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Young Hillary Clinton

29 May


HT Ben Smith

Even More Toxic than Wright

12 May

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He was so toxic that he helped halt Obama’s momentum for much of April. The videos of him on YouTube were a dittohead’s dream-come-true, and put Obama on the defensive about his patriotism, his faith, and the sincerity of his message of change.

Ultimately, however, there is someone on the current domestic political scene even more toxic than Jeremiah Wright. Someone who is like Kryptonite to voters and would hamper the electoral chances of a 2008 Presidential candidate.

A recent Gallup poll…

finds that [John] McCain’s association with George W. Bush is more damaging than [Barack] Obama’s association with Wright.

Number of likely voters who say Bush makes them less likely to vote for McCain: Thirty-eight percent.

Number of likely voters who say Wright makes them less likely to vote for Obama: Thirty-three percent.

George W. Bush. More politically toxic than an angry preacher spouting off a bunch of crazy stuff.