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Paladino Campaign In Full Walkback – Damage Control Mode

1 Oct

The reason Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get questions from the press about his affairs is that there is no evidence of any affairs, and he hasn’t pre-emptively brought out a story about a love-child.

The reason Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get questions about his love-child, is because he didn’t impregnate a woman not his wife and deceive her about it for a decade.

The reason Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get questions about his love life is that he hasn’t made his love-life an issue about his values.

Riffing off something Marc posted last night, when I first saw Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo’s statement to the press regarding the Dicker dustup, my initial reaction was that it was uncharacteristically long and surprisingly defensive.  Paladino was donning a mantle of victimhood after going around for six months practically calling anyone who comes into contact with him a mother f*cker.

He’s also crying foul over the statewide press researching and writing stories about an extended family that Carl has trotted out into the public spotlight himself.  The glowing profile pieces on his wife and the campaign’s own discussion of Carl’s affair and extramarital child were manufactured by the campaign itself, most likely in the hopes that it would be a pre-emptive strike, the messaging of which they could control.

As Marc points out, and I picked up on during last night’s late news, Paladino’s camp is now denying that Paladino accused Cuomo of serial infidelity during his marriage to Kerry Kennedy – a marriage that ended because Kennedy had an extramarital affair, fell in love with another man, and moved out.  It was a divorce process that was very heavily reported on when it happened 7-8 years ago after Cuomo’s failed run for Governor.

Watch the entire walkback attempt from last night, courtesy of Channel 2 – and note especially how Paladino responds to a probing question from WBEN’s Steve Cichon, and accuses him also of being on the Cuomo payroll and a Cuomo “bird-dog”.  Aside from the Buffalo News, there are no friendlier mainstream news outlets to Carl Paladino’s candidacy than the New York Post and WBEN.  He’s managed to accuse them both of being in Cuomo’s employ.  That’s madness.


Carl was on Channel 2 News last night explaining earnestly to Bob McCarthy and Dave McKinley that he lashed out at Dicker because he was confused – he hadn’t accused Cuomo of anything!  He was sad that Dicker wasn’t asking the same stuff of Cuomo!

Paladino now also insists the whole confrontation was rooted in a misunderstanding, which began when Dicker overheard a remark Paladino made to another reporter, in which he thought he’d heard Paladino say Cuomo had an extramarital affair.

Dicker began demanding that Paladino produce proof of the allegation.

“I get questioned constantly by the press about my life, about my personal life. They ask me questions about infidelity, …about everything,” Paladino explained.

“And I said (to another reporter) ‘why doesn’t Andrew Cuomo ever get these questions? Why doesn’t he get a question about whether or not he’s had any infidelities?’ And that’s where the remark came from. Dicker took it out of context and went and presented it as though I made an accusations against Andrew Cuomo. I did not.”

And though Paladino can be heard in the confrontation several times telling Dicker he would provide proof of his claims “when it’s appropriate”, today he said he really didn’t know or realize what Dicker was asking about when the confrontation began.

No, no, no.  Nice try, Carl, but that’s a lie.

First of all, the CBS 6 video clearly shows Dicker asking Carl – calmly and repeatedly – about his allegation about Cuomo’s affair and where his proof was.  Carl began flipping his lid and changing the subject, like a guy who got caught in a lie.

Before Carl got all in Dicker’s face, the story all day had been the buzz surrounding this Politico article, aptly titled, “Carl Paladino alleges Andrew Cuomo affair

“Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours?” Paladino told POLITICO, as campaign manager Michael Caputo chimed in, “when he was married.”

Paladino continued, “When he was married — or asked him why his wife left him or threw him out of the house? Has anybody ever done that?” he demanded. “What are they doing intruding on my life?”

This is typical teabagger/Roger Stone dirty tricks.  Make an offhanded, unsubstantiated, likely false accusation, and demand that the targeted candidate deny it.  Cuomo would generally be caught with two bad choices – remaining silent, allowing the insane ranting candidate to wonder why Cuomo won’t answer the question, or answer the libel and give credence and attention to Paladino.  After all, Carl didn’t repeat to Dicker, “we’ll release it at the appropriate time” without knowing what he was talking about.  He didn’t make the accusation to Politico’s Maggie Haberman just out of the clear blue sky, as evidenced by Caputo’s interjection.

This was planned.

Paladino made the comments to POLITICO after some of his aides had made similar intimations for days, though none so direct.

He spoke Tuesday mid-afternoon from a hotel where he was staying near Midtown Manhattan, in a wide-ranging interview that touched on his reaction to the coverage of his daughter. Paladino, who was married with three kids at the time of her birth, had had an affair with her mother.

Paladino, a developer, discussed his daughter with the Buffalo News when he declared his candidacy before the summer, and the campaign made his wife, Cathy, available for a string of interviews in the past week in which she was asked about the young girl.

Asked about the coverage, Paladino grew visibly angry and said, “My daughter is off limits.”

Paladino’s attempts to walk back the false and baseless accusations of a distant Cuomo affair are poor, and this is the second time his campaign has been caught without a good explanation for something.  Given the Marist poll that was released a couple of days ago showing that almost half of all New Yorkers don’t think Carl is fit to be governor, a lot is resting on the debate(s).

And about those debates – Paladino’s pugilist attitude may be winning him tough-guy fans, but when it comes to debates, they display whether the candidates have a well-articulated plan to make New York better.  If Carl comes across like an unpolished turd who just calls people mother f*ckers and repeats his baseball-bat-to-cut-taxes meme over and over, Cuomo will mop the floor with him. Also, quite clearly, Cuomo has an opportunity here to set Carl off on a rant that will frankly make him seem like an unstable lunatic.

Yesterday marked the first time since we released the emails that Carl Paladino had to explain himself, go on the defensive, and do some damage control.  As it turns out, he and his team aren’t as good at the whole contrition thing as they are at the whole calling-Joy-Behar-a-menopausal-old-bat thing.

Here’s Where Carl Paladino Threatens to Kill Fred Dicker

29 Sep

(With updated video courtesy WIVB). Fred Dicker is the dean of the Albany press corps. Well-respected and thorough, he writes for the right-wing Murdoch rag the New York Post. He’s been at it for decades and has received every award available for him to receive.

As the scrutiny from press corps outside Buffalo intensifies around the locally untouchable developer, Paladino made a vulgar, pointless accusation about Andrew Cuomo’s first marriage to Kerry Kennedyolder news is hard to come by.

When Dicker confronted Paladino – a belligerent egomaniac – Paladino struck back with threats up to and including, “I’ll take you out”. Let me rephrase this:


Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino threatened to murder columnist Fred Dicker.

I don’t really know what the hell Carl’s problem is – if he’s willing to go nuclear on Cuomo’s failed marriage (which ended long ago), then Carl’s protestations against inquiries into his own sordid personal life ring hollow. You can’t have it both ways. Evidently, Carl’s campaign doesn’t like that a grown woman with whom Carl slept 10 years ago was spoken to and photographed by the NY Post.

But I hope people like Dicker keep pushing, prodding, looking, and provoking. We already know Paladino doesn’t have the character to be governor. We already know he has no strategy for policy success should he win. We’re coming to learn he doesn’t even remotely possess anything approaching the temperament to handle life as a public servant.

I think Billy Batts is Fred Dicker, and Carl is Tommy DeVito, and Dicker sort of told Carl to get his f-ing shinebox.