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Congressman-elect Eric Massa

22 Nov

It’s official (finally). Massa declared victory yesterday in the extremely tight congressional race in NY-29, and incumbent Republican Randy Kuhl conceded.

I get the sense from Kuhl’s statement that he’s relieved not to have to go back to Congress and deal with ZOMG DEPRESSION!@#@!@. Massa, I gather, is pretty excited to deal with that very issue.

As an aside – “Amherst Guy” imagines what will happen to upstate’s Congressional districts after the 2010 Census.

Kuhl-Massa Race Still Pending

14 Nov

The vote in NY-29 was exquisitely close, so the counting of absentee ballots begins, as does the recanvass of the voting machines.

Part of the court’s order is quite amusing:

The campaigns are not to send rabid, bitter, untrained, unsophisticated partisans to participate in this process.

The Albany Project recounts (pun intended) how Kuhl ran an almost paranoid campaign, shunning open forums, debates, and getting belligerent with people he perceived to be against him. Seems to be a sort of local Republican M.O. now.

Dear Randy Kuhl:

22 Oct

Go f*ck yourself.

Love, BP


Vote Eric Massa. Website : ActBlue page.