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The Aristocrats

26 Apr

Yesterday, many western New Yorkers received the strangest email from Carl Paladino. Here it is in its entirety: 

I hesitated to click the link because, frankly, it looked like spam. But I did, and it was a portion of the iconic clip of the opening scene from the HBO show “The Newsroom“. In the clip, “Will McAvoy” is part of a college panel consisting of him – a conflicted moderate Republican news anchor, a conservative pundit and a liberal pundit. A ditzy-seeming co-ed  asks the panel what makes the US the best country in the world. The pundits respond with one-sentence platitudes. After eviscerating the pundits, McEvoy assails the questioner’s theory.  He then goes on to assail essentially the last 30 years’ worth of American decline. Much of it is critical of the last 30 years’ worth of Limbaughistic “conservatism”, whereby we used to fight “a war on poverty, not a war on the poor”.  Yet Paladino is one of the most reactionary “conservative” tea party types in the nation, and it boggles to imagine he finds that McEvoy clip compelling. 

The re-election of Barack Obama has driven many on the right quite literally insane. 

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Also yesterday, the George W. Bush library was dedicated. If the Bush administration had been a joke, the punch line would be “the Aristocrats!” 

Ironic Criminal is Ironic

20 Jul

Remember this guy? He was all over Channel 4 and the Shredd & Ragan show: Shredd & Ragan show about a month ago, expounding on how black people were ruining the old First Ward, etc.  How minorities should stay on their own side of town and not “wreck” South Buffalo neighborhoods.  

Turns out, the proud South Buffalo racist guy is William Shanahan, and he’s not only in jail, he’s a convicted felon

“Scheme to defraud” in the 1st degree involves a systematic, ongoing effort to defraud or obtain property under false pretenses from 10 or more people, or fewer depending on the value of the property and the age of the victim. This is a class E felony. 

Robbery in the 3rd degree involves “forcible stealing” through the use or threat of physical force on a person to take his belongings. According to the New York State Penal Law, this is a class D felony.  

Irony is a guy who complains about “the minorities” and their crime ruining neighborhoods, yet is a convict himself. 


9 Dec

I was unable to attend the Erie County Legislature’s final session of 2011, which was the last for six lawmakers, including Chairwoman Barbara Miller-Williams.

Miller-Williams led a breakaway faction of three Democratic legislators who aligned themselves with the Republican majority, thus helping Chris Collins move forward with an agenda that was oftentimes at odds with that of Miller-Williams’ constituents.

Chris Smith and I did this video two years ago to explain it all (language NSFW)

The Buffalo News reports this:

“I implore you to please put people before politics,” Miller-Williams told her colleagues as the meeting wrapped up. “It’s always the right thing to do.”

Ironic, seeing as how Ms. Miller-Williams seldom took her own advice on that point. Unless, of course “putting people before politics” has something to do with ensuring political jobs for certain people.

Reacting to Miller-Williams, Joseph N. Welch had this to say:

Mouth Agape, I Read the Stupid

16 Jul

Today, local tea Party “leader” nitwit Allen Coniglio was interviewed by WBEN, which spent almost its entire broadcast day wondering why the Negroes from the NAACP were getting especially uppity lately.

Some quotes from his interview:

“There are always going to be people like that, no matter where you are,” Allen Coniglio, coordinator of the Tea Party’s Western New York contingent, tells WBEN. “Whether you’re in the Tea Party movement, or somebody’s bridge club. You’re always going to find people who do things like that. It has nothing to do with what we’re trying to promote, which is simply to get the government out of our lives.”

In fact, Coniglio says he’s handled the few bigots who’ve approached him in exactly the way the NAACP is asking for he national Tea Party to handle them.

“Over the past year and a half or so, since the Tea Party got started, I’ve heard from one or two. And I don’t even know if they’re real Tea Party people, or if they’re just somebody who’s just trying to get a rise out of me, or get me to say something. Really, it’s not an issue.”

“Out of 150 to 200 emails a day, over a year and a half, I’ve gotten two [with bigoted or racist viewpoints],” Coniglio explains. “That’s not a whole lot. And I doubt if those two were even legitimate. So that’s how much of an issue it is… it’s not an issue. It’s only an issue to those who want to make it an issue.”

Coniglio believes the NAACP is “making it an issue” in a attempt to besmirch the Tea Party. He thinks the NAACP’s leaders are afraid of “losing” their supporters to the Tea Party movement. But he insists, the Tea Party is just as against bigotry as the NAACP.

“I’ll disavow [bigots]. I want nothing to do with them. I’ve written back and said, we’re not interested in that, don’t expect us to respond to that in a positive way. And that’s basically the answer that I’ve given.”

“I’d like to, right now, publicly invite every single person, regardless of their color, to join with the Tea Party movement and help us to take down big government… to return government to the way it should be, a servant of the people,” Coniglio proclaims. “To allow us to live like we are supposed to be living in this country, as free Americans – this is all we want. And we want this for every citizen.”

At least on the local level, it appears both the NAACP and the Tea Party are condemning bigotry, and the extremists who detract from the Tea Party’s mission.

I wonder if WBEN’s Rachel Kingston bothered to look at Coniglio’s own newsgroup, because just a few days ago, he posted – and commented that it was the funniest damn thing he had ever seen, ever – a video that used images from the Little Rascals to depict President Obama as a pickaninny, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as a whore, and “joked” about assassinating the President.

Nope, no bigots welcome in the local tea party at all.

Polonia Angry About Play that Celebrates Polish Ancestry

25 Jun

Let’s be blunt. The people who are protesting this play are imbeciles. Cretins. They are incurious, ignorant, lacking in a sense of irony or humor, and in desperate need of a job or hobby.

A handful of Buffalonian Polish-Americans protested a play that is being put on by the Kaleidoscope Theater Company, which had shown its plays at a theater at Canisius, but that school has ingloriously pulled the plug due to the idiotic brouhaha.

The name of the play is “Polish Joke”, and if you didn’t bother to get past the title, and you were Polish, you’d probably be upset. But if your ears worked, and your brain worked, and you listened to the synopsis of the play, maybe you’d go see it:

…about a man deeply conflicted over his Polish roots. Throughout the play, the man learns to confront the stereotypes he’s grown up with, eventually coming to the realization that he should not be ashamed of his rich heritage.

“The message is to be proud of yourself no matter who you are. Whatever your heritage is, you should stand up and be proud of it,” said Alison Louis, a former intern for KTP, who performs its shows at the Marie Maday Theatre at Canisius College.

The protesters, naturally, didn’t see the play, and refused to consider seeing it:

“It implies that we are imbeciles, idiots, and therefore the connotation of the title itself is offensive, no matter the content of the play,” one protester proclaimed. Many people also carried signs showing anger over the show’s logo and program’s cover art. Louis said throughout the protest members of the theater company – many of whom are Polish themselves – tried to work with the protesters, offering them free or reduced price tickets, so that the protesters could actually see the show they were protesting against. No one accepted the offer, however, even though many have not seen or even read the play.

You are imbeciles and idiots. Not because you’re Polish, but because you’re ignorant imbecilic idiots who judge a book by its cover. Polonia should be ashamed of the people who protested this play.

Please consider buying a crapload of tickets and going to see this play every single day it’s showing through the 27th.

George H.W. and George W.

2 Dec

I found this article in the Observer to be quite interesting from a foreign-policy perspective. If George the younger has accomplished anything, he’s managed to give people a newfound respect and appreciation for his father.

Perhaps the most ironic legacy of George W. Bush’s presidency is the service it has done to the reputation of his father, who seemed destined to be remembered as an unaccomplished one-termer when he lost his reelection bid (with just 37 percent of the vote) in 1992. By serially violating the basic principles that informed his father’s foreign policy and incurring such ghastly consequences, the younger Mr. Bush has stirred a widespread reassessment: The leadership that Americans took for granted under his father now seems like uncommon wisdom from a better, bygone era.

And now, with only weeks remaining in the second Bush administration, that sentiment is being validated by the incoming Democratic president, a man who opposed the Iraq war back when Mr. Scowcroft did; who has repeatedly lamented that “we have taken our eye off the ball” in Afghanistan because of it; and who has unapologetically championed the kind of aggressive diplomacy endorsed by the Iraq Study Group.

Daddy Bush’s posse repeatedly said in 2003 that invading Iraq was a mistake. Bush Junior was intent on reclaiming the Bush family’s good name by fixing what he thought his dad had done wrong – letting Saddam Hussein stay in power. The outcome is beyond ironic – it’s downright surreal.

Irony Defined

16 Jul

Almost immediately after pledging on Buffalo Issue Alerts to stop posting CACGEC updates at that listserv, Joel Rose posted this:

In the fight to keep casino gambling out of Buffalo and Erie County, the tide has turned, and we can now see victory within our sights. We have battles yet to wage, but Judge William Skretny’s decision of July 8, 2008, marked the turning point in our efforts.

As promised, we’re having a victory celebration party! We don’t have the details worked out yet, but we do have a place and a date, as well as a probable time. So I wanted to let you all know as soon as possible so you could mark the event on your calendars.

Date: Friday, August 15, 2008
Time: 7-10 pm (tentative, subject to change)
Place: Niagara Frontier American Legion Post 1041
533 Amherst Street (at Grant)
Buffalo, N.Y. 14207

By the way:

Bingo Night at the Niagara Frontier American Legion Post 1041 is Mondays at 7:30. KTHXBAI.

The New Yorker

14 Jul

Here’s the new cover, courtesy of the Albany Project:

There is much back and forth over whether this image is funny, not funny, helpful, or harmful. The cartoonist basically threw every dimwitted right-wing smear against the Obamas into one image. My own opinion is that it’s pretty darn funny.

With that said, the debate over this cover is missing the real, important issue. That is, the New Yorker is still publishing magazines and has found a way to become talked-about among people who don’t drink at the Algonquin or summer in the Hamptons.

Florida and Michigan = Zimbabwe

22 May

But only in Cloudcuckooland, which has a new resident.

To compare what happened in Zimbabwe – (the ruling party was unhappy with the result, so it rigged the results to require a run-off and permit it to wage all-out political war against the opposition) – to what happened in Florida and Michigan this year is so baseless, so beyond the pale, so Godwinian in its obnoxiousness.

We already saw yesterday that Senator Clinton likened the Florida and Michigan primaries to what happened to Democrats in Florida in 2000. To Democrats, those are fighting words – especially given the fact that Clinton uttered them in Boca Raton, where many elderly Jewish voters miraculously chose to ignore Pat Buchanan’s anti-Semitism to vote for him in 2000.

The ultimate irony here doesn’t have to do with the fact that Clinton said she’d follow the rules set forth by the DNC and then decided not to when it suited her. The irony is that Florida and Michigan intentionally and knowingly violated DNC rules and pushed their primaries up to January so that they would have a similar impact on the primary race as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The DNC warned those states in 2007 that any effort to do that would result in those states’ delegates not being seated.

If people in Florida and Michigan are angry and their “disenfranchisement”, they have only to look to their state party organizations, which had been forewarned of the consequences far in advance. If Hillary Clinton is so shocked by the disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan Democrats, then the time to speak up was back in 2007 when she was the presumptive nominee – not now, when she’ll quite obviously do and say anything to harm the person who has since become the presumptive nominee. She could have objected to the DNC, or tried to change those states’ parties minds.

And the further irony is that if Florida and Michigan had pushed their primaries back to May or June, they would have been far more important to the process overall than they ever could have imagined.

The saddest thing, however, is that the mismanagement of the Clinton 2008 campaign has revealed her to be a poor strategist and a worse manager. It has revealed her to be petty, hypocritical, false, and vindictive to millions of people who had respected and supporter her in other endeavors.

I look forward to her continued service in the United States Senate, which is nothing to sneeze at. I think that her current petulant and harmful behavior has prevented her from being any sort of VP contender.


7 Feb

Proletarians of the world, unite!


My parents actually fled socialism in the mid-60s to come to this country and make a better life for them and me. So, no, I don’t remotely consider myself a supporter of the system that my parents fled.

But because I believe in the idea that society should pay for things like Fire protection, Police protection, health care for the poor and elderly, etc., the Ron Paul people are so happy to label me a “socialist”, without regard for what that word means generally (a hundred different things), or more specifically that it is an epithet that, to me, are fighting words.

Seriously, however, being called a “socialist” by the likes of the local Ron Paul supporters is something I take as a compliment. Because in practice, that’s all they do.

Yes, they put up signs and rally in Niagara Square for their candidate. But they also come on the internet and, like the sandwich-board messiah of yore, predict the end of the world in intemperate tones. Other than that, it comes down to labeling those who disagree with their opinions as “socialists”, “sheeple”, equating them with SLA-era Patty Hearst, and accusing them of being complicit in perpetuating a fascist/socialist/nazi America.

Yet these insult-hurling, people-labeling, philosopher-adoring people complain bitterly when insults are hurled at them, when they are labeled, and when their views are mocked as strenuously as they mock others. I believe the market gives them the liberty to purchase some cheese with their whine.