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Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Paladino Petitionmeister

14 Jun

I’m looking around, and I think it’s safe to say that this site was the first and only news portal of any kind in WNY to report on the legal troubles surrounding John Haggerty, whom Carl Paladino tapped several months ago to coordinate his petition-gathering effort.

Just 10-ish days later, a Manhattan grand jury has indicted Haggerty for allegedly misappropriating, laundering, or otherwise converting about $1 million in campaign contributions made by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the state Independence Party.

One of the attractions of the Paladino campaign is that he will ostensibly run an ethical administration, pledging to clean Albany up, with blunt instruments, if necessary. He accuses Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of crimes for which he should be sent to Attica, yet Silver has been indicted by a grand jury on zero occasions. Mr. Haggerty, on the other hand, is under indictment for grand larceny, money laundering, and falsifying business records.

You’ll note that Haggerty is the member of a rogue group of Republicans that has broken away from the Queens GOP establishment – a group which includes Paladino’s running mate, Tom Ognibene.

One would expect a reform campaign that bases part of its platform on transparency, openness, and responsive government would disassociate itself from an indicted alleged felon, if for no other reason to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Instead, they’re doubling down, as seen here in the reviled comments section of the Buffalo News:

Paladino and Pecuniary Peccadilloes of Pigeonesque Proportions

4 Jun

It was reported yesterday that Carl Paladino, the embarrassing Buffalonian gubernatorial candidate, had retained the services of John Haggerty to compile petition signatures at a prospective cost of at least $500,000. Local reports merely identified Haggerty as a “veteran political operative”. But downstate media also use adjectives such as “disgraced“, and referred to Paladino’s cozying up to a Haggerty-backed rogue Queens GOP faction as a “faux pas“. In Albany in May, the words, “subject of a grand jury probe” were appended to Haggerty’s name.

Who is John Haggerty?

A petitions expert from Forest Park in Queens, who used to work for ex-Governor and utter failure George Pataki. Mr. Haggerty is closely connected with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and is currently reportedly under investigation by the Manhattan DA for receiving a $750,000 payout from Bloomberg’s campaign fund that was funneled through the state Independence Party. Haggerty’s use of that money is at issue, and he is the subject of a grand jury probe. He also leads a breakaway faction of the Queens GOP, acting as an outer-boroughs Republican version of Erie County Democratic nuisance Steve Pigeon – right down to the Independence Party ties.

Haggerty is represented by former AG Dennis Vacco.

Interesting campaign hire by a guy who purports to be above the political fray. With every passing day, Paladino proves himself to be a bigger and bigger phony. He’s just as much a political guy as any of them.

(Photo Credit NewYorkBlotter.com)