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Positively Giddy Super-Rich Republicans

27 Jun

The Buffalo News’ political reporter, Bob McCarthy, apparently got comped some tickets to a big-dollar Republican fundraiser (is there another kind?) where four – count ’em four! – sitting Senators appeared.

The reception was only $1000 per person. If you wanted to eat dinner, that would cost $25,000 per couple. Gold-plated truffles for everyone!


Of course, since New York State hasn’t elected a Republican senator since Al D’Amato went back to Long Island, they had to ship in John Cornyn of Texas, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Bob Corker of Tennessee and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Cornyn hates the environment and loves oil drilling and Mercury emissions, he equates gay marriage to marrying a “box turtle”, voted against improving armor for American servicemen in Iraq, and voted for TARP, but against the stimulus. Sessions is pro-torture, pro-deepwater drilling, and against stem cell research. Corker looks forward to endless occupation of Afghanistan and voted for TARP, but against the stimulus. McConnell? He wrote a 2008 bill that would have drastically expanded offshore drilling – particularly deepwater drilling.

So, clearly these are the GOP’s best and brightest.

McCarthy transcribes the opinions of the ridiculously wealthy Republican donors on hand for the event who expressed their sudden optimism for the upcoming elections.

Of course Republicans are upbeat. Their entire ethos is to oppose the current Administration in order to weaken it and ensure electoral success later this year. More specifically, the Republicans in Congress are deliberately sabotaging the country’s economic recovery and preventing job growth for pure political advantage.

No wonder they’re so giddy.


13 Aug

You want fundraiser?  I gotcher fundraisers right here.  Last night, over 350 people attended Brian Higgins’ fundraiser, so they could spend that $35 to influence his every move in Washington.  I bought a ticket and spoke briefly with the congressman.  He is so on board with the Pundit agenda it’s amazing.

Tonight, you have a choice.  You could go support the Republican candidate for county Comptroller, Phil Kadet, who is holding a private picnic fundraiser at a horse farm in East Aurora for $250-but-really-you-should-pay-a-grand, or you could go to the incumbent Mark Poloncarz‘s picnic fundraiser for $30 a person/$55 a couple w kids 13 & under free. The fundraiser is at the Lake Erie Italian Club Pavilion at 3200 South Park Ave, a non-horse non-farm in Lackawanna.