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8 Mar

I read the Graphic Novel this weekend. Somehow that whole phenomenon passed me by while I went to college.

Anyone who’s into the book want to tell me what they thought of the movie?

Open Thread

8 Mar

I read the news. I either got nuthin’, or I don’t care.

Deep Thought

26 Feb

Some people think it’s clever to hold a “tea party” to protest the stimulus package. But the original Boston Tea Party was all about taxation without representation.

Last I checked, Congress = “representation”.

The whole thing is fundamentally idiotic.

One Week Later

19 Feb

Churchbells throughout WNY will toll 50 times for the victims of flight 3407 at 10:20 tonight.

Clarence town Supervisor Scott Bylewski also relays a message from the Wielinski family, whose house was destroyed in the crash, killing Doug Wielinski. They do not want a house built on that property.

I don’t know if they made any comment about the petitions to bring Extreme Home Makeover to build something for them, but I suspect that their input should be sought first before the thing turns into another media circus.

Quick Reads

19 Feb

First read this, then compare it with what happened here. I have to say the latter is a rank embarassment for NY City Councilman Charles Barron, as far as I’m concerned.

Sock Puppet Exposed

18 Feb

The Batavian’s commenting policy is stricter than the average blog’s, and they specifically require you to post and comment under your real name. A Republican Genesee County Legislator, Jerome Grasso, decided to violate that rule and got outed for it. Grasso, incidentally, is a part-time staffer for new State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer.

Too Easy

18 Feb

The New York Senate Democratic Majority ran a propaganda video on social media video site “Vimeo” earlier this week, and Buffalo Geek posted the video.

He also tried several times to congratulate the Senate on its propaganda video, and each time the comment was deleted. Finally, they took the entire Vimeo account down.

WNYMedia.net’s Coverage of Flight 3407

17 Feb

What do you do when you’re not a traditional media outlet, with no print, TV, or radio capabilities? You cover the biggest story in WNY in 20 years via Twitter and YouTube.

To keep track of what’s going on with the investigation and aftermath of Colgan Flight 3407, join Twitter and follow @wnymedia. To see video, go to YouTube and follow WNYMedia.



Gratitude, Frivolity, and Flying

13 Feb

The plane crash has been on my mind all day. I have to thank my parents, who are taking awesome care of the kids, shielding them from the complete and utter madhouse that’s going on a few blocks away. A routine trip to Wegmans, a nap, a story, dress-up, and other wonderfully mundane stuff takes on new meaning today, and although it kills me to be away from them right now, I’m extremely grateful in a million different ways.

Lake Mead - Not Quite Adequately Watered

Lake Mead - Not Quite Adequately Watered

I spent the day going to Red Rocks and Hoover Dam, and got into arguments with people on Buffalo Rising, only to have the entire exchange deleted. No matter. The offending tweet has been deleted, never having been adequately defended. It’s hard to do that when the subject matter is indefensible. The first explanation was that it’s better to live in the city than the suburbs because landing paths avoid metropolitan areas. Except, I countered both BNIA runways have landing approaches over the east side, depending on the wind. Then the explanation had something to do with the media being nasty, covering an unprecedented aviation tragedy in Western New York. That, naturally, was beside the point. In the end, the whole thing got nuked.

Olivia visits Red Rocks

Olivia visits Red Rocks

I try not to be frivolous about things that I know will affect people on a personal level. Humorous? Yes. Snarky? Always. But seldom frivolous. It was the frivolity of the comment that really pissed me off.

I listened to CNN while driving around the valley today, and it hits you when it’s no longer 50 people, but 50 people with names. Names and achievements. Names and families. Names and jobs. Names and lives lost.

We return tomorrow evening. I can’t wait to get my bags from the carousel, get to the car, and drive home. I don’t even know if my regular route is available. I guess I’ll take Transit up rather than Harris Hill or Gunnville. I’ll get home and give everyone a hug and a kiss, thankful that they’re ok, we’re ok, and everyone’s home. Sunday we’ll go out and celebrate life and being together. We’ll celebrate being fortunate like that. We’ll celebrate it just being Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to check on us/me and find out if we’re ok. I really appreciate it.

A Word of Advice for Syaed Ali

29 Jan

Not that I’ve met or spoken with the guy, but maybe he ought to listen to his lawyer and keep his mouth shut for even just a little minute. Seriously.