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Parking Spots Are For Proles

20 Sep

When Carl Paladino goes shopping at the Eastern Hills Mall, he doesn’t have to park in actual “spots” like the rest of us rubes. Because he is a very wealthy and important person – far wealthier and more important than you or I, dear reader – he has a special license that permits him to park wherever he wants.  Although we must give Mr. Paladino credit for not occupying a spot reserved for the infirm and disabled, understand that he is,  by dint of his awesomeness, allowed to park even closer to the door than the infirm and disabled

The person who posted this picture relates that she objected to Lord Paladino, as she saw him walk towards the mall, and that he replied that she should mind her business. 

This person is not a nice person. 

Main Place Mall – It’s Failtastic!

1 Jun

Becky from Clarence Grad 72 took a trip to the Main Place Mall, and posted some pics and some reminiscences. The only thing I think of whilst strolling through the Main Place Mall is that it needs the Aud Treatment®. Just rip it down.

In any event, this made me laugh:

The “All About Buffalo” icon upstairs looks rather lonely, like “I stepped out of the nickel for this??”

Buffalo Niagara Product Placement

12 Oct

Certainly travelers from Canada come in their thousands across the border to see our scenic shopping malls and Target plazas, buy some tchotchkes and get the hell out of dodge. It would, indeed, be beyond intelligent and one of those oh-gee-why-haven’t-we-been-doing-this-for-decades kind of ideas to put a visitor’s center in the Walden Galleria to encourage shoppers to actually check out some of the other attractions we have – even shopping-related ones. Just like a day-tripper to Toronto may bypass Queen West for the Yorkdale Mall, many Canadians bypass East Aurora for Target.

It is very nice of Macy’s to offer to set up and run a satellite CVB office in the Walden Galleria, but in the customer service section? The place where you go to make returns, go to the bathroom, or pay your Macy’s credit card?

The CVB has a budget, and the mall has kiosks. It would seem to me to be a better idea to put a visitor’s kiosk somewhere on the first floor in a relatively visible spot – much like the new Dippin’ Dots stand. That way, you’re guaranteed foot traffic.

So, it’s all very nice but could probably be exponentially more effective.