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Maziarz’s LuLu

31 Jan

Senator George Maziarz (R-Newfane) is a vocal opponent of out-of-control state spending. He has served in the senate since 1995.

Last week, the new Republican senate majority appointed him its President Pro Tempore. With it comes an extra $34,000 in his annual paycheck of $79,500 – a benefit referred to in Albany as a “lulu“.

Often referred to as “lulus,” the list of monetary perks for legislators is ridiculously long. They’re all spelled out in the state’s Legislative Law, Article 2, Section 5(a). In the Senate, there are nearly 90 stipends listed totaling almost $1.3 million annually. The Assembly has almost 110 posts paying out a collective $1.5 million.

Will Senator Maziarz remain consistent with his opposition to state spending and reject the extra pay for a largely ceremonial post? I’ll let you know if and when he responds.