 2: We get 50 plays from scrimmage a game. Run the Wildcat with Jackson in charge for 25, let Fitz hand off the ball for another 15, and throw for 10. Perfect game: two of the three running backs get over a hundred on the ground, and Fitz is 7 for 10 and 100 yards in the air. 40 runs and 10 passes plays to our strengths, and should be confusing enough for the opposing defense, even with obvious 3rd down passing plays required. 

Step 3: Trade Lee Evans. He makes too much money to be wasted in this new offense, and he won’t be around by the time the Bills contend for the playoffs again. Better to trade him for draft picks as we rebuild. I like Lee. I’ll miss him. But if you love something, set it free. Let Lee go be the superstar he can be on a team that knows how to get him the ball.

I see no downside. The offensive line and tight ends get a full year to concentrate on learning to run block. Our receivers are terrible, and we won’t miss their contribution anyway. Roscoe Parrish will get one end around a game, and be the most prolific of his career. We have no quarterback to develop anyway – when we draft one next year, we can implement a real NFL passing offense then.

I think the players could get behind this too. I keep hearing now mean and nasty Eric Wood is. So prove it. I’m imagining this scene in the Bills locker room this week, once Gailey tells his team the news, that they are switching to the Option.


I want to see Wood throwing around some chains. I want to see Hangartner slamming some beer kegs on the floor, and Stupar heaving those Kettle Bells up in the air. I want to see the line a freight train in front of Jackson’s pitch to Lynch. 

Run the Option. Before it’s too late.

Buffalo ReUse Snow Bowl

17 Dec

This past Sunday, it was an East Side vs. West Side football game in the snow at Buffalo ReUse HQ on Northampton Street.

Upon arrival, players were decorated with war paint by the lovely Caesandra from Buffalo ReUse.

Once we were painted up, the teams were set up and we went into gridiron battle. In an effort to not get anyone killed nor look like sissies playing two handed touch, we chose to play “wrap up” football. A “wrap up” tackle supposedly halts the forward progress of the individual driving towards the end zone. In practice, it looked a lot more like this:

Yes, that is Michael Gainer of BuffaloReUse putting me on my ass as I broke free for what was supposed to be a highlight reel “rumblin’ bumblin’ stumblin'” touchdown run.

It was a great time and it was a unique way for various groups working to make a Better Buffalo to have some laughs, share some chili, and have a blast. PUSH Buffalo, Habitat for Humanity, and Urban Roots were all represented on the field as was Buffalo ReUse and WNYMedia.

If you’re looking to join in the Buffalo ReUse experience and volunteer, they are always looking for a few good men and women. They can use help in every area of the organization, from office work to hands on construction work. If you’re interested in signing up to join the most fun loving group of volunteers in Buffalo, hit them up on their volunteer homepage.

Buffalo ReUse Hosts The Snow Bowl

10 Dec


This coming Sunday, Buffalo ReUse will host the first annual SNOW BOWL in the field across from their warehouse at 298 Northampton Street.  Since we host the Official BuffaloReUse blog, we’ll be volunteering our beefy blocking and tackling services for Team ReUse.

ReUse has thrown out the challenge to other volunteer groups including PUSH Buffalo, Urban Roots and Habitat For Humanity. We’ll see who shows up to take the challenge. It’s a cool idea to raise awareness for local organizations and have a great time, something ReUse is well known for…

You can either join in on the game or cheer from the sidelines or just come and eat chili.  Whatever you like.

There’s an open invitation for potluck chili! Do you make a veggie, beef, turkey, gator, roadkill or 3-alarm chili? BRING IT!! Or you can bring cheese, fritos, cornbread, spoons, bowls, cocoa…or a first aid kit.