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Salerno Jingles Cookies

5 Dec

In a cruel twist, Keebler has mucked with what is one of my favorite holiday traditions…the eating by the dozens of Jingles cookies by Salerno.

Keebler bought out the regional cookie maker a few years back and absorbed all of their excellent recipes, including the beloved anise flavored Jingle.   After a few years, they sold off Salerno and kept only one brand…Jingles.  Oddly enough, they did not actually keep the traditional recipe, just the brand name.  It would appear that Keebler was more interested in the brand than the actual product.

Thus, when I asked Mrs. Geek to pick up a box of Jingles for the house, I was presented with what amounts to a mockery of a holiday tradition.  The Keebler version of Jingles is a weak interpretation of the slightly soft and chewy traditional Jingle cookie with the excessive amount of red and green sprinkles and the overdose of anise.  For all the talk about a “War on Christmas“, I think Messrs. O’Reilly and Gibson need to turn their Conservative Christmas Army on the cookie industry and fight for the right of chubby guys in Buffalo to eat a proper Jingle cookie.

Seriously, who can enjoy such a cheap knockoff of a classic holiday tradition?  If Santa knew, he’s undoubtedly be pissed.