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Fear & Propaganda

27 Mar

Lost amid the sound and fury of the race for the Republican nomination is how candidates Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and even former candidates like Cain, are really focusing on issues and not engaging in race-baiting or hyperbole. 

Nah, I’m just kidding. The issues are secondary. This is all about how Obama has destroyed / is about to destroy America, grandma, apple pie, and Chevrolet. Why, yesterday Obama got caught on a hot mic telling Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev the truth – that missile shield talks need to wait until after the election, at which time Obama will have “more flexibility”. 

Given that Mitt Romney went on record yesterday all but demanding war against Russia, Obama’s position is a bit more sane. 

So, here are some pretty awesome advertisements that Santorum and Cain’s PAC have put out in recent days. I’d call these “blatantly false propagandistic fearmongering”, but Limbaugh and his clones tell me only Democrats do that. 

 This one is from Rick Santorum. It’s got everything – how Obama destroyed the economy while he was President in 2008, how Ahmadinejad is going to rocket-destroy America and, like, take it over – maybe with Obama’s help, because he’s a seekrit Kenyan Mooslim!

Herman Cain isn’t going to be outdone by the patent insanity of a Rick Santorum. So, he’ll start out by displaying his hatred for “stimulus” by having a little kid kill a goldfish: 

And, not content with sanctioning the killing of a 10-cent fish, Cain pays for some really poor CGI showing a guy shooting a bunny rabbit in mid-air. 

Because nothing says, “I disagree with Keynesian economic pump-priming” like blowing a rabbit into little bits!

Your 2012 GOP: Totally out to lunch!

Paladino Calls Utica Assembly Candidate “Mob-Connected”

6 Jul

Republicans Throughout New York Seek Paladino's Endorsement

I have no idea why Carl Paladino’s Ellicott Development is busy emailing anything to me, nor do I give a crap about a special election in the 116th Assembly District, wherever that is.  But in that email, touting the candidacy of one “Greg Johnson”, a Republican who has just killed his chances by seeking and obtaining the endorsement of a toxic failed gubernatorial candidate and bully, Paladino describes Johnson’s Democratic opponent thusly:

On the contrary his opponent is a personal injury lawyer in his family’s shady mob connected law firm.  On the Utica School Board, he’s raised taxes and increased spending ever year.  He is just not ready or tested to take on the challenges of Albany.

He will use his family’s vast resources to distort Greg’s record and smear his name.  This is the only course of action he has as his experience and record as a injury lawyer and tax and spend school board member do not match up to Greg’s.

The emphasis there is mine.

A quick Google search reveals that the Democrat is 32 year-old Utica school board member and attorney Anthony Brindisi. This interview reveals him to be anything but a New York City, Upper West Side, mob-connected socialist Paladino smears him as.

I’ll be contacting the Brindisi campaign today to ask them to respond to Paladino’s poorly chosen and defamatory accusation.

Here’s Where Carl Paladino Threatens to Kill Fred Dicker

29 Sep

(With updated video courtesy WIVB). Fred Dicker is the dean of the Albany press corps. Well-respected and thorough, he writes for the right-wing Murdoch rag the New York Post. He’s been at it for decades and has received every award available for him to receive.

As the scrutiny from press corps outside Buffalo intensifies around the locally untouchable developer, Paladino made a vulgar, pointless accusation about Andrew Cuomo’s first marriage to Kerry Kennedyolder news is hard to come by.

When Dicker confronted Paladino – a belligerent egomaniac – Paladino struck back with threats up to and including, “I’ll take you out”. Let me rephrase this:


Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino threatened to murder columnist Fred Dicker.

I don’t really know what the hell Carl’s problem is – if he’s willing to go nuclear on Cuomo’s failed marriage (which ended long ago), then Carl’s protestations against inquiries into his own sordid personal life ring hollow. You can’t have it both ways. Evidently, Carl’s campaign doesn’t like that a grown woman with whom Carl slept 10 years ago was spoken to and photographed by the NY Post.

But I hope people like Dicker keep pushing, prodding, looking, and provoking. We already know Paladino doesn’t have the character to be governor. We already know he has no strategy for policy success should he win. We’re coming to learn he doesn’t even remotely possess anything approaching the temperament to handle life as a public servant.

I think Billy Batts is Fred Dicker, and Carl is Tommy DeVito, and Dicker sort of told Carl to get his f-ing shinebox.

Paladino’s Shining Light of Liberty

22 Jul

It’s fun to check in on the deluded and self-congratulatory Paladino campaign blog, and find gems like this:

I watched the media tear Carl apart, personally and professionally, exposing deeply personal information, some true and some untrue. Attacks on his character were fast and furious and kept coming. The campaign manager said it was the worst media beating he had ever witnessed. Carl said, “Is that all they’ve got?”…

…and I learned about Strength.

Yes, stength. And persistent, courageous, etc. – it all reads like something a brainwashed cult follower would write about their dear leader. But the reality is uglier.

Last Sunday, at Cheektowaga’s Pulaski Day Parade, Supreme Court candidate Betty Calvo-Torres was marching with supporters, as were Carl Paladino and his supporters.

One Paladino supporter shouted at one of Calvo-Torres’ supporters, “Why don’t you go back to the West Side…You don’t even speak English.” Some of Calvo-Torres’ marchers who heard this were just kids. Calvo-Torres confronted Paladino and Rus Thompson over the incident.

“Mr. Paladino called me ‘honey’ twice as he apologized, telling me, ‘Honey, I’m sorry. But you know, I can’t control everyone who supports me,” Calvo-Torres said. “I told him that these people are reflective of his campaign and he needs to take responsibility for them.”

So, there you have it.

I can’t figure out whether it’s inspiring, courageous, motivating, determined, strong, or persistent for Paladino to call Western New York’s only Latina judge “honey”, but I’m sure cowardly Caputo’s derivative talking duck can explain all of it.