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News You Can Use

12 May

In case you’re not paying attention, there is a widget on my sidebar that you should be following.  It’s links to news, information, studies, reports, videos and other information that I think is interesting.  You should subscribe to the feed and read it, because I find good internets.

Also, if I had all the time in the world, each of these links would turn into awesome blog posts here, but I have a job and whatnot and can’t spend all my time entertaining you people.  So, go read the articles and be less dumb.


The Case Against Elena Kagan

Democrats around the country worked extremely hard to elect a Democratic President, a huge majority in the House, and 59 Democratic Senators — only to watch as the Supreme Court is moved further to the Right?

The Feds vs. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs isn’t dead – far from it. But this new SEC suit officially places it at the center of a raging national discussion about the hopelessly fucked state of American business ethics.

The Global Crisis Of Legitimacy

In the United States, we see a predictable process. With the unease over elites intensifying, the political elite is trying to stabilize the situation by attacking the financial elite. It is doing this to both demonstrate that the political elite is distinct from the financial elite and to impose the consequences on the financial elite that the impersonal system was unable to do. There is precedent for this, and it will likely achieve its desired end: greater control over the financial system by the state and an acceptable moral tale for the public.

Social Mobility and Inequality: Upper Bound

Between 1947 and 1973, the typical American family’s income roughly doubled in real terms. Between 1973 and 2007, however, it grew by only 22%—and this thanks to the rise of two-worker households.

Climategate Claptrap

At last! The controversy is over. It turns out the “scientific” claims promoted for decades by whiny self-righteous liberals were a lie, a fraud, a con–and we don’t need to change after all. The left is humiliated; the conservatives are triumphant and exultant.  The year is 1954, and the “science” that has been exposed as a “sham” by conservatives is the link between smoking and lung cancer. Welcome to Tobaccogate, as Fox News would call it.

Daily Commentary and Links

29 Apr
  • loves when contractors are late to give estimates for huge projects. Not getting off on the right foot to be 35 min late #
  • when I see a guy driving a hummer, I’m filled with the desire to pull him over and punch him in the dick. #
  • dems will soon have a senate supermajority which they’ll use to continually disappoint progressives. #
  • Essentially, the Dems traded Zell Miller and future considerations for Arlen Specter and a 5th round pick. I think the Dems win that one #
  • Laughing at: Watch Fox News Get Progressively More Unhinged “YouTube – 100 Days of “Fair & Balanced”” ( http://tinyurl.com/cg4mhk ) #
  • what’s your cutoff time for lawn mowing or chainsawing? Guy next door is a 9PM cutoff, which annoys the shit out of me. #
  • I’m about to blow it out with posts on the Obama presser. Unfollow if u don’t care. #100 days #
  • measured tone on the swine flu. He has been tested like Job in the first #100 days #
  • can’t wait for the slew of mediocre questions from the tepid WH press corps that will fail to break any new ground. #100days. #
  • Would be so much better if outlets sent subject matter experts to these events rathe than high level generalists like Chuck Todd #100days #
  • Planning for pandemic without panic. The right tone tho righties will still says he’s fearmongering.. #100days #
  • wash your hands, Hannity is gonna use that against him somehow. #100days #
  • good question from the Detroit News. Hopefully he keeps calling on reporters who can ask solid questions. #
  • I like the idea of a monthly presser. Keeps people involved in politics and government. #100days #
  • Jake Tapper put his big boy pants on tonight! Xcellent question on torture. Gets Obama to give a great answer. #
  • “enhanced interrogation techniques” means asking questions in funny hats. what we did was torture. Language is important. #
  • Chuck Todd wants to move to Pakistan. Hopefully, he’ll take the rest of the WH press corps with him #
  • He didn’t say torture worked, what he said is that using whether we get info from torture is not a justification for doing it. #100days #
  • I’d like to thank Chip Reid for reading the RNC talking points and reformulating them as a question. #100days #
  • shorter Obama: I was surprised by what a fucking disaster Bush left me with. #
  • If I had one question to ask tonight:: “Are you a socialist muslim sleeper agent here to steal our guns?” I’d make a mint as a right wing f #
  • WaPo asking a question on state secrets. too bad @glenngreenwald didn’t get to ask it properly. #
  • The WSJ guy is a dick. Snarky, condescending questions have no place in the WH. #
  • I’ll bet “Lie To Me” was waaaaay better than staying informed about our country #foxasshats #