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Hardline: Last Sunday Before Election Day Edition

31 Oct

Sunday from 10am – 12pm on WBEN AM-930, tune in to Hardline.  Dave Debo’s in-studio guests will include:
10:00 am: Alice Kryzan, Bill Kindel & Barry Weinstein, running for Amherst Supervisor

10:45 am: Hamburg Supervisor candidates Dennis Gaughan, Patti Michalek and incumbent Steve Walters

11:30 am:   Lancaster/Elma/Marilla county legislature candidates Dino Fudoli & Diane Terranova
My first question to Dino Fudoli:  Why did you fight so hard to keep your opponent off the ballot?
Note that on Friday, appellate orders did the following:

Michael Abramo on IP Comptroller line.  Diane Terranova stays on Democratic line, Konst back on IP line, no one on Conservative or WFP. (Konst had the Conservative endorsement, Fudoli has Republican and Taxpayers First).

The Debo Debates

24 Oct


On Hardline this Sunday, Dave Debo will host more debates between candidates running for office in Erie County.

At 10, 2 newcomers who want to represent West Seneca in the Erie County Legislature: Christine Bove (D) and Brian Wirth (R).

At 10:30, Incumbent Tonawanda Legislator Michelle Iannello (D) and challenger Kevin Hardwick (R) will be in studio

From 11-12 noon: Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard and challenger Capt. John Glascott

That’s Hardline, The WBEN politics program, this Sunday from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN.

If it's Sunday, It's Hardline with Dave Debo

13 Sep

Hardline this week is all about the Tuesday primaries. First at ten, a preview of some of the races outside the city, a look at new voting machines and a look at some ballot turmoil in the Independence Party, with Erie County Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr.

Also on the program a reporter’s roundtable with Luke Moretti from News 4 Buffalo. And then at 11, in a show that could have been a full debate,  Buffalo Mayoral candidate Michael Kearns joins moderator Dave Debo for the hour. That’s Hardline, WBEN’s politics program, Sunday from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN.

Kevin Hardwick For County Legislator

6 Jul


In the fall of 1992, I was an idealistic freshman at Canisius College.  As an active volunteer for the Clinton/Gore campaign, I was excited to cast my first vote for President in November.  I was certain that voting Republican was pretty close to killing kittens on the ethical scale and I wasn’t really open to hearing any different.  You remember how you knew it all back in college?  Yeah, me too.

And then I met a professor who changed the way I thought about politics and government.  His name was Dr. Kevin Hardwick.  After some introductory chatter between the Professor and the students, it was clear that Dr. Hardwick was of a Republican political bent and very interested in how we each came to our particular spot on the electoral spectrum.

Over the course of two semesters, he spoke reverently about American government and politics.  His respect for the country was impressive and his knowledge obvious.  Slowly, I came to adopt some newly found critical thinking muscles about politics that I hadn’t really exercised to that point.  Kevin never advocated a particular ideology, he simply encouraged us to look at things from uncomfortable angles and new viewpoints.

While I still voted for Clinton in 1992, I have always tried to keep an open mind and to never be a reactionary party ideologue.  My politics is a mix of principles from across the spectrum and I try to always look at each candidate and issue from as many angles as possible.  I like to feel that I’m of no party and evaluate each candidate on their merits.  I’d like to think that has a lot to do with spending two semesters under the tutelage of Dr. Hardwick who has had hundreds, if not thousands, of students pass through his doors over the years.

When he informed me that he was running for County Legislature this year, I was excited to support him.  I’ve never been a particular fan of his opponent and I think Dr. Hardwick brings a level of experience, knowledge and maturity to a governing body which has lacked many of those qualities in recent memory.

There are those who might disregard him due to party affiliation, but Kevin is exactly the kind of guy we need in the legislature if we hope to build a better community.  He has a record of cutting costs, consolidating government and realizing efficiencies in his previous elected positions and he’s currently recommending several ways to cut costs and make government less partisan and more efficient.

I hope you’ll give consideration to Dr. Hardwick as he ramps us his campaign.  He is posting videos to YouTube, charming as they are in their lack of production quality, it’s pretty straight forward stuff.

If it’s Sunday, It’s Hardline with Dave Debo

26 Jun

There’s a change coming in the way we vote.

Erie County Elections Commissioners Ralph Mohr and Dennis Ward join host Dave Debo Sunday at 10am for WBEN’s weekly politics program. They’ll talk of a new nationwide pilot project for unique voting machines… and in light of the power struggle in Albany, it’ll be a chance to look at election funding and their challenge to Tom Golisano’s Responsible New York. They’ll also have the latest on power sharing in the NY State Senate.

Then at 11…Your calls as part of a roundtable on Health Care Reform. Guests include Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania, (Speaker Pelosi’s point person on the Democrat’s current plan), and Dr. Michael Cropp the CEO of Independent Health, among others. That’s Hardline from 10 to Noon… Sunday on Newsradio 930 WBEN.

If it’s Sunday, it’s Hardline with Dave Debo

19 Jun

This week on Hardline, interviews with former State Senator Mary Lou Rath and Brenda Ericson of the National Conference of State Legislatures start things off at 10. Then it’s off to Albany for your phone calls with reporter Alexis Cukan for the balance of the hour.

At 11– New York State Senator George Maziarz takes your calls… and the invitation is out to some of the top ranking Democrats in the Senate as well.

That’s Hardline, this Sunday from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN.

If It’s Sunday, it’s Hardline with Dave Debo

12 Jun

This week on Hardline, Congressman Chris Lee takes your calls at 10. Everything from gasoline prices to airline regulation and autoworker pensions will be on the table.

Dave will discuss the latest on the state Senate’s coup in Albany, too.

At 11, Hardline political analysis from the chairmen of Erie County’s Republican and Democratic parties. Jim Domagalski and Len Lenihan join host Dave Debo at 11.

That’s Hardline Sunday from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN

If it’s Sunday, It’s Hardline with Dave Debo

6 Jun

While Hardwick’s on hiatus, dropping lit in Tonawanda,
I still like to listen to a show I’m rather fond of.
Debo’s at the microphone on Sunday at ten,
talking teabags, taking phone calls at WBEN.
This week, his first guest, will be Rus Thompson.
They’ll be talking tea parties – relevant, or all done?
Then, at eleven, he’ll talk with Chris Collins.
The control board went soft, so a whole new era begins.
Now Collins gets his salary, and money can get spent,
Debo takes your phone calls, you can air your discontent.

That’s Hardline, WBEN’s in depth weekly look at WNY politics. This Sunday, from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN.

If It’s Sunday, It’s Hardline with Dave Debo

29 May

This week on Hardline, join host Dave Debo for a look at the size of local government.

At 10am, regionalism advocate and “The Cost” proponent Kevin Gaughan will discuss downsizing votes in West Seneca and Evans. Also… Is the Erie County Legislature too big? Martha Lamparelli, the chair of the latest county commission recommending a cut in the number of lawmakers will be hear at 11am, along with Lynn Marinelli, the chair of the legislature.

That’s Hardline, WBEN’s in depth weekly look at WNY politics. This Sunday, from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN.

No word yet on whether Dave will be running for county leg anytime soon. 😉

If It’s Sunday, it’s Hardline sans Hardwick

22 May

Although the good perfesser has taken leave of his Sunday morning WBEN duties to do battle with Michele Iannello, the show must go on.

And go on it will, with WBEN news reporters like Dave Debo, Barbara Burns, Steve Cichon, and others taking over the reins. These guys are reporters more than they are analysts or commentators, so the way they approach the program will be, well newsier.

Maybe there’ll even be a Russert-like cross-examination of guests who start talking nonsense.

So, this Sunday at 10am, WBEN’s Dave Debo will be hosting Hardline, and he’ll speak with the unfortunately named New York Post columnist Fred U. Dicker on the 2010 gubernatorial race, (aka “Paterson blowout ’10”), and former AG Dennis Vacco will be Dave’s in-studio guest. Vacco is the last upstater to win a statewide office, and they’ll chat about Collins’ chances elsewhere in the state, Paterson’s weakness, and how can the state GOP basically defibrillate itself.

During the 11:00 hour, Debo will be joined by Assemblyman Jack Quinn (R-Hamburg), who will provide excruciating detail about the dysfunctional sausagemaking that takes place in Albany. Finally, Erie County veteran services director Patrick Welch will wrap things up to talk Memorial Day.

That’s Hardline… WBEN’s politics program, Sunday from 10 to noon on Newsradio 930 WBEN .

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Dave Debo, he offers this bio:

I’m a registered voter without any party: a blank who was once a constituent caseworker on staff with Daniel Patrick Moynihan back in my college days, before starting a journalism career that has meant work for NPR, Fox News Channel in DC, Business First of Buffalo, and a slew of other outlets including a stint as talk show host for the defunct, long-lost often missed all-news public radio station WEBR.

(BTW – if I had any photoshop skillz whatsoever, I would have tried to “erase” Professor Hardwick’s face from that picture like Stalin would erase purged party comrades from photographs. Instead, I went for silly.)