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Kristen Becker: Dykotomy Kickstarter

11 Sep


Local comedian Kristen Becker has worked tirelessly help improve, enhance, and grow Buffalo’s comedy scene. She is almost single-handedly responsible for bringing the Helium Comedy Club to town, which features big-name comics on a weekly basis. 

Now, she’s taking time out to do a more personal project, and she’s set up a Kickstarter to help fund it. Here is the thumbnail explanation of “Dykotomy”

Dykotomy is a film 12 years in the making. What started as an idea to document a tour with the Dykes of Hazard Comedy tour and the relationship history of comedian Kristen Becker has evolved into a full-fledged discussion of sexuality. You see, while Becker is an out gay woman, all of her exes are now involved or married to men. ALL. OF. THEM. This got her to thinking that there might be a story there. Many exes have agreed to be interviewed on film. There are some perks to this.

1.Onscreen chemistry? Check! These are all former girlfriends that Becker is still friends with!

2. Traveling from one geographic location to another (Massachusetts to Louisiana) allows us to get a wide range of perspectives from a very diverse group of lesbians. Do couples in states where marriage equality is legal act differently? Why do people choose to live in states where there isn’t marriage equality? Things of that nature.

3. COMEDY! Let’s not forget that the core of this is a stand-up tour. Expect fun clips from shows and post hangouts in “Uncle Jessie” (the 1986 conversion van that is a character in itself).

Follow the link below and please consider helping to fund this project. 

Night of The Living Douche

31 Oct

Kristen Becker and the other talented comedians at BuffaloComedy.com have been tearing it up lately.  This week’s featured video is called “Night of The Living Douche”, a riff on classic zombie movies and features local talent Rick Matthews.


Seriously, if you haven’t been following the development of the local comedy scene, you are missing out.  Becker’s weekly Doin’ Time Comedy Showcase at Nietzsche’s is a training ground for Buffalo’s up and coming comedians.  There are several young talents in Buffalo who are helping to make Buffalo a national destination for touring comedians.  Support the shows and the Buffalo Comedy site, we need a better sense of humor about ourselves in this town.