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Touchiest Campaign Ever®

27 Apr

Carl Paladino’s wife seems like a really nice woman, and I can’t blame her or his campaign for setting up an overly friendly look at Paladino’s character issues. Who better to try and defuse questions concerning his decency than his wife? It’s genius.

But the taintlicking “article” then takes a weird detour into what we’re supposed to believe is internal campaign discussions about potentially damaging information. Roger Stone’s mini-me, Michael Caputo claims that the campaign set up:

  • Focus groups to gauge reaction to the out-of-wedlock kid issue.
  • Focus groups to gauge reaction to the emails featuring an historically derogatory term for black people, and also horsefucking videos.

The candidate’s and campaign’s reaction to the release of the emails in question reveals that this is utter bullshit.  There is no way – no chance – that Paladino and his campaign retained the services of a pollster or marketer to gauge reaction to the emails.  This is because Paladino still doesn’t think the emails were any big deal.  They’re just jokes.  Everyone does it.  Everyone forwards jokes containing the word “ni**er” and videos featuring graphic horse-on-woman sex.  Right?

Just the other day, Paladino doubled down on the dumb by sending around this pathetic excuse masquerading as a poignant parable about how sending horsefucking videos to your buddies is exactly like loving your friends and going to heaven.

He doesn’t comprehend what’s wrong with them, and his WBEN-listening, tea party constituency is eating it up. He speaks to them – to their insecurities, to their inferiority complexes, to their prejudices, to their misguided but earnest victimhood.

That Buffalo News article featuring Mrs. Paladino was very nice, and I suspect that it was set up to ensure that the Buffalo News writ large wouldn’t join WNYMedia.net, WGRZ‘s Josh Boose, and the News’ Jim Heaney as persona non grata on the Touchiest Campaign Ever.®

The Thick Skin Express.

But it wasn’t news, and gave Michael Caputo an opportunity to spin what’s been a truly stunning display of clumsy campaign mismanagement.

Paladino: No Soup For You!

21 Apr

“I bring values, resiliency, a thick skin and I’m not afraid to be confrontational.” – Carl Paladino

It would appear that by “thick skin”, Carl meant “hyper-defensive”.

In response to this tire fire of an interview with one of the weakest reporters in Western New York, Josh “Straw Man” Boose of WGRZ’s mildly regarded Red Coat brigade…


Carl Paladino and his campaign manager Michael Caputo (the Scott Farkus and Grover Dill of Buffalo) sent the following to their Facebook supporters:

It goes on and on, painting Carl as the innocent victim of a coordinated media smear.  It ultimately leads to this:

I approached Boose as they parted and told him in no uncertain terms that I did not appreciate him calling my friend a racist. I tapped on his chest as I let him know that I have been in this business twice as long as he and I don’t play gotcha with reporters.

For his careless and aggressive reporting, Boose is now banned from covering the Paladino for Governor campaign. We have informed WGRZ that they remain invited to cover our crusade to take back Albany – but Boose is not welcome anywhere near Carl Paladino.

Goodbye, Josh Boose. We hardly knew ye.

He has now banned WNYMedia, Jim Heaney of The Buffalo News and Josh Boose of WGRZ from covering the campaign.  I suppose we can cover it, we just don’t get to ask any questions or interact with the candidate.  It would appear the criteria for being banned is writing anything critical or factual about Carl.  Anything written or broadcast about his tens of millions of dollars of business with the State of New York, the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has donated to Democratic political candidates, his lifelong registration as a Democrat, his extra-marital affair, his “bonus” child, his hobby of forwarding illegal pornography and racist imagery to people in the community or his lack of an actual platform…all of this is a ticket out of the circle of trust.

It’s also fascinating that Carl is turning into the Soup Nazi of gubernatorial candidates.  He demands that we ask our polite questions (which he deems acceptable), move to the left and not engage in any analysis or further debate.


WGRZ is in a tough spot, they have a responsibility to inform the public, but they can’t let public figures dictate terms to them.  They can state that a candidate doesn’t get to choose his reporter or tone of coverage and no longer cover Carl’s campaign.  Or, they can send Boose out to every Paladino event and point out that Carl won’t “answer tough questions”.  If you’ve been watching WGRZ News for any amount of time, I’m pretty sure you can figure out which choice they’ll make.

At this rate, the only people left to cover Carl’s campaign will be Carl’s official campaign blogger Howard Goldman (a former WNYMedia blogger) and tea party activist/Paladino campaign supporter Rus Thompson…oops, he’s also a WNYMedia blogger.

The other part of this email from Caputo that is interesting is the constant change in campaign tactics on the email fiasco.  To the public, writ large, Paladino admits that he forwarded the emails, without qualification, and has apologized numerous times.

Inside his own camp of obedient supporters, he still maintains he “allegedly” forwarded emails and that this is a coordinated effort by Brian Higgins and the “liberal media elite” to tear him down.  This internal communication is subtle confirmation bias and wagon circling for his base.

Let’s be clear, Carl sent emails featuring a video of a horse performing anal sex on a woman to completion and several emails featuring racial slurs and imagery.  These were NOT sent to a small group of close friends, they were sent to hundreds of people, repeatedly, over ten years.  The people on the list were public figures, media personalities, business leaders and elected officials.  Occam’s Razor moment for Carl, one of the hundreds of people to whom you sent those emails found your new allegiance to the Republican Party and Conservative values to be hypocritical and sent them on to the media.

It’s just the way it is.