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Political Machines and Drama Queens

8 Aug

Jim Ostrowski is a hypocrite.  He is a drama queen who hurls invective and insults at people with whom he disagrees.  He calls people members/tools/shills for the political class if they challenge him.  He doesn’t think liberals or conservatives are politically wrong or misguided – he thinks we all have a mental disease.  He refers to even the mildest criticism as an “attack”.  If you disagree with him, you are someone who has been brainwashed by the government schools and you can’t think logically.

Drama queen?  Yep. He fancies himself a revolutionary, and any good revolutionary will tell you that it’s an easier game to play if you can claim victimhood.

He’s also predictable.  You see, he linked to two fundraisers for people whom he would typically refer to as members of the political class; a $20 beer blast for Mickey Kearns (BOE disclosures here) and a $75 soiree for Shelly Schratz (BOE disclosures here).  I posted one today for Brian Higgins.  It’s the first political fundraiser I’ve posted about in literally months, if not a year or more.

But you see, Ostrowski and the Tea Party movement will be targeting Brian Higgins’ family picnic fundraiser this Wednesday.  By supporting Higgins, along with about 74% of the voters in NY-27, Ostrowski suggests that I am a tool for him; a shill for him.

Let’s cut the bullshit, shall we?  Continue reading

Fake Shock of the Day: Nazi’s

6 Aug

Three points:

1) John McCain is absolutely right (from Twitter/Facebook today):

Town hall meetings are an American tradition – we should allow everyone to express their views without disruption – even if we disagree!

Town hall meetings, in my opinion, should look like this:

Freedom of Speech

Being rude and disruptive is obnoxious at best, and detrimental to democracy at worst. Everyone has their say, and then the best idea wins. Disrupting is wrong when Code Pink does it, and wrong when anti-healthcare screamers do it. And whoever pays for Code Pink or the anti-healthcare folks to scream doesn’t matter – money is speech, and the super rich and drug corporations have an equal right to free speech.

2) As Pundit points out, comparisons to Nazi’s should be saved for, well, Nazi’s. Or Slobodan Milosevic. Or other similarly horrible destructive hateful evil-filled institutions. You don’t call someone a Nazi simply because they disagree with you. America works because there is a basic assumption that both Dem’s and R’s love this country and want the best for it – we just disagree on how to get there. Let’s not fuck that up.

3) Having said all that, I threw up a little bit in mouth today watching the shock (SHOCK) from liberal commentators about Nazi allusions from anti-healthcare protestors.

Where was the shock (SHOCK) from these anti-war commentators when their anti-war brethren did the same thing?




Rush is an idiot, and shouldn’t compare Obamacare to Nazism. But where was the shock (SHOCK) during seven years of Bush-Hitler comparisons from the left? I’m going to get pissed if I have to spend the next 4 years pointing out how everything the Left is mad at the Right for doing now, they did themselves while Bush was President.

Healthcare Gets Ugly

3 Aug

I am watching a surreal scene right now, swapping back and forth between Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity. Earlier tonight I did the same with Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann. Buffalo Pundit may be right – cable news has been reduced to 100% FAIL.

It turns out today Congressmen (and women) went back to their constituents and held town hall meetings about healthcare reform. At many of these meetings, they were met by very angry crowds who yelled, loudly, about their healthcare. For a taste of what it was like, watch this video with Arlen Specter (not even home yet).

The surrealness is that the two shows are showing exactly the same footage, but presenting them in such opposing ways that they barely resemble eachother. To Maddow, all of these pawns of corporate interests are fake opposition stopping what everyone “knows” Americans want, namely universal healthcare. To Hannity, these citizen patriots are finally telling the insulated politicians the truth: I like my healthcare just fine, so leave it alone. Before this, I had to suffer through another self-indulgent “Special Comment,” which closely resembled this:


except this time it was about how the full weight of the Progressive movement will come down on the heads of Dems if they don’t pass healthcare. I’m not making that up (the link isn’t up yet on the web to prove it). Seriously, CBS should revoke Olbermann’s right to tarnish the phrase “Good Night and Good Luck.”

Which version, Hannity or Maddow, is the truth? Well, obviously neither. And the hypocrisy flows unbounded because three years ago, the videos were in reverse. Remember this?


That would be Code Pink disrupting hearings, speeches, and events all over the country in opposition to the Iraq War. Heroes of the Maddow’s, and scourge of the Hannity’s. Obviously the right has learned some lessons from the left.

So, do you support disruptive First Amendment rights when its only on your side? That’s an open question. And if your answer includes the words “special interest,” lobbyist,” or “campaign contribution,” I’m not interested in hearing it.

Supremes Get It Right

29 Jun

The Supreme Court came to the right decision today, in Ricci vs. DeStefano, in which 18 white firefighters in New Haven brought suit because they were passed over for promotion. It turns out you can’t change the rules half way through the game just because you don’t like the result.

First, a thought on Sotomayor. Yes, she was part of the three judge panel on the 2nd Circuit that just got overturned. No, that alone does not make her unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court; no more so that Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter or Stevens, who voted in the minority here. But much is also being made of the fact that Sotomayor had “no choice” in how she voted when hearing the case on the 2nd Circuit. I’m not sure I buy that. After all, she has bragged that Circuit Courts set policy. Was precedent so overwhelming here that she couldn’t find in favor of Equal Protection? I am not a lawyer, but it seems like you could at least write an opinion before you take away someone’s promotion.

Second, a thought on the merits of the case. Its about time that discrimination is seen as discrimination not matter which direction it flows in. New Haven was not in an impossible situation, as they have described. They can set the standards for promotion, and even include “extra points” for being a minority. But when your Affirmative Action weighted system still produces no African-American candidates, you live with the results. We do want the most qualified firefighters, don’t we?


Conservatives take quite a beating for being unfeeling automatons, for not understanding that laws affect real people, and not being empathatic enough.

So someone, who disagrees with the ruling in the case, please explain something to me. Explain how denying Frank Ricci his promotion atones for decades of discrimination against minorities living in other parts of the country, or even in New Haven. Is Frank Ricci a statistic, a demographic, or is he a real person being discriminated against? Frank Ricci wasn’t even alive during the worst of authorized segregation and Jim Crow – why punish him for someone else’s sins? What did Frank Ricci ever do to you?

Sanford Too

24 Jun

Remember everything I said about Ensign last week?

Image: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford

Double it. When you want to be the party of family values, you can’t use taxpayer money to fly to Argentina to bang your querida.

MoralizingFAIL + Two Helpings of Hyposcrisy – Viable Candidates = Bad Time in 2012 Unless We Turn It Around.


17 Jun

This is why Republicans can’t rebuild the party on being better people.

Courtesy LV Review Journal

Courtesy LV Review Journal

It turns out John Ensign, my old Senator, has been cheating on his wife. I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to learn that yet another politician (Clinton, Edwards, Kilpatrick, Gingrich, Spitzer, McGreevey, et cetera et cetera) let power go to his head and decided to dilly dally.

Consider Ensign Exhibit 5,286 on why the Republicans need to drop the moral high ground plank from the Party Platform. When the Republican Party married Christian Conservatives, holding up politicians as moral examples, a la the Pastor in Church, was part of the deal. That doesn’t work out well for pastors sometimes, and it especially doesn’t work out for politicians.

I don’t expect a professional athlete like A-Rod or OJ to be a hero to my kids. I also don’t expect politicians to be a moral example of how to live my life. I have other examples for that. Republicans make a mistake when they try to make political hay about a Democrat’s infidelity. Because if there is one thing American’s hate more than a cheater, its a hyprocrite.

Buffalo Needs Its Own Jimmy Justice

3 Aug

Jimmy Justice prowls the streets of New York with a camcorder, recording law enforcement vehicles violating the law:




A Low Bar

6 Jul

When Republicans cry with indignation at mistreatment of John McCain, let us not forget 2004. Back then, the GOP brought new meaning to “honoring service” of a veteran and political civility. Kerry received three Purple Hearts serving in combat in Vietnam. That’s three more than Bush, Rove, and Cheney combined. This is how, in 2004, Bush’s supporters honored his service:

So, the civility bar has been set remarkably low, and so far the only thing that’s been questioned is whether getting shot down over Hanoi is a qualification for the Presidency. When Wes Clark made that observation, Bob Dole awoke from Bob Dole’s slumber. Bob Dole said this:

“The attack by General Wesley Clark on Senator John McCain’s war record and qualifications for the presidency is beyond comprehension. Clark’s absurd remarks signal further erosion in our nation’s political discourse. He should have stayed in bed Sunday morning.

It’s unfortunate that a former General who ran for the presidency on his own war record thinks it appropriate to attack a distinguished veteran and former prisoner-of-war in this way. Senator McCain’s entire life has been devoted to public service. His achievement and experience constitute unparalleled qualification for America’s highest office.”

This is what Bob Dole said in 2004 about John Kerry’s service:

And last week, former Sen. Bob Dole, the party’s 1996 presidential nominee, brought more attention to the allegations when he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “With three Purple Hearts, he never bled that I know of. And they’re all superficial wounds.”

In other words, Senator Dole, the erosion of our political discourse was helped along by the likes of you.

I happen to think that there is no set of qualifications for the Presidency. If there were, we could just us a headhunter and solicit resumes. So the question itself is a dumb one.

But gasps of righteous indignation from the crowd that wore purple-heart laden Band-Aids ring very hollow indeed.

HT The Humanist.

Making the Point

3 Jul

Some privileged scion of a Mississippi political family, Representative Chip Pickering (R) announced in August 2007 that he was not going to run for re-election. He wanted to spend more time with his family, he said. He’s all set to take a cush lobbying job when he leaves Congress at the end of the year.

Last week, he filed for divorce from his wife, with whom he has five children. I guess spending more time with the family is out of the question, now.

So, why do I bring this up? Why do I care about the personal life of an obscure and undistinguished Republican congressman?

Because he’s one of those self-righteous, moralistic imbeciles who believes that permitting gay marriage somehow harms the sanctity of the institution of marriage. He is against adoption by gay couples, because evidently a child being in an orphanage or some other institutional environment is healthier for that child than to be raised by a loving same-sex couple in a stable home. He does not think that other states should have to recognize same-sex marriages or unions performed in other states. While full faith & credit applies only to judgments, I wonder whether Mr. Pickering would have supported the rights of states not to recognize, e.g., interracial marriages back when some states were ok with them while others weren’t.

The hypocrisy, which is evident even to the most ignorant, is par for the course. There are so many politicians who proclaim their piety and traditionalism to the mountaintops. They quote from the Bible to support policies that oppress people who bother no one.

A gay marriage hurts no one. It doesn’t affect anyone else in the entire world. It will not bring a plague of locusts falling from the sky, and it won’t bring down the wrath of God, and it won’t make God cause terrorists to hijack planes and hurl them into buildings. A gay marriage won’t cause your heterosexual marriage to be cheapened. It won’t make your kids gay. It won’t hurt you in any way, shape, or form. A gay marriage doesn’t alter your political or religious beliefs any more than those beliefs alter the gay couple.

The fact that this self-righteous, pious defender of faith and family is getting divorced (I think the Bible has something to say about that, incidentally), is an actual, physical destruction of a family. It doesn’t get more direct than rending asunder a solemn oath and vow you take with your spouse and your God. It doesn’t get any worse than bringing a quiverfull of kids into the world, and then ripping the family in two.

When contacted about it, Pickering says it’s a painful, private matter and he doesn’t want to comment. No shit it’s painful. Ask your kids, Congressman. But for someone who so publicly assailed the private lives of people different from him, he should be ashamed.

If God will not be mocked, maybe it’s the hypocritical self-righteous Republican values-mongering divorcees who are doing the mocking.

Want to see the erosion of family values? Want to see the sancity and tradition of marriage be mocked and diminished? Look no further than Representative Chip Pickering.