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Republican PAC endorses Republican

17 May

This is phenomenal. Corwin blocked WNYMedia cameras from the event she held yesterday with a national bus-centric PAC run by Republican political consultants, but that didn’t stop the approved media from asking the same damn questions we would have.


The national “Tea Party Express” group, run by someone you never heard of who parachuted into town to hold a private and poorly attended event in an obscure Amherst shopping center, unsurprisingly endorsed the establishment Republican candidate. Among the luminaries who helped endorse Corwin were 7-time candidate Lenny Roberto, Grand Island firebrand Rus Thompson, and email enthusiast Carl Paladino.

Paladino’s presence was interesting, given that the Tea Party Express last rolled into town on a bus made of Republican PAC money, and issued this statement:


“Carl Paladino is absolutely incompatible with anything the Tea Party Express stands for. Pornographic, racist e-mails – how do you think that we would ever support something like that? Clearly Paladino doesn’t understand what this movement is about if he touted himself as a Tea Party candidate. Because again, we’re a human rights movement, and it is flat out impossible for an advocate for human rights to embrace what Paladino stands for.”

So, that must mean that anyone who seeks and accepts Paladino’s support and endorsement is also “incompatible” with what the Republican PAC-BUS stands for.

Outside Corwin’s private, empty event, libertarian tea partier Jim Ostrowski (who works for the Davis campaign) confronted the woman from the Republican PAC who was desperately trying to return to her rental car and fly the Christ out of this dreary, drizzly backwater back to Washington. She told Ostrowski that Davis was as much a part of the “tea party as Barack Obama”.  Ostrowski asked her if she’s ever spoken with Davis, continuing by explaining that he was instrumental in organizing the first tea party events in Buffalo, that this woman wasn’t from Buffalo, and that she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.  Of course, Jim’s right.

I wonder how much Langworthy now wishes he’d not been quite so hasty in posting this edited clip to YouTube. Its benefit has been negligible, while its cost has been huge. The only people who are buying this video as evidence of an angry Davis assaulting a cameraman are Republican tools from out of town who have no influence in this race. The people who live here know it was a setup. I’m also wondering whether the people who live here in this district are taking kindly to all the outside money and influence flowing into this race.

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander Mountain

26 Jul

There will come a time for a blog post that laughs at the fact that obstructionist lawsuits are continually brought in Buffalo by the same, small roster of professional obstructionist plaintiffs.  This is not that time.

Instead, this is a post about hypocrisy.

Yet another lawsuit has been brought in Buffalo to block a massive construction project.  In this instance, a lawsuit brought by, among others, Mark Goldman, Scot Fisher, Bruce Fisher, and others.  (Artvoice seems to have a disproportionately high number of its columnists end up as named plaintiffs in these types of laws…. oh, I forgot that this isn’t the time for that post).

This group of local progressive types are using the same legal rationale as Jim Ostrowski’s pending lawsuit that just got permission by the Court of Appeals to hop the pre-Answer “motion to dismiss” hurdle. Namely, that the state constitution prohibits outlaying public money to a private entity for any reason whatsoever – public or private.

But Scot Fisher, one of the named plaintiffs in the case, is the CEO of Ani DiFranco’s Babeville syndicate.  Babeville is the new name for the renovated Asbury Delaware Church, which is a privately owned structure, which now houses a wholly private corporate entity.  The church’s renovation, incidentally, came at a price for taxpayers.

The total project cost approximately $12.4 million and created 30,000 square feet of commercial space. Financing was achieved through a complex mix of public and private streams with HSBC as the equity investor. Project lenders included the Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp. and Delaware Lender, LLC. Sources of funding included:

  • $4.55 million in New Markets Tax Credits including historic tax credits made possible after the building was placed on the National Register for Historic Places in 2003.
  • $2.7 million from the City of Buffalo
  • $440,000 for interior renovations raised from Hallways independently
  • New York State Empire Zone incentives, such as sales tax exemptions and utility rate savings
  • Thirty year “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” which allows for all new real estate tax generated by the property to be channeled back into the project.
  • $350,000 from the EPA for geothermal heating and cooling technology

Because Babeville is associated with Ani DiFranco, a trendy, successful Buffalo export, no one ever bothered to complain – much less file suit – against Babeville or DiFranco for taking public money for a private purpose.  Now, someone will undoubtedly make the argument that the preservation of an historically significant downtown church accomplished an equally significant public purpose, thus justifying the outlay of public money.  That may very well be true.  But the same “public benefit” argument can be made for Canal Side and Bass Pro.  But because Bass Pro is not a lefty folk singer, but a Southern big-box fishing and hunting retailer, it does not enjoy the support of the Scot Fishers of the world.

The point is that the whole affair is quite palpably hypocritical.

Coniglio: I’m Holding Back!

10 Jun

Not to be outdone by “don’t get between me and a camera Jim” Ostrowski, Allen “Obama is a seekrit muslin Manchooriyun Kandidayt” Coniglio weighs in on the tea party split.  Why only a tiny handful of people would want anything to do with him and any group with which he’s associated is a question for the ages.

The following was posted yesterday by Jim Ostrowski on his blog, Political Class Dismissed. This is essential reading for anyone who has been asking why the tea party movement has been split, who caused it, and why can’t they all just get along? I am going to post Jim’s entire statement because it is all essential to understanding the story, it is efficiently stated, and there are no wasted words. I will tell you that there is much more to this story and much that we have been holding back for the past several months. We will release those details when we are able to do so.

I would like to further add that the Tea Party Coalition and two of its members, Jim Ostrowski and me, have been under an unrelenting assault from forces allied to the political machines in Buffalo and Erie County. Not only has Rus Thompson, who for all intents and purposes is a representative and willing player for that machine, been actively involved in spreading lies and hatred toward and about us, but several of his allies from the far left wing of the democrat machine have done his bidding as well. For some reason, they seem to have become obsessed with me and waste no opportunity to take shots in my direction. I would like to thank them for that as they are proving what I have been saying all along, that the Tea Party Coalition is the last honest element in the Buffalo tea party movement. Remember, these people are friends with Rus Thompson, who has never, as far as I know, ever been attacked in any serious way by these writer/journalist wannabes who have no problem in repeating things that are fed to them by someone who has openly stated to the current Erie County Republican chairman, Nicholas Langworthy, that he is going to take Jim and me, “out at the knees”. He has been working on doing just that for the past several months.

There is a movement underway right now, engineered by Rus Thompson in collusion with the Republican Party and their chairman, Nick Langworthy, to take over the Buffalo tea party and turn it into a political machine with Thompson at the controls. Then, we would have a phony tea party which would be little more than an extension of the Republican machine, much like the Conservative party is to the Republicans and like the Working Families party is to the Democrats. The deal making has already taken place on a number of levels and on a number of occasions. If challenged by Rus Thompson or anyone else associated with his corrupt interests on any of what I have said here, I will then be forced to REVEAL EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF ALL THE REST OF THIS SICKENING STORY. I will affirm that everything that I have said thus far and that I will say is absolutely true and I can prove it all, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. I should hope that these people would be smart enough to understand that I am not kidding and I have had enough of their nonsense.

Because we refused to play along with them, they have set out to destroy us and they have worked at it as though it were a full time job. This is machine politics at its ugliest and after hearing this, if anyone should be so foolish as to believe another word that comes out of Rus Thompson’s mouth, or that of his little friend, Nick Langworthy, then shame on you. I can speak only for myself but I can assure you that I will NEVER play along with any of these corrupt people or any of their corrupt tactics and I would never betray the trust of the people who have been good enough to allow me into their lives and who have participated with me in making the tea party the greatest force for reform in our nation’s history. I have never been involved in politics in any serious way before this past year and I can now understand why decent people tend to stay away from it. It is a cutthroat and ruthless, rotten game where grown people who should know better, do things for which they should be ashamed. Most of them, however, are not ashamed, until they get exposed. I think, however, that some of the people involved in these things are truly shameless.

Shorter Allen Coniglio:

Jim and I wanted to create a different type of political machine.  We didn’t want to align ourselves with the existing machine, because it wouldn’t be pure enough, Jim tells me.

I think Coniglio should just stick to repeating fringe birther conspiracy theories.  This one is my favorite:

I have written several times of this exact thing, that obama and his boys would trump up some kind of event in order to declare martial law and suspend the constittution. Some have called me paranoid. One notorious liberal has called me crazy Most people think I just need to calm down. Glenn Beck recently did an interview with Newsmax and he referred to this possibility as the “Reichstag effect”, named for the burning of the German parliament building, the Reichstag, in 1933. Here it is from the Newsmax interview:

. . . his real worry is that many Washington elitists really don’t like our form of government and want to see it abolished.

“I fear a Reichstag moment,” he said, referring to the 1933 burning of Germany’s parliament building in Berlin that the Nazis blamed on communists and Hitler used as an excuse to suspend constitutional liberties and consolidate power.

“God forbid, another 9/11. Something that will turn this machine on, and power will be seized and voices will be silenced.”

It is my concern that something like this will happen in the US. I do not doubt for one minute that obama and his thugs are capable of such an action and I am more than certain that should he find it impossible to to rig the elctions in 2010 or 2012 to allow him to continue his policies or, if he finds himself on the verge of being exposed as a noncitizen, having been born in Kenya, that would be his cue. This man is a terrorist, a thug, an unscrupulous, classless human being. He will do whatever he believes he can get away with. He is not bound by any ethical or moral concerns as most people would be. Like Hitler, he will do anything to impose his will on the people of this country and ultimately, the world. Prepare yourselves. Do not abandon your efforts. Be eternally vigilant, as that is the price of freedom.


Like I said, Coniglio is the most unintentionally hilarious, deliberately ignorant local Obama-hating teabagger in town.  Good luck with that “coalition”, Jim.  Oh, and here’s a an actors’ recreation of Coniglio and Ostrowski at a donut shop:


Paging All Libertarians

21 May

The beauty of libertarianism as a political ideology is that just like a time share property pitch, a lot of the initial talking points sound really great.  Free markets, legalized drugs, an end to foreign wars, etc.  It’s romantic in its belief in the invisible hand of the market, self-determination and appeals to the better instincts of humanity that if just left alone, we’ll all act in a manner which benefits everyone.

However, when libertarians are put in a position to defend the practicality of their ideology in the context of the real world, most reasonable people rapidly come to conclusion that libertarians are either batshit crazy or willfully stupid.

For example, meet Rand Paul, Republican nominee for the United States Senate from the great state of Kentucky.

Rand Paul, as many of you know, is the son of Tea Party icon and idol to the libertarian fringe, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).  The younger Paul posted an overwhelming victory over the RNC endorsed candidate in the Republican primary earlier this week.  Shortly after his victory and emergence onto the national scene, Paul appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show to discuss comments he made to the Louisville Courier-Journal prior to the primary election.

Essentially, Paul states that he would not have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act as Title II of the act mandates that private businesses that provide/maintain public accommodations be forced to adhere to equal protection provisions.  Paul maintains this provision of the act violates private property rights.  He also states that he would not have supported the Americans with Disabilities Act as Title III of the act mandates that all private businesses with public accommodations make their places of business accessible to people with disabilities.  He alleges that this also violates property rights.

In the interview, Paul states that he supports all other provisions of the act and I believe him.  He states that mandates on institutionalized racism and discrimination can and should be legislated out of existence, but the implication is that private businesses should be allowed to post a “Whites Only” or “No Cripples Welcome Here” sign in their front window.  Property rights are the holy grail of the libertarian movement, they shan’t be violated or restricted in any way.  The mistake in this debate is casting Paul a racist, full stop.  While property rights were used frequently by segregationists in the south during the fight for civil rights, I’m not sure it’s that simple an issue here.  Paul and the worldview he supports is not about race, it’s about property rights and a philosophical, non-reality based ideology.  In other words, he’s just a libertarian.




After the ensuing blowup of negative publicity for his campaign began today, Rand Paul eventually backed off his statements and said he would have voted for the Civil Rights Act and supports the Federal Government right to regulate private business.  As noted by Talking Points Memo, here’s the timeline of the whole scandal:

So, by our reckoning, here’s Paul’s progression on the issue over the past 24 hours:

  • Paul on Maddow, circa 9 p.m. Wednesday: I don’t agree with the Civil Rights Act, but I don’t believe in racism.
  • Paul statement, noon Thursday: I wouldn’t support repealing the law.
  • Paul campaign statement, 2 p.m. Thursday: I support the law and the government’s power to enforce it.
  • Paul on CNN, 5 p.m. Thursday: “I would have voted yes” for the law. “There was a need for federal intervention.”

As an aside, Rachel Maddow is one hell of a journalist.  She did what no other broadcast journalist does…stayed with one topic, tried to force an issue and get an answer to a question that matters…respectfully and intelligently.  She allows her guests to talk, but she never lets them off the hook.  It’s compelling television.

I digress…

The interview and the emerging candidacy of Rand Paul brings several issues into the light of day.  Should we not have a full vetting of the Libertarian agenda as a means to identify whether or not it has any chance of ever being adopted as anything other than a sideshow in our political circus?  As a means to separate the nutty fringe wheat from the christian conservative chaff in the oft-discussed and analyzed tea party movement?  Should we not fully educate people on where these people stand on issues of import?

So, here is a short list of questions for the local chapter of the Libertarian Dogmatics over at Political Class Dismissed and Tea New York.  Yes or No answers are preferred, but I know I won’t get them, if they bother to answer at all.

Questions cribbed from Ezra Klein of The Washington Post with some additional flourishes by me:

Can the federal government set the private sector’s minimum wage?

Can it tell private businesses not to hire illegal immigrants?

Can it tell oil companies what safety systems to build into an offshore drilling platform?

Can it tell toy companies to test for lead?

Can it tell liquor stores not to sell to minors?

Do you support the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, full stop?

Do you think banks should be allowed to choose to not lend to blacks, hispanics, jews, or gays based on identity?

Can local governments set building codes for construction companies?

Can local governments set zoning regulations to regulate the location of commercial properties or private residences?

If anyone else has questions, feel free to add them in the comments section.

Tea Party Post

10 May

Today on Hardwick, we launched into a discussion about the tea party “movement”, and it was noted more than once that there are no fewer than four current tea party organizing groups, all with somewhat similar agendas. I quipped that they ought to retain regionalism & consolidation advocate Kevin Gaughan to merge them all into a unified front, and I also mentioned that getting together and shouting into a megaphone is fun and cathartic, but ultimately useless.

Yesterday, Rus Thompson held a “tea party” featuring wealthy gadfly Carl Paladino. They started a group and website to promote and raise money for reform-minded candidates. That is action. Joining a party committee is action. Running for office is action. Becoming personally involved & volunteering is action.

All is not lost, however. The Jim Ostrowski Brand™ of tea party is going to boycott all the evil entities that help to prop up the “political class”.

Either way, I think the tea party monicker is dumb. It cheapens what they’re trying to accomplish, and is historically inaccurate. The original tea parties were about taxes on imported tea from our colonial overlords who never permitted Americans to have representatives in the House of Commons.

On the other hand, put down that $20,000 retainer check to the two biggest law firms in town!

Doctors are Subsidizing the Political Class (?)

28 Mar

I have no idea who the lunatic who yelled, “it doesn’t matter, we’re all New Yorkers” is. 🙂