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Scumbag Buffalo

29 Nov

The “Scumbag Steve” internet meme

Scumbag Steve is an image macro series featuring a kid with a sideways fitted cap standing in a hallway. The overlaid text generally centers around unethical behavior regarding drugs, partying, and other hedonistic behaviors.


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Yesterday, in light of the horrible stories about awful people doing terrible things, Tom Dolina from Tommunisms was good enough to create a “Scumbag Buffalo” meme blank, replacing “Steve” with City Hall – the background, the hat worn at a rakish tilt are all there. Here are some examples









17 Nov


President Obama and McKayla Maroney are unimpressed. (White House Flickr Pool)

The “Going Galt” non-nomenon

11 Mar

Having never cursed myself with the task of attempting to read anything by Ayn Rand, I know only the Cliffs Notes version of Atlas Shrugged.

But when the alleged phenomenon of “Going Galt” became an internet meme this week, I felt it necessary to find out what the hell that meant. (Started here in October of last year, it refers to this one character, and a speech that literally goes on for 40 pages. Apparently, no other character in the book tells him to hurry up or get to the point. Sounds like staggering self-indulgence, to me.) In the book, the rich, creative people who produce everything get tired of paying taxes or something, so they all give up and move away somewhere, leaving the rest of mankind to fend for its uncreative, un-self-starting self. Or something. Seriously, who cares?

But this article, which was forwarded to me today, perfectly crystallizes not only the opinion of people whom I respect who have bothered to sit through Rand, but also my own opinion about this whole “going Galt” foolishness.

It begins:

I used to think Ayn Rand was the bomb but I outgrew it. You know, when I turned 12.

We all know that liberalism is for the (naive, inexperienced, foolish) young while conservatism is a natural byproduct of aging, maturing, and gaining experience with the world, right? Conventional wisdom gets it wrong yet again. The surge in popularity of objectivism and libertarianism on campus underscores how right wing ideology, not pie-in-sky liberalism, is the real fantasyland for kids who have absolutely no experience in the real world.

It goes on:

“Just this weekend,” said Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) on Wednesday in an interview with TWI, “I had a guy come up to me in my district and tell me that he was losing his interest in the business he’d run for years because the president wanted to punish him for his success.”

John, your constituent is a friggin’ idiot. He is exactly the kind of ex-fratboy MBA who thinks of himself as a linchpin of society, an “Atlas” upon whom the nation rests, but in reality could be replaced by any literate college grad or, in many cases, an unusually motivated ape. Think about this logic (or “logic”) for a second: this guy no longer wants to run his business because his taxes went up a few percent. The government wants to reduce his income by 10%, so his response is to reduce it by 100%. Sheer brilliance. Go ahead, Mr. Irreplaceable. Close your business. Go broke to “teach us a lesson” about how important you are. We’ll just have to struggle on without you. I am trying to be tactful here, but if this logic makes sense to you, I have to be emphatic: you are retarded. You’re far more likely to be in the bottom rung of society than among the “producers.”

The whole thing just made me smile.