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Kevin J. Hosey

24 Feb
Photograph by Val Dunne

Kevin Hosey, Mensch

Let me tell you about Kevin Hosey.  He and his wife, Val Dunne, are friends of mine.

At the beginning of 2010, Kevin was working for the Democratic majority in the Erie County Legislature.  He had worked his butt off throughout 2009 ensuring that the legislature maintained its Democratic majority, and his hard work paid off.  Despite some setbacks, the Democrats maintained their majority.

Yet at the reorganization meeting after election day, Kevin, who was Democrats’ Director of Communication, found himself jobless. Kevin wasn’t tied in with the Pigeon-Grassroots-Collins alliance that created the so-called “reform coalition”, so he was out. Summarily.

Buffalo is not exactly the most fecund job market in the world for a writer, journalist, or editor.  Nonplussed, Kevin set about finding another job, finally landing a position in October 2010 as the Managing Director of the YMCA of WNY.  His supervisor had called me, and I gave him a stellar recommendation.  Not only is Kevin a hard worker who is diligent, punctual, organized, and efficient, but he’s one of the nicest guys connected to local politics in Buffalo – any party, anywhere.

Yet the position with the Y only lasted a short time, and Kevin now finds himself again looking for work.  This is a fundamentally unfair turn of events.

Without getting into more detail, the way in which Kevin was shoved out of both jobs is, to my mind, inexplicably and needlessly cruel.  I told him I would do this post to help him in the hopes that one of you might know of something. Writing, editing, PR, radio – he can do it.

I have posted his resume below, and if you know of any positions locally for which Kevin might be qualified, please feel free to share, post to Facebook, Twitter (and follow him there), or contact him either directly, or through me at this address. Thank you for your help with this. I really appreciate it.