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The NY-26 Republican Jobs Preservation Program

18 May

It’s one of the central tenets of contemporary Republican thought. We need to shrink the size of government. We need to make government smaller and more responsive. We need government to get out of people’s way and let businesses grow. We need to lower taxes by shrinking the bloated state payroll.  We need to not only shrink that state payroll, but eliminate positions and revoke many of the state benefits that attract talented people to go work for the state.

At Collins’ re-election campaign website, he lists his core values thusly:

Core Values/Guiding Principles

  • Smaller Government
    • Not large government with higher taxes
  • Personal Accountability
    • Not ever-expanding entitlement programs
  • Local Decision Making
    • Not politicians in Albany or Washington
  • Fiscal Discipline
    • Not smoke and mirrors
  • Serving Taxpayers
    • Not special interests

So it’s somewhat interesting – especially within the context of the race for the 26th Congressional District – to see all of these Republican kids clamoring to obtain or retain lucrative, benefit-rich government jobs.

And they always hit Democrats for being about growing government, patronage jobs, and sweet benefits.

Michael L. Mallia

The young Republican Horshack who rendered himself forever infamous via Google search by accosting elderly 3rd party congressional candidate Jack Davis (Tea-Ornery) while he was making his way from a veterans’ event to his car. Mallia’s unbelievable screams turned him quickly into a regionwide joke, which was made even more funny when it was revealed that he is currently employed by the state as Jane Corwin’s Assembly Chief of Staff.

The young Mr. Mallia has since been disappeared to Florida, far out of sight and, Corwin hopes, mind. The Davis YouTube stunt was a stink bomb that blew up directly in Corwin’s face, as well as the faces of those advising her campaign. Assemblywoman and million-heiress Corwin assures us that Mr. Mallia will remain a member of her Assembly staff, and she gave her best Sergeant Schultz impression whenever asked about the antics engaged in by her Chief of Staff whilst moonlighting as a campaign operative on her behalf.

Mr. Mallia is still being paid by you and me – he’s WNY’s most Fonzie-esque welfare recipient, and he hopes to add a Congressional gig to his resume if his boss gets elected to the Lee seat.

There’s nothing “smaller government” or “personal responsibility” about Michael Mallia.

Jeffrey Bochiechio

Mr. Bochiechio piqued my interest when Bob McCarthy named him in a recent column.  Mr. Bochiechio is a full-time UB Law student, but simultaneously earns well over $60,000 per year ostensibly as the WNY Regional Director for the State Senate Majority under Senator Dean Skelos.  His entire career has been as a political operative for Chris Collins, Jane Corwin, and Tom Reynolds.  Having attended law school, I’m at a loss to understand how someone can work a full-time job as a legislative liaison for the state while simultaneously attending a full-time law school.  Since 2008, he’s made more than $47,000 just from campaign work alone.

I don’t quite understand why the State Senate needs a majority or minority liaison in WNY (or any part of NY, for that matter).  Part of the reason why we ostensibly have a senate is so that we New Yorkers can elect senators to go and represent us there. If I need someone to liaise between me and the state government, I can call my Assemblywoman (unlikely) or my State Senator. I certainly don’t need a middleman. Likewise, Dean Skelos and John Sampson don’t need to dole out pointless, needless, costly patronage jobs to political hacks to basically do nothing while doing campaign work and/or attending law school. If the Republicans were even remotely serious about rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse, they’d start out by eliminating redundant state positions populated by a bunch of little Victor Getz clones.

There’s many more. Alleged 2nd cameraperson Emily Hunter is one. Just out of college, working for Lee in 2010, and working for the Corwin campaign now in order to preserve that job. The roster of people helping to do the legwork for local Republican candidates like Jane Corwin are very young kids – right down to the campaign management. For races like NY-26, they’ve not had a serious challenge in many years, so it’s been almost like the Republican apparatchik apprenticeship program. Come work for Lee, have fun! See the world!

But I am quite curious how some of them, like Bochiechio, are best able to serve the people of the state of New York in their official full-time state-paid capacity whilst a full-time 3L at UB Law.