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Escape the Urban: My Non-Column Column

10 Apr

I meant to write a column this weekend. Really, I did. I even started one – a book review on the official guide of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. But I didn’t finish; couldn’t really. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that one eventually. I hope you aren’t upset, but how could I stay inside and write on a weekend like this?

I wait an entire year for this weekend, the payoff for living in a land of four seasons. Each has its own perks, but the transition to mid-spring, the first sweet taste of summer weather, is worth the practiced patience. On Monday it snowed; by the weekend, we spent every minute of daylight outside frolicking. Saturday was all day rafting on the Genesee in Letchworth, getting my training runs in for guide certification (a lot more on that soon as well). Sunday was spent in the yard, cleaning up deadfalls from the long cold, turning over the winter’s accumulated compost, rototilling the garden, planting lettuce and spinach, weeding the strawberries and rhubarb. And once the chores were done, pick up soccer games in the front yard with eight kids, some mine, some from the neighborhood. A beer, sitting on the porch, watching the sunset through the still bare trees, grasping the last few rays of the first warming sun on the year.

Faced with such prospects, how could I sit inside and write? I hope you understand. More over, I hope you were outside as well, and not even looking for this article. The best case scenario – you find it Monday morning.