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Paladino Getting Right On Those Issues

22 Oct

Remember how Paladino left the “Cuomo slept around” and the “anti-gay hysteria” behind in an effort to focus on issues?

Paladino’s camp released three items yesterday.  The first rehashes old half-truths about Cuomo’s tenure at HUD, and the second makes extremely tenuous, Beckian blackboard-like connections between Cuomo and a bank in the UAE in order to accuse Cuomo of doing business with terrorists.  Oh, and Paladino’s camp had a temper tantrum over reporters looking into the candidate’s dog’s breed.

I did not see any press releases or chatter from Paladino about specific ideas he has to cut taxes, cut spending, abolish authorities, or bring reform to the state legislatures.

“Issues”, indeed.

(Cuomo’s campaign responded thusly):

Carl Paladino’s imploding campaign has turned rabidly slanderous and negative in an attempt to do anything to revive his campaign. This is not surprising given that his campaign, known for its thugishness, is being run by individuals who care little about obeying the law and who lie regularly.

Also, now that Jimmy McMillan from the Rent is 2 Damn High Party has gained international notoriety thanks to his catchy participation in this week’s gubernatorial debate, Paladino is reportedly regretting his decision to insist on 7-way debates, and is goading Cuomo into a one-on-one debate.

But is he really regretting anything? I don’t think this is an accident; I think the whole thing is calculated.  I think that all along Paladino figured he would goad Cuomo into a 7-way debate, then whine about how bad the format was, and then goad Cuomo into a two-man debate.

Remember, this is what Michael Caputo, Carl’s campaign manager, wrote on October 2nd:

Andrew Cuomo’s surrogates call Carl Paladino racist, but it’s Andrew who seeks to exclude the only black candidate from debates.

Andrew Cuomo holds himself out as an advocate for women’s issues, yet it is Andrew who seeks to exclude the only woman candidate from debates.

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t have the courage to debate all his opponents, how can he take on the special interests that are destroying New York?

And the candidate himself said this during the 5:13 3-minute ad:

No. This campaign must be about bigger issues – not affairs or divorces.  Because our state is in a death-spiral…Andrew, stop the political posturing and Albany games.  Come out and debate all the candidates. Why do you wanna exclude the only African-American candidate [sic], and the only woman candidate, and the Green Party candidate? I just don’t understand. Come out and debate like a man.

Well, Cuomo signed right up for the 7-person debate, and debated “like a man”.  Now, Carl is whining like a 3 year-old who lost his lolly. All goes further to prove that Paladino’s is the most toddleresque campaign in New York history.

Carl Paladino Loses At Everything #NYGOV

20 Oct

Paladino, who has turned into a serial whiner, is now toddler-tantruming about the crowded debate format from Monday – a debate format that he repeatedly demanded.

Remember that 3 minute video / ad buy from a week or so ago, when Paladino challenged Cuomo to debate him “like a man”?  Paladino’s showing was more mouse than man on Monday, and he’s now bitching and moaning about it.


Carl seems to forget that it is precisely the format he demanded – it’s right there in the video. The Cuomo camp acknowledged that it had been pushing for a two-man debate, explaining why it took so long for them to agree to debate Paladino, who insisted on all seven candidates being on the stage.

But Carl’s performance ranged from halting to good, and he’s now butthurt that he couldn’t speak for more than a minute at a time, max.  Now, he’s pressuring Cuomo to agree to a two-man debate.

Carl Paladino: seriously like every bully you knew in grade school. Tough talk, but whines like a baby when outmaneuvered.

But it really is time for Cuomo and Paladino to actually agree to a one-on-one debate.  I want to watch Carl’s final crumble.

Paladino’s Final Mistake

19 Oct

Here is the reason why Carl Paladino insisted that the stage be packed for what will be the singular gubernatorial debate this season: 

That’s all great, but imagine how much better it would have been with just Cuomo and Paladino going in-depth on the differences in their policy proposals.  Imagine how much better it would have been if each candidate could have criticized his opponent to his face. Imagine how much more substantive it could have been if they could have had two or three minutes to answer or rebut, rather than 30 to 60 seconds.

The “debate” circus last night had seven rings thanks to candidate Paladino, who insisted that he not be alone on stage with Andrew Cuomo. By doing that, he hoped that he wouldn’t be the craziest or angriest person on stage.  But the drawback is that everyone is talking about Jimmy McMillan this morning, and no one is talking about Carl Paladino.  This ranks as the Paladino campaign’s biggest mistake to date – bigger still than the Yehuda Levin flap.

Because a debate is oftentimes a candidate’s one and only chance to make his case – unscripted – to a statewide electorate.  We don’t know anything new about Paladino, but we’re left wondering about Kristin Davis’ lips, Howie Hawkins’ accent, and Jimmy McMillan’s gloves.

Cuomo wins just by showing up and glossing over his proposals and record.  He even brought HUD up twice – that’s twice more than Carl did.

The Hofstra Seven

18 Oct

Any stage on which Carl Paladino is not the most outrageous, most unreasonable, and craziest-seeming candidate is good for him.  Luckily, the Hofstra Seven did not disappoint, and Carl got what he wanted – he got to avoid engaging in a mano-a-mano debate with his only serious competitor.

Image by Tom Dolina

Warren Redlich, the libertarian, was – like most libertarians – at  times glib, but always boring.

Kristin Davis mostly read remarks likely prepared for her by Roger Stone.  She had the most beestung lips of any candidate.

Charles Barron has the communist vote wrapped up, what with his Nehru jacket, his adherence to identity politics, and his appeals for higher taxes and spending.

Howie Hawkins, the New Yorker originally from California had everyone wondering where the hell he got the Louisiana accent from.

Jimmy McMillan from the Rent is Too Damn High Party won the night by being the most entertaining, had the best one-liners, had the best facial hair, and was inexplicably wearing black gloves.

Carl Paladino came across as nervous and twitchy.

Andrew Cuomo came across as somewhat embarrassed to be there.

Seriously, though, the format – for which we can blame Paladino – was designed specifically to minimize substantive discussion of important issue and instead to give equal time to crackpot single-issue candidates as the Republican and Democratic nominees.  The losers in that are – as usual – the voters of the state of New York.  We voters deserve a substantive discussion about big issues, but didn’t really get one.   Each candidate got about 10 minutes’ worth of time to speak in 30 or 60 second sound-bite increments.  By the time they got around to actually answering a question, time had generally run out.

It was an utter and complete waste of time, culminating in Paladino taking a bathroom break during the other six candidates’ closing statements. It was designed to enable poorly prepared candidates to rely on platitudes, whilst inadvertently enabling single-issue candidates to lay out their entire platforms through sound bites.

In a campaign marked by an almost pathological avoidance of debate about issues, there was a pathological avoidance of in-depth discussion of issues. Sad.

New York’s Gubernatorial Candidates #NYGOV

13 Oct

Andrew Cuomo

The Democratic candidate is Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo’s platform is here.  His biography is well-known. He is also running on the Working Families Party, and Independence Party lines, thanks to New York’s arcane electoral fusion rules.

Carl Paladino

The Republican candidate is Carl Paladino.  Being from Buffalo, we all know who he is, what he is, and – above all – that he’s not “politically correct”, which is a handy euphemism for “unfiltered Id”.  Paladino has obtained the endorsement of the Conservative Party, which had originally backed Rick Lazio – a bid by local attorney Ralph Lorigo, who was essentially running as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Paladino campaign – has ended. Paladino will also appear on a vanity line he created for himself called the “New York Taxpayer Party“.

Howie Hawkins

The Green Party of New York‘s candidate is its founder, Howie Hawkins.  Hawkins wants to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant just outside of Peekskill, and to ban extraction of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale by hydrofracking. His platform page is a catch-all of left-wing progressive ideas, such as raising taxes on the rich, reforming Albany through proportional representation, which would make it easier for independent third parties to win elections and gain power and influence, full employment at “living wages”, single-payer health insurance, free education from pre-school through grad school, a sustainable & green economy, affordable housing, etc.  Of particular interest for WNY voters is his stand on regional planning:

Move land use planning authority from local municipalities to elected metropolitan/regional planning boards in order to end economically and environmentally destructive sprawl, to protect farms, green space, and environmental resources, to reduce intraregional inequities in housing, education and fiscal capacity, and to renew city,  town and village centers with transit-linked, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods of mixed homes, shops, jobs, schools, parks, and civic buildings.

Warren Redlich

On the other side of the political spectrum from the economic interventionist Hawkins stands the Libertarian Party’s Warren Redlich.  His platform includes capping pay and pensions for state workers, “eliminating waste”, letting voters decide on pay for state electeds and their staffs, and reducing the number of taxes collected.  Redlich believes that it costs more to collect many state taxes than they bring in.  Redlich is a personal injury lawyer, yet advocates for “tort reform”.  But looking at his platform, it seems as if he’s only talking about medical malpractice cases, but then in the next sentence wants to eliminate pain & suffering noneconomic damages for just about all cases, except in cases of “gross negligence”, a higher standard than simple negligence.  Naturally, Redlich is pro-gun, anti-eminent domain, wants to reform the way in which fines are calculated and collected for traffic infractions, and wants to end the war on drugs.

Kristin Davis

Davis is a client of Roger Stone’s – Stone is the political dirty trickster who taught Paladino campaign chief Michael Caputo just about everything he knows.  It’s been widely reported that the connections between the Paladino campaign and Stone-related entities are quite close and lucrative.  For Stone.  Davis’ political awakening was recent and swift,

After she was released from Riker’s Island, Kristin Davis told the Daily Caller she discovered she was a Libertarian. “When I got out of jail I was broke, the government confiscated all of my money, I was unemployable because of the stigma prostitution has for women in the business but not men, and I was appalled after seeing both the criminal justice and corrections system up close” said Davis. “I began reading Goldwater, Hayek, Von Mises, Freedman and Ayn Rand.” Davis decided that the best way to promote a pro-legalize prostitution and legalize Marijuana agenda was not by lobbying gutless and corrupt politicians who would never listen but by running for Governor to put these issues before New York voters.

Davis is a former madam, – more specifically, she ran the “Emperor’s Club” where Client 9 – former Governor Eliot Spitzer – would arrange for paid sex with Ashley Dupre.  Davis’ platform is quite simple; she wants to legalize marijuana, legalize prostitution, legalize casino gambling, and legalize gay marriage.  One could very easily argue that these four points, if done together, could more than make up for the state’s budget shortfall through taxation of marijuana sales, prostitution transactions, gaming fees/taxes, and gay marriage license fees.  She is running on the Anti-Prohibition Party line.

Jimmy McMillan (aka “Papa Smurf”)

A party tailor-made for New York City people with New York City problems; a party that would never gain a foothold in literally low-rent WNY, Jimmy McMillan (website) is running on a platform of “rent, rent, rent; there is nothing else to talk about.” Rent reduction, freeze, and cap are foremost among his issues in a city where rents have skyrocketed in past decades, and where the rent control board provides for occasional increases.  He wants to make sure at least one parent can stay at home with any child to “restore family values”.  He would waive property taxes, claims his rent reduction plans would add 3 – 6 million jobs, free college tuition, reform housing and criminal courts, and otherwise ensure that New Yorkers have a “roof over your head, food on your table, and money in your pocket.”

Charles Barron

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Barron is a Democrat running on the “Freedom Party” line (not to be confused with Pataki’s vanity line from the 90s).  Barron doesn’t appear to have a campaign website.  The New York Times’ City Room blog reported on Barron’s run in June, noting that he was running to protest Andrew Cuomo‘s selection of Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy – a white man – as his running mate.

The Democratic Party has taken our vote for granted for many, many years…[t]his is the latest slap in the face. This political blackout by Andrew Cuomo is outrageous, that he would be comfortable going with an all-white state slate.

Barron’s running mate is Buffalo’s own Eva Doyle, an author, radio host, and columnist.  Barron is a former Black Panther, and a champion of many socialist ideas and causes.

Next Monday, on October 18th, at 7pm, a debate sponsored by Newsday, News 12, and Hofstra University will be held featuring all of the candidates named above. It will also air on YNN and NY1 throughout the state.