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A Confederacy of Dunces

22 May

So far, Syaed Ali has manipulated Glenn Gramigna, with whom he advertises, into accusing first me, and now Dick Kern of writing a series of anti-Byron-Brown emails last year. (Take advantage of that 2% discount at SAIL-IT for Gramigna readers!)

Seriously, Ali/Gramigna – make up your mind.

Yesterday, I posted the text of messages that exiled Buffalo activist Dick Kern wrote to, and received from Syaed Ali.

In comments, Kern added:

After Geoff Kelly broke the incredible Syaed Ali story, I reached out to Ali concerned that he was being illegally punished for criticizing the Mayor.

As a result, Syaed repeatedly telephoned me seeking advice. But I became more leery & withdrew support after the incredible barrage of anonymous emails to blogs critical of him, giving the powerful appearance that Syaed was highly unethical or unstable.

It is still not known where the alleged 70 Sail-It employees reported by Business First last October work, the only known address for Ali being his family’s house on Breckenridge, now cited for housing code violations.

And his announced hiring spree of up to 150 new staff last October has culminated in a highly irregular, detailed posting for ONE engineer position on Gramigna’s NewWNYPolitics.net., which has an estimated 600 page views daily. This unusual job posting on a political website is on top of the unusual 2% discount that Sail-It offers to Gramigna’s readers.

I have not “harassed” Syaed, having no contact with him in months. I had never before emailed “HR@Sail-It”, resorting to it only after Gramigna never answered my repeated requests for an update of Ali’s hiring progress.

instead, Gramigna began inquiring if I might have written the nasty gay-sex emails that began this whole sorry saga.

There are too many unanswered questions to serious issues in this story. As Byron Brown runs for another term, it is important that the truth be told.

Today, Gramigna posted this:

Quite clearly he’s referring to Kern.

A few points:

1. Dick Kern categorically, absolutely did not write the emails in question.

2. I suspect that Syaed Ali directed Gramigna to write the post shown above and accuse Kern of writing the Byron-is-gay emails.

3. No lawsuit has yet been filed, but I am curious whether Ali has given testimony as part of a pre-suit hearing that may be required in lawsuits against municipal entities like the City of Buffalo. A phone call and a FOIL may be in order.

4. This isn’t the first time Gramigna has just completely made shit up out of whole cloth, and it isn’t the first time he did so at what I suspect is Ali’s direction. The fact that politicians give him so much as a cent for the literally dozens of pageviews per day is beyond me.

Syaed Ali and Glenn Gramigna

10 Mar

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written a few articles about the ongoing saga of Syaed Ali and his alleged unlawful detention and questioning by city personnel affiliated with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.  I have also looked into Mr. Ali’s background and publicly available information about both he and his company.

After all, if someone claims that thuggish associates of a Mayor in a major American city essentially kidnapped him, stashed him in a dark room and questioned him for hours to pursue a political end, it might make sense to look into the integrity and credibility of the accuser.  Even if the Mayor and his political organization are known to dole out political punishment to those who deign to criticize them in public.

Over the past month or so, we have learned the following:

– Syaed Ali’s corporate website contained copyrighted material stolen from Iron Mountain, Sayers Media Group and other local companies.

– Syaed Ali and SAIL-IT claimed to offer product lines and services that were the property of other companies.  Phone calls to those companies confirmed that they had never had any business dealings with neither Ali nor SAIL-IT in any capacity.

– SAIL-IT has no corporate offices and their claims of world class facilities should probably be dialed down and described as Syaed’s kitchen in his Breckenridge Avenue apartment.

– SAIL-IT’s account on the Buffalo Niagara Partnership jobs page was suspended due to frequent posting of bogus job listings on the BNP website.

– SAIL-IT even steals its job descriptions from other companies.  I mean, for fuck’s sake.  This doofus makes it too easy.  Anyone with a google search engine and a brain cell can determine he is an absolute phony.

Ali cut and paste the job description for Public Government Relations Specialist for Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, LA and posted it on Glenn Gramigna’s website as his own.

– After issuing a press release informing local media outlets that he would be pulling up the stakes of his invisible company and moving it to Southern Ontario, I posted about it.  Yesterday, Glenn Gramigna implied that I am rumor-mongering and passing false information about Ali’s company.  To the contrary, I simply reposted Ali’s own press release.

This story is so incredibly weird, it’s fascinating.  We have a guy with delusions of grandeur related to a company that doesn’t really exist claiming that the Mayor of a major American city kidnapped him and questioned him without representation for hours.  The Mayor’s thugs accused him of defamation for circulating emails that alleged that members of the Mayor’s staff enjoyed fellating local reporters.

Wait, it gets better!  Acting as the public relations agent for this guy is a nebbish scientologist “reporter” formerly affiliated with a crooked political reporter/convicted bank robber/child support deadbeat.  Gramigna was employed by Illuzzi for years and their split was public and nasty.

Gramigna and Illuzzi have operated with impunity for years as shakedown artists and the politicians have been willing to hand money over to them for the privilege of not being defamed or harassed with outlandish claims.  Now, Gramigna is allied with a guy who is making outlandish claims against Illuzzi’s political sugardaddy, Byron Brown.

It’s incestuous, weird and utterly fascinating from an inside baseball perspective.  However, there is a bigger story here and the longer we keep pulling at the strings, I suspect we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be talking to other sources in the community about Syaed Ali, his imaginary company, his political connections, his ill-fated run for County Legislature, his pursuit of state funding for personal interests and how Gramigna and Illuzzi shake down your local politicians for money.  We’ll also eagerly await further reports from Geoff Kelly at Artvoice about Ali’s allegations.

The Smell of Defamation In the Morning

18 Feb
Horseshit: click to embiggen

What a load of horseshit

UPDATED: Gramigna has retracted what he wrote, and what his source told him. That’s appreciated, but still horseshit.

Apart from this morning, when I called him in a rage, I can honestly say that I’ve never exchanged a single word with Gramigna, despite having helped him promote his dreck-laden site when he started it. His business model is: get local politicians to buy ads, print positive crap about them and negative crap about their opponents. Look for an alternative to completely decimate that business model, coming soon.

If I had written the offending emails – which I didn’t – I would have reprinted them last summer, when they were originally sent. They are alleged to have been sent by Mr. Gramigna’s newest advertising client, Syaed Ali. But I didn’t print them last summer. Indeed, I alluded to them a couple of times only in an off-handed manner. I had theories as to who might have been sending them, but someone in law enforcement somehow landed on Mr. Ali, and he alleges that he was subsequently placed into custody and that his belongings have been confiscated. I’ve gone on record saying that, if what Ali said is true, it’s a grave injustice.

Furthermore, if I had sent them, I wouldn’t have pimped them to mainstream media – I would have posted them on my site contemporaneously so that the TV and other reporters would give me linkage and credit.

But I didn’t write them, I wouldn’t have written them, I have nothing to gain from writing them, and never in my wildest dreams would ever conceive of writing something like that about anyone, much less an elected official.

For Gramigna, acting apparently as a conduit for the flailing Ali, to even suggest that I was behind those emails is a disgrace – and a defamatory one, at that.

I have my disagreements with the Brown administration – I don’t like their secrecy, I don’t like their sense of entitlement, I don’t like their Machiavellian machinations to try and upset ECDC and its endorsed candidates, and I don’t necessarily think that they do the best job for Buffalo. That doesn’t mean I would ever stoop so low as to spread vicious, defamatory rumors about him or his officials.

Is Pundit Behind Phoney Brown E-Mails?…What A Surprise!…Davis Gets Off!
Written by Glenn Gramigna, Editor


Any fireman will tell you that the first person who shows up to gawk at an arson fire is often the arsonist. Accordingly, one of our grey bearded sources is wondering if those wonderful guys who were nice enough to publish all those completely phoney and slanderous alleged e-mails involving Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown might not have been also their source.

“Isn’t it funny that the Pundit guys still had this junk after most others had long since deleted this junk,” he or she asks. “Also their chronic grammar mistakes and the ones contained in the bogus e-mails are similar…It kind of makes a fella wonder…”

Speaking of this and other local blogs, we understand that religious bigotry is alive and well these days on several of them. Blaming Islam for that horrible beheading incident in Orchard Park recently is like blaiming the Book of Revelations for OJ Simpson’s crimes. Are we really going to go down the road of religious ignorance and intolerance again?

I don’t even want to touch the relgious bigotry comment.

But what I did do is link to a post that Buffalo Geek wrote on the WNYMedia.net front page.

This, however, is my favorite part of Gramigna/Ali’s accusation:

Also their chronic grammar mistakes and the ones contained in the bogus e-mails are similar…It kind of makes a fella wonder

Gee, that sounds eerily like what a commenter wrote here, at Artvoice, regarding the writing style of the IMs posted, and text on Ali’s company’s website. I’m pretty anal about grammar and spelling – more so than Gramigna – so, I challenge Gramigna and his source to back up the statement that I make “chronic grammar mistakes”. That’s almost as offensive as suggesting I sent out the emails in question.

I think what pissed Mr. Gramigna’s source off is this last comment I wrote:

Whoever sent these emails last summer is an idiot, and an unimaginative one, to boot. These could have been made believable. To call this clumsy is an insult to clumsy things.

I’ll say it clearly and succinctly – whoever fed Glenn Gramigna the notion that I wrote the offending emails is the person who wrote the offending emails. Flushing that person out is precisely why I wrote those insulting lines.