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Keep Calm and Carry On

6 Feb

I didn’t see the cut version of Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly’s Factor the other night, but Gawker reviewed the entire, uncut version on Fox’s website and brings us highlights from the parts that didn’t make it to air. Which include many of Stewart’s strongest arguments about Fox News’ descent into hysterical, emotion-driven rage. Seriously excellent discussion. My favorite quotes:

On discussing the insanity of Neil Cavuto, Stewart explains that Cavuto’s schtick is posing ridiculous questions like: is Obama a Stalinist, while posting a picture of Stalin over his shoulder:

I know what this is. I come from Jersey—it’s the same thing: “I’m not saying your mother’s a whore. I’m just saying she has sex for money. With people.” [F]ox News used to be all about, you don’t criticize a president during wartime. It’s unacceptable, it’s treasonous, it gives aid and comfort to the enemy. All of a sudden, for some reason you can run out there and say, “Barack Obama is destroying the fabric of this country.”

Stewart gets O’Reilly to admit that he thinks Obama is a socialist tyrant. Stewart retorts:

How many tyrants do you know that really suffer because they can’t get cloture?

On the panic attack hysterical Fox-driven conservative terror over Khalid Sheikh Muhammad being tried on the US mainland:

He’s not Magneto—Khalid Sheikh Muhammad isn’t going to sprout wings and fly out and start shooting buildings with lasers

Check out the whole thing.

Young Gordon Ramsay

28 Jan

These made me laugh:

Incidentally, Hell’s Kitchen debuts Thursday at 9 on Fox.

This Year's American Idol Post

22 May

I used to watch pretty regularly during seasons 2 and 3. Then I stopped. Because, for the most part, I stopped caring. Now, I only enjoy watching the sideshow audition shows that kick the season off in January. Once they hit Hollywood, I’m out of there.

But I did watch the finale.

That show last night was Exhibit A as to why I don’t watch anymore. It was the results show. Everyone wants to see who wins. It’s literally a 5 minte show that they streeeeeetch into a 2 hour infomercial extravaganza. Everything is an ad – Coke product placement, AT&T product placement, Mike Myers douching it up for his new movie, Jonas Brothers and a somewhat sad-looking and sounding George Michael promoting summer tours. There’s the 12 Idol finalists basically doing the bits they’ll do during the summer tour. There’s Bryan Adams who’s hawking a new CD that no one really cares about. There’s Carrie Underwood who, as a WaPo columnist put it,

dressed as a Wimbledon streetwalker with a hammock slung between her arms, singing her newest tune about hopping into the sack with a random guy and waking up married to him so she doesn’t even know her new “Last Name.”

A half-hour show would have been plenty. A one-hour show, I could have understood. But two solid hours of promotion? I don’t sit through infomercials for scam artist Kevin Trudeau, so it pained me to sit through this marketing-fest.

And that’s why, come next year, I’ll sit through the audition shows and then drop out when they reach Hollywood. Because it’s a show that is already somewhat of an insult to one’s intelligence. They don’t have to pile on.