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Curious Funding of the Chris Collins for Congress Campaign

30 Oct

Here’s a document that congressional candidate for NY-27 Chris Collins (R-Clarence) filed with the FEC. It is his final pre-general election filing, and shows who gave him money, and how much. (Carl Paladino maxed out back in June. So did Robert Stevenson, and in October a whole bunch of PACs, local business figures, companies, and committees paid up

The federal limit for donations in a general election congressional campaign is $2,500. You’ll notice, however, that there are a lot of donations that exceed that amount, and are checked off with “primary” next to them, and are made well after the primary election ended. Collins can only use those donations over $2,500 marked “primary” to pay off his own loans to his campaign, (the primary election took place in June).  Is Collins informing his donors – some of them signing off on $5,000 checks – that their money is just going right back into his pocket?

It’s a tricky way for Collins to, essentially, double-fund his campaign – he loans the campaign money in the primary, raises primary funds to pay himself back, and then re-loan the money he raised in primary funds and paid himself back with the campaign to use in the general.  
Over the course of this election cycle, Collins has loaned his campaign $250,000 in the pre-primary filing, $400,000 in the October quarterly filing.  (Why is something called the “Western New York Victory Fund” located in a medical complex in Athens, GA? Also: 
All the while, Bob McCarthy can ooh and ah over Collins’ substantial war-chest. 


Joe Mesi Update

22 Oct

Yesterday, he was endorsed by Attorney General and political scion/wunderkind Andrew Cuomo. Said the AG,

What we need in Albany is more independent leadership and a willingness to fundamentally change the way things are done. Joe has shown he will stand up to anybody, and we all know how committed he is to making Western New York a better place for working families. I’m supporting Joe Mesi because together we can pass more ethics reform and clean up government. Voters of Western New York and New York State as a whole have had enough of career politicians and business-as-usual politics – and in November, voters of the 61st Senate District can make that clear by electing Joe Mesi and sending a message that it’s time for change.

Yesterday, he outlined his green jobs plan, and earlier this month Mesi set forth his plan for property tax relief.

Today, Joe Mesi’s campaign has set up a blog and a twitter account (@joemesi2008).

This blog entry gives you an outline of a typical day for Mesi, who is working very hard going around the district, talking with voters, explaining his plans, and listening to their concerns.

Yes, I have a natural bias, but I hope that he begins hammering home the very salient and true point that throughout his 2-decade tenure of failure in county government, Mike Ranzenhofer has routinely been an impediment to just about any reform initiative that ever came across his desk. His platform is a chorus of no-new-taxes and unfulfillable promises of fiscal conservatism and spending cuts. When it comes to real reform, he’s either absent or he’s a follower.

Joe Mesi: Work Ethic

1 Oct


New York State Senate candidate Joe Mesi outlined a new five-point plan to keep and create good jobs in western New York at the Tonawanda Plant at 2939 Niagara Street in Tonawanda.

Mesi called on Albany to reform empire zones, end tax breaks for outsourcing corporations, lower property taxes, and target investments to local research institutions.

Mesi also discussed his goal in having Western New York becoming a model in growing “green industries.” The plan calls for cutting energy costs, creating jobs in growing industries, and curbing global warming by investing in renewable energy and training the next generation of workers.

Mesi for Senate.
Contribute here.

Mesi Leading Ranzenhofer in SD-61

24 Sep

A Siena poll shows the following in SD-61:

Mesi 40%
Ranzenhofer 38%

61st SD – Erie and Genesee Counties – Michael Ranzenhofer (R) vs. Joseph Mesi (D)

Mesi has a slim 40-38 percent lead over Ranzenhofer. Ranzenhofer does virtually as well among Republicans as Mesi does with Democrats. Mesi has a 43-28 percent lead among independent voters. Ranzenhofer has identical 40-38 percent leads in Amherst and the Clarence/Newstead/Genesee County portions of the district, while Mesi has a 45-35 percent lead in the Tonawandas.

Mesi is viewed favorably by 45 percent of voters, including 42 percent of Republicans, and unfavorably by 18 percent of voters. More than one in three voters has no opinion. Ranzenhofer has a 35-12 percent favorable rating, with 52 percent having no opinion.

By a 44-38 percent margin, voters support Republican control of the Senate. McCain has a 45-40 percent lead in the presidential race.

A plurality of voters think Ranzenhofer would be better on dealing with the State budget deficit, and a small plurality also give him the edge on government reform and property taxes. Voters rate the candidates as virtually even on job creation, health care and education. They give Mesi a slight nod on fighting for Upstate.

“While this district has a small Republican enrollment edge and has long been represented by a Republican Senator, more voters currently know and have a favorable view of Mesi. On more issues, however, they think that Ranzenhofer would do a better job. The race is close, and seems likely to stay that way,” Greenberg said.

Mesi’s campaign reacts:

“We don’t put a lot of stock in polls, but this confirms what really matters: every day, Joe Mesi is meeting Western New Yorkers who are rallying to his plans for real change for our future. With rising concerns about jobs and the economy, voters are telling Mesi they want new solutions, not more of the same failed policies of the past.”

Who, Me?

27 Aug

Michele Iannello and now Sam Hoyt have accused Tom Golisano’s and Steve Pigeon’s Responsible New York for breaking the law. RNY is permitted to spend unlimited sums of money on behalf of a candidate or against any candidate, so long as there is no coordination between RNY and the campaign it’s supporting.

Iannello’s charges that Pigeon had been advising Joe Mesi very closely before RNY was formed. Now Hoyt accuses a Kavanaugh consultant, the son of the judge for whom Kavanaugh is confidential law clerk, of jumping ship to RNY. In both cases, the consultant had signing rights on the candidate’s account.

In all of this inside baseball internecine warfare stuff, one thing stands out –

First with the Illuzzi stuff, and now with this, I’m growing quite weary of Barbra Kavanaugh’s pleas of ignorance.

I realize it’s not her campaign that’s done it, but it’s all been done by people close to her in order to further her campaign and harm Hoyt’s. Either she approves of it or she doesn’t.

Hardline with Hardwick Debates

22 Aug

Coming up this Sunday is a debate between the Democratic candidates for the SD-61; Michele Iannello, Joe Mesi, and Dan Ward.

Coming up the Sunday after that (August 31st) is a debate between the Democratic candidates for the 26th Congressional District.

Well, some of them.

Alice Kryzan‘ll be there. Jon Powers‘ll be there.

But what of His Highness the Duke of Bilosershire, Earl of Winningnot, Viscount of Failingham, Jack Davis? So far, he won’t be there.

Figures. After all, he can’t buy a win on Hardwick’s show.