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About the Buffalo Libertarian “Movement”

30 May

Here’s a comment I posted in Ostrowski’s thread, and I’m reprinting here.

The United States has evolved over its 200+ year history, and with each election, the social contract changes. Sometimes rightward, sometimes leftward. Never has it gone to either extreme, however. We have never had a fascist nor communist coup or government of any sort.

Libertarianism is an extreme concept, and one that obviously appeals to some people. But by no means a majority. By no means in any sort of numbers that would tend to lead to the sort of anti-government, every-man-for-himself utopia you envision.

The ideas you are proponents of simply don’t compete when it comes time to vote for people. You can tout your microscopic menagerie of occasional libertarian conquests (like supposedly defeating the penny county tax), but that’s the smallest of small potatoes and hardly equivalent to convincing a mass of people that what Hayek and von Mises think is the bees’ knees.

And yes, in order to prevail in a marketplace of ideas, you have to sell those ideas to people who may be uninformed or ignorant or disinterested or beholden to some other ideology. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with 5% of the Republican electorate, like Rep. Paul was.

So, the point of Chris’ post was that you need to grow beyond 5% if you expect to make any sort of real difference. Seriously, it’s basic mathematics.

And if you continue behaving like you’re the only ones who are right, and everyone else is wrong, that in and of itself is, I guess, fine. But to add in what you do – that those who are wrong are also stupid sheeple, then don’t be surprised if that 5% shrinks rather than grows.

You guys don’t get the message, and persist in being fucking assholes all over the local internet, parroting the same tired lines, the same easy one-line answers, the same links to the same posts from websites more obscure and dull than those belonging to the CPUSA or National Alliance.

And then, when you go around behaving like assholes all over the internet, you bitch and moan that people won’t “debate” you in a serious manner. Make up your minds.

So, the social contract in the United States shifted leftward in 2008. It continues apace, given the blind flailings of the rudderless, extremist Republican Party.

Libertarians actually have an entree into the debate. But because they generally act like jerks, freaks, or both, their ideas are generally rejected by the people. Remember the libertarian candidate in NYC who decided to hand out toy guns to kids in Harlem when the state required toy guns to be colored in a way so that they are easily identified as toys and kids don’t get shot? Yeah, keep doing idiot stunts like that and you’ll guarantee the perpetuation of the general rule:

You’ll never win a meaningful election because of your extreme views and nasty attitudes, and you’ll continue with your extreme views and nasty attitudes because you can’t win an election.