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One Day

3 Nov

Tomorrow is the day. The smart money says Obama’s got it in the bag.

Nate Silver:

However, Obama’s win percentage has ticked upward again for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he’s gotten some relatively good numbers out of Pennsylvania since our last update, with PPP and Zogby giving him leads of 8 and 14 points, respectively, and Rasmussen shttp://buffalopundit.wnymedia.net/blogs/wp-admin/post-new.phphowing his lead expanding to 6 points after having been at 4 before. (The Zogby poll is probably an outlier, but may serve to balance out outliers like Strategic Vision on the other side).

Secondly, McCain’s clock has simply run out. While there is arguable evidence of a small tightening, there is no evidence of a dramatic tightening of the sort he would need to make Tuesday night interesting.

Busloads of people from Western New York are now in Ohio to get out the vote, because the race has been tighter there – and Ohio is more susceptible to hijinks – than elsewhere in the area. Phonebanks to GOTV are still being held at the Polish Cadets Hall with calls being made to battleground states to ensure that people know where and when to vote, and that they know their rights. You can even make GOTV calls from the comfort of your own home.

On the Mesi, Stachowski, and Kryzan races, you can do lit drops or phonebanks for them, as well. Yesterday, the Republicans threw a dirty trick at Mesi by doing a robo-call during the Bills game that was designed to inflame people’s anger. Don’t let them and their cynical, bigoted bullshit win.

This has been one of the strangest, longest campaign cycles I’ve seen and I’ll be rather relieved when it’s over.

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