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LeRoy High School: No Photo!

30 Jan

Over the weekend, the LeRoy story about high school kids suddenly developing unexplained Tourettes-like symptons took a strange turn. Some of the families have retained the services of Erin Brockovich, who consults with personal injury / environmental tort law firm Weitz & Luxenburg, among others. (You may know Weitz & Luxenburg as being the firm for which Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver works).  

The Brockovich team was on hand over the weekend to take soil and water samples from the general area around the high school, and brought the media along to watch & inquire. The school district, however, appears to be overreacting to this, playing hardball with respect to the small town media circus this is becoming. Howard Owens from the Batavian comments

[Brockovich investigator Bob] Bowcock was told by [LeRoy Central School District rep Bill] Albert that he could walk the grounds, just like any other citizen in Le Roy, but could not take soil samples, and the media would not be allowed on the grounds. Albert said that while members of the media were citizens, they could not go on the property while acting in capacity as media, even though numerous Supreme Court cases have not drawn a distinction between a “person” and a “corporate entity” (most recently Citizens United) for the purpose of First Amendment rights.

School property is public property and public access cannot be denied so long as it does not disrupt the educational purpose of the campus.

The media was on site during non-school hours and there was no evidence of educational activity. To label the media presence as “criminal activity” is beyond ludicrous.

Ludicrous indeed.  But not because of the distinction between a “person” and any other legal entity, but because if a person has the right to traverse the property, a person with a camera has the right to photograph them, and a person with a microphone has a right to question them. The school district’s reaction to all of this is likely guided by overprotective counsel, but is fast becoming comical. The environment at the school could quite possibly hold the key to this outbreak of an unknown malady, and the school should be welcoming additional investigators and scrutiny – not lobbing Soviet-era threats as if this is some military secret. 

The LeRoy High School isn’t Area 51, and the families of kids who go there have a right to be 100% sure they’re not learning trigonometry and science on top of an environmental catastrophe. 

When Hypersensitive Republican Trolls Call the Cops

15 Nov

On October 27th, Genesee County Democratic Committeeman Chris Charvella posted this to his “Rural Democrats” blog:

A certain legislator from Genesee County, let’s pretend his name is Sharome Glasshole, is also the Genesee County republican ‘sign guy.’  Yesterday when I got to work, there was a Mike Ranzenhofer sign in the lawn in front of the flower shop next door to my place of business.  Most people don’t know that the company I work for owns the flower shop property as well and the only person in the company who would authorize a political sign on either property would be…you guessed it, me.

Now, there’s no way to be sure who put the sign there, but we can certainly make an educated guess or two.

So, to the Genesee County ‘sign guy’ and the Ranzenhofer campaign:  The next time I see an unauthorized sign go up in front of a commercial property, I’m going to harvest the damn thing, march straight down to republican headquarters and cram it up the first ass I see.

Republican Genesee County Legislator, Ranzenhofer hack, and sock-puppeted internet troll Jerome Grasso is the “sign guy” to whom Charvella refers in that post as “Sharome Glasshole”.

A few days later, “Glasshole” paid an uninvited visit to Charvella’s own home:

I had to stop by my house this afternoon to conduct a little personal business.  When I pulled up I saw a Mike Ranzenhofer sign on my lawn; obviously I hadn’t ordered one up from the Genesee County Republican Committee.  So I chuckled and walked over to pull it.  As I got closer I noticed that someone had written a personal message on it.

Written in blue pen across the top right-hand side of the sign was this: ‘Courtesy of Sharome Glasshole.’

The post goes on to accuse Grasso of being a deadbeat, a hack, a dirty cop, and a troll with too much time on his dirty hands.  It ends with a picture of the creepy-looking Rape Ewok bearing the legend “prepare your anus”, in reference to what Charvella had he’d do with any Ranzenhofer signs he’d find.

On election day, Charvella left a voice mail for Grasso:

‘Hello Jerome.  Chris Charvella calling.  It’s nice to know you read my blog.  Have a nice day.’

This past weekend, Grasso had Charvella arrested for “aggravated harassment” The Batavian has the story here.

From the jury instruction on that charge:

a person is guilty of Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree when, with intent to harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person, he or she intentionally and repeatedly harasses another person by following such person in or about a public place or places or by engaging in a course of conduct or by repeatedly committing acts which places such person in reasonable fear of physical injury.

Maybe Grasso shouldn’t have placed lawn signs for Senate failure Mike Ranzenhofer without permission, and maybe Grasso shouldn’t have (allegedly) trespassed on Charvella’s property to send him a message.  Did Grasso really think that Charvella would ram a Ranzenhofer sign up his ass, or retain the services of the rape Ewok to do it for him? I’m just saying.