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Happy Celebratory Days!

23 Dec

I won’t be posting much over the next several days, except for the AV Photo Daily. (If you haven’t yet, please sign up to post your images to Flickr and join the group, which gives us permission to post them).

The nights of Hannukah continue until December 28th, and Christmas is on Sunday. Kwanzaa begins on December 26th. Many of you are taking next week off completely, and New Year’s Day is next week. Since I have no idea whether you, dear reader, celebrate any of those, all of them, or none of them, and because New Year’s is a second holiday, I will very sincerely wish you and your family Happy Holidays.


1 Jul

Happy Father’s Day

21 Jun

This is a photograph that I found by accident a few months ago, and have been saving for today. It’s a photo that I took when I was 13 years old at the top of the Neboder in Zagreb. It was March 1982 and my dad and I went over there during my Spring break because his dad had fallen ill. My dad is to the left, and his younger brother, who is a professor of Architecture at Zagreb University is in the middle. It’s probably one of the last pictures taken of all three of them together like this. My grandfather was a lawyer and judge.

Anyway, a very Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and to his brother far away. I hope you guys both have a relaxing and fun day.


Welcome to Tuesday

26 May

I got nuthin’. Well I do, but I don’t care enough to actually think, type, & post.

Open thread.

20 Years & a Birthday

30 Apr

Exactly twenty years ago – April 30, 1989, I met the love of my life.

Well, “met” isn’t totally accurate.

On the evening of the 29th, I was working as an usher at the Nickelodeon at BU, and that cute redhead from Russian class who also worked as a cashier was at the theater with her friend, watching the 1989 movie about the Profumo Affair, “Scandal”. We got comp tickets at any Loews Theater in Boston.

We had been in the same Russian class a few times, where I was the obnoxious guy who’d leave Ms. Katz’s class early on Wednesdays to play in a band during Free Speech hour at Marsh Plaza. She had gotten a job at the Nickelodeon, usually working the concession stand, which I wouldn’t do because of my innate hatred of even the most basic, computer-assisted mathematics. We had talked and flirted before, but hadn’t really gotten to know each other beyond that.

Exactly 20 years ago today, I gave her a silly birthday card that involved a Disney character “slipping a Mickey” to another. She thought it was hilarious, and we met up after the show. I remember there was this other guy who was interested in her, and the three of us went back to her single on Bay State Road, and he had bought her some sort of elaborate birthday present and generally refused to leave. As did I. He ultimately took off.

We kissed. It was magical. We still do, and it still is. Continue reading

Smigus Dyngus

13 Apr

I just got through reading Jim Heaney’s piece on Brian Davis. It’s astonishing to me that this story is just beginning to get reported, given how longstanding some of these problems are. Better late than never, and query whether a viable candidate will be able to defeat him. I somehow doubt it.

The anti-gay-marriage folks are a riot. Evidently, they’ve been trolling Craigslist personals to name their anti-gay-marriage movement of fear and … um … slippery slopes. Either that, or they have a marketing team with an awesome sense of humor.

We are in the Bahamas, and our first day was phenomenally eventful. I won’t recount the entire fail here, but within the next 24 hours, my remarkably detailed Tripadvisor review of our first hotel will be up. Quick hint to hotels – it’s a good idea to light your emergency stairwells. And to maintain your property. Luckily, we’ve since switched to a different property, and are having a wonderful time.

Some Guest Bloggers

10 Apr

Over the next week, some friends of mine will be posting here. I hope you enjoy their insight and their pieces, and that you commenters don’t blow everything up go boom.

They’re all set to go, and I’ll let them do the introductions as they log on.

Not Quite Sure What to Hate

7 Apr

Republicans have to hate something, evidently, but this piece by Marc Ambinder argues that the silliness and vitriol we’ve seen over the past several weeks from the right is rudderless flailing.

Ambinder says a bloated bureaucracy doesn’t have a face like Krushchev, and it’s hard to rail against deficits when Reagan, Bush, and Cheney either ran their own or expressly said that deficits don’t matter.

Tea Party Recap

30 Mar

Because they’ve been pushed down the page a ways…

1. My post about the anti-Albany tea party

2. An example of some nonsense that was there

3. Ostrowski does a j’accuse all over himself

4. Video highlights of the event

5. My interview with Rus after the tea party

Back to the Drawing Board

19 Mar

Remember how a 30-something Amherst native now living in Seattle was going to come and be Buffalo’s new planning czar?

Never mind.

(Emily Litella – the patron saint of Buffalo’s good ideas)