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Gail Goode Introduces Herself

26 May

In what passes for controversy and intrigue at this year’s state Democratic Convention, a new candidate emerged, in an effort to primary Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Attorney Gail Goode wrote the letter seen in this post, and delivered it to the press and the nominating committee, asking that committee to place her name on the ballot.

If Goode was successful, it would mean that both US Senators would likely be downstate lawyers with a decidedly City-centric focus. In her lit, Goode touts her toughness as an attorney defending tort actions brought against New York City, and her earlier work with the city’s Transit Authority.

It appears that she attempts to distinguish herself from Gillibrand by stating that she has “consistently supported progressive social issues her entire life…[and] has never wavered in her support of equal marriage or of legislation to stem the tide of illegal guns into our state…”

In other words, “I’m not that Northern woman“.