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Palin on Mubarak

8 Feb

I caught the following quote in this article about Larry Quinn quitting the Sabres, ECHDC, and Buffalo in general:

Larry Quinn is the Hosni Mubarak of planning in Buffalo, going back to his early days in the Griffin administration and extending through the Bass Pro fiasco that set back waterfront development by at least six years,” said preservationist Tim Tielman, executive director of Campaign for Greater Buffalo. “Through it all, he has demonstrated an autocratic attitude that repeatedly went against the desires of the public and sound public policy.”

Mubarak? Who the hell does Tim Tielman think he is?  Does he think that he doesn’t demonstrate an autocratic attitude, or that he always works in concert with the public’s desires or sound public policy?  Who died and made him king of Buffalo development?  It’s the most self-important, arrogant, and – with the Mubarak reference – childishly offensive piece of mouth-shit I’ve yet seen come from the Sarah Palin of Buffalo development.  Shame on him.

Blog Scrum in the Papers

17 Jan

Donn Esmonde’s last three Buffalo News columns (first, second, third) have basically amounted to the equivalent of a blog fight.  Except he’s not a blogger, and he’s fighting with the whole country of Canada, represented humorously and accurately by Toronto Star writer Cathal Kelly.

Perhaps it’s time for him to drop it?

In An Absolut World

7 Apr

In an Absolut world, Michelle Malkin’s call for a boycott of anything would be met by unprecedented surges of purchasing and consumption.

There are so many real, genuine outrages about which to be outraged. But Michelle Malkin and her ilk are not outraged, for instance, by this or this. Vodka ads? OMGWTF!