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Carl Paladino Addresses the Tea Partiers in Buffalo

27 Mar


I’m listening to it as I type this. He pledges to cut the state payroll, and to eliminate unnamed regulations. That’s about it.

His delivery? That of a sarcastic, heavily sedated tween.

But while he rightly criticizes the fact that there are no residency requirements for receiving some welfare in New York State, he segues weirdly into an anti-Obama / anti health care reform rant. It’s fun to watch a millionaire rail against something that will overwhelmingly help the middle class and cost him an extra .9% in income taxes.

I’m also struck by one joker repeating “give him an enema” when Paladino mentions Higgins. “If Scott Brown can do it, you can do it, Carl!” one woman yells. Except Scott Brown ran as an everyman populist. When a Carl Paladino pledges $10 million of his own money to run for Governor, you can’t really run as an everyman populist. Really.

Paladino then attacks the “liberal elites” and “liberal media” over his crystal clear comparison of 9/11 to the day health care was passed.

He then repeats, twice, the “mad as hell” quote from Network.

And then reads a letter he wrote to “Prince” Andrew Cuomo asking the AG to sue to block the health insurance reform bill, mostly over the mandate.

In any event, Paladino’s channeling of Howard Beale is, by itself, hardly a winning gubernatorial platform. The fact that they’re holding an anti-government tea party in a public park on the public waterfront in the middle of a massive public works project is, naturally, ironic beyond belief. Paladino’s riser rests on a wooden boardwalk paid for by New York tax dollars.

What people tend to forget is that Howard Beale is a suicidal madman in that movie.