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Calling the Bluff

25 Mar

Unions representing state workers (yes, unions protecting state employees from their employers, the people of the State of New York), decided they were not going to negotiate concessions with Governor Paterson in order to help reduce the state deficit.

The choice was a simple one – give up some raises, take a week’s furlough, deal with a pay freeze and a hiring freeze, or massive layoffs will ensue.

The unions chose massive layoffs. 8,900 at last count, saving the state $481 million over 2 years. Given the state’s $16.2 billion deficit, a very quiet drop in the bucket. But in the end, these public sector unions prove time and time again that they fundamentally don’t get it. Firstly, in choosing to “protect” their members in such a way, they do them a huge disservice. Modest concessions, however painful, trump getting axed. At least, that’s how it works in the normal world. Furthermore, the charge of the state employee is to serve the people. If serving the people means taking concessions to help reduce a budget deficit, then it’s pretty clear what they should do. Serving the people should not mean “job for life”, and it shouldn’t mean “f*ck you, my pension and benefits and guaranteed raise are more important than the state’s overall fiscal health”.

I support union representation of workers in the private sector because through collective bargaining they can work together with corporate management to help workers and the company thrive. The UAW has negotiated huge concessions with GM, Ford, and Delphi, because it realizes that not making concessions means huge layoffs. Something is better than nothing. Union representation of public employees is a flawed concept that harms the real boss and the real worker – the taxpayer who works to pay for all of this shit.

What a Bullsh*t State this Is

17 Feb
Shhhh.  Their brains are sleeping.

Shhhh. Their brains are sleeping.

The premier statewide liberal political blog highlights the fact that assemblyman and congressional candidate Jim Tedisco cost the taxpayers about $40,000 in free cars to himself and staffers. On what planet – under what circumstance – does an assemblyman or state legislator of any sort need or deserve a free car? Do what those of us in the dreaded private sector do, and get reimbursed for the mileage on your personal vehicle when traveling on state business.

To make it even more bizarre, Tedisco’s commute from home to Albany is 20 minutes, and he’s billed $21k in gas and oil reimbursements.

There’s also a report that Governor Paterson gave staffers a super-secret raise in the midst of a hiring and pay freeze and epic state fiscal imbalance.

The entire system is set up for cronyism, waste, unfairness, and appears to be backed up by a sense of greatness and entitlement that the ignorant and incompetent in Albany seem to have.

Legislative work in the state of New York is not supposed to be a glamor profession. It’s not supposed to be a ticket to the high life. It’s not an invitation to pair stupidity with arrogance and fleece the ailing taxpayers day in, day out.

A million taxpayer march. That’s what we ought to organize – taxpayers from around the state marching on Albany, expressing their outrage at the secretive, byzantine thing that passes for state government in New York. If you’re not wicked pissed, you’re not paying attention.

Well, We Now Know It Won’t Be Caroline

21 Jan

The New York Post is reporting that Caroline Kennedy will NOT be the next Senator from New York:

Caroline Kennedy last night withdrew her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate after learning that Gov. David Paterson wasn’tt going to choose her, The Post has learned.

Evidently, Paterson decided not to go with Kennedy because she did so horribly in her media interviews and private meetings with officials.

The Post’s story seems to be leaning Cuomo.

Hillary Clinton’s Senate Seat

8 Jan

Brian Higgins (NY-27) is on the short list.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, apparently, is not.

In an interview with the Buffalo News, Governor Paterson sort of told all the Caroline Kennedy backers to STFU and let him make his own damn mind up, thanksomuch.

Gov. Paterson: Let the County Borrow

27 Jun

A message from the County Comptroller:

As you may know, for some time now the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority (“Authority”) has prevented my office from issuing bonds on behalf of Erie County so that we may complete important public safety and infrastructure projects for the County. When the Authority was created by the state it was never contemplated that the Authority would prevent the County from borrowing during good financial times, but it has done so and these actions have hurt this community.

As a result, earlier this week the New York State Senate and Assembly almost unanimously and with bipartisan support approved legislation to amend the Authority’s enabling act in order to close the loophole that prevented the County from completing its own borrowing even when the County is financially healthy.

While the legislation has passed the state legislature, before it can can take effect Governor David Paterson must sign this legislation into law. Today I wrote to the Governor asking him to sign the legislation into law, and now I ask that you do the same.

Notwithstanding the Authority’s claims to the contrary, the County is well on the road to fiscal stability, having achieved three consecutive years of balanced budgets with surpluses, even when the Authority consistently claimed the County was operating in a deficit. I am proud to say that at least two of those three years’ results happened on my watch, and this year is trending towards another positive year.

Since talking office I have never asked you to take any action but your help is needed now. If Governor Paterson hears from the taxpayers of our community I know he will sign this legislation into law and let our elected leaders, not appointed members of a state authority, borrow on your behalf to complete these very important but delayed projects

Therefore, I ask each of you to write to Governor David Paterson and ask him to sign into law the legislation, which will return representative democracy to Erie County and ensure that needed but delayed capital projects are completed this year.

To do so just click on this link, fill out the required information and cut and paste the below message (after the jump) to the Governor asking him to sign this important piece of legislation into law. If you do so you will have my sincere appreciation, but more importantly, you will help move our community forward.

Thank you and best wishes to one and all,

Mark Poloncarz
Erie County Comptroller Continue reading