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Maybe He Can Run for NYS Senate

23 Jun

Joe the Plumber has gone from the D-list to the F-list, and for all his moaning about being paid attention to, negatively and positively, he’s still out doing “speaking” engagements, trying to cash in on minute 15:03.

“This country has been great for over 180 years,” Wurzelbacher said after urging folks to study the Constitution. It wasn’t clear whether something happened in the late 1820s to make the United States great, but other than a few puzzled glances from the crowd, everyone went with it.

Answering questions from the well-lubricated crowd, Wurzelbacher revealed that he hasn’t made any money from the book he wrote, “Joe the Plumber – Fighting for the American Dream,” issued by the tiny PearlGate Publishing imprint, but suggested there could be “Joe the Plumber” Christmas ornaments in his merchandising future.

Perhaps he could agitate for better edumacashuns for ar kidz.

Nah. That’s socialism.

Joe the Plumber FAIL

31 Oct

Evidently, Joe the Plumber – who was soooooo angry at the media for finding out what he does, the fact that he’d benefit from Obama’s tax plan, and that he doesn’t pay taxes himself – now has an agent and is looking to get a country music deal.

Wonkette also brought this up, which is dead-on:

As for this clusterf*ck yesterday, one wonders whether McCain’s campaign could have one day done right.


Joe the Plumber Fatigue – One Day Out

16 Oct

1. Joe the Plumber’s real name is Sam, and he’s not a licensed plumber.

2. The average licensed journeyman plumber in the United States earns $42,000 per year. Tax cuts for plumbers, says Obama.

3. If our friendly Ohio plumber did break the threshold and earn $250,000 per year, his tax burden would increase by about $600 per year.

The real story is the answer Obama tried to give to Joe. Let’s say that Joe did make as much as $270,000. As Obama noted, he’d be paying an additional 3% marginal tax. That’s 3% on the excess $20,000 — not the entire $270,000. Therefore, his additional tax would be…(patience while the magic adding machine does it’s thing)….(Voila!)… $600. If he made as much as $300,000, his additional tax liability under Obama would be a ‘crushing’ $1,500.

Would anyone decline the opportunity to earn an additional $50,000, because a tax hike would raise their tax liability an additional $1,500 — from a tax of $18,000 on that excess income to a tax of $19,500?

Would you avoid growing your business because it might raise your taxes by .5%?

4. Naturally, all of this nonsense is purely academic, as Mr. Plumber isn’t fond of paying taxes he owes to begin with. He’s got two tax liens, both for more than $1,000, one of which remains outstanding. Don’t complain to me about paying more fucking taxes until you pay the ones you already owe, just like the rest of us have to, asswipe.