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First they Came for the WASPs

18 May

I think I’ve put my finger on at least part of the reason why the right wing – both establishment and tea party – has gone completely insane.

In the olden days, government was a restricted club favoring white men whose last names don’t end in vowels. Ethnics were, for the most part, to be governed – not to govern.

Well, that’s not altogether true.

Names like “Scalia” and “Alito” are ok, because they’re conservative ethnics. They play on the same team as the WASP elites, and support the same things. It’s when you have names like “Sotomayor” or “Kagan“, well then all hell breaks loose. The former was accused of being a La Raza anti-white bigoted socialist klan-esque terrorist. The latter is accused of being an anti-gun socialist inexperienced lesbian Jew.

Buchanan’s channeling of Julius Streicher aside, this piece from a paper owned by Scottish Australian (since we’re keeping track) Rupert Murdoch, is astonishing in its pathetic WASP nostalgia.

In old-money enclaves like Palm Beach, Fla., Nantucket, Mass., and Greenwich, Conn., WASPs are being priced out of their waterfront estates and displaced on their nonprofit boards by Jewish, Catholic and other non-Protestant entrepreneurs.

The United States has always been a heterogeneous country – hardly a “nation” in the truest definition of that word, but a conglomeration of nations within one state who have consented to live together under a new governmental construct. Not for nothing Serbs and Croats lived side-by-side in Queens while their countrymen fought each other bitterly back home in the 90s.

And while people like to denigrate “political correctness”, it has become politically incorrect for the WASP establishment that ran this country to attack the nouveau powerful for their ethnicity. And that’s objectively a good thing. New York in particular has only ethnics running for Governor. Levy, Cuomo, Lazio, Paladino – that fact is something that Americans should embrace, not bemoan. That this country has attracted people from around the world to escape ancient hatreds and get ahead on merit rather than heritage may no longer be unique (see Canada, Australia) but was revolutionary.

The conservatives want to “conserve” the vestiges of WASP lordships in business and politics, but that’s a fight that’s long been lost.