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The Reform Coalition's Unique Meritocracy

13 Jan

The Erie County Legislature’s so-called “reform coalition” today solidified its reformist bona fides with a very bold, reformist, non-patronage, wholly meritorious new hire.

Welcome to the staff of the Erie County Legislature, James Cerroni, Jr.

Mr. Cerroni most recently worked for David Pfaff, who is a longtime Steve Pigeon associate who is currently Director of Upstate Relations for embattled kleptocrat Pedro Espada, Jr., (D-Mamaroneck Bronx). Mr. Cerroni was Pfaff’s assistant as recently as late November 2009, earning $1441 every two weeks to do whatever it is (.pdf) that Pedro Espada and his counsel, Steve Pigeon, wanted him to do in Buffalo.

Sources say that Mr. Cerroni is registered to vote at Mr. Pigeon’s mother’s house, which is where Angela Irvin, the titular head of Pigeon’s “Citizens for Fiscal Integrity” PAC was also registered to vote. You’ll recall from that Artvoice article that CFI received a $20,000 donation from the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, and $11,000 from former County Executive Joel Giambra.

I heartily applaud the reform coalition for truly retaining the best and brightest of Western New York to do the people’s work at the Erie County Legislature. Obviously, the chances of real, fundamental reform grow daily.

Perhaps the county executive can rescind his decision to move county-run clinics to the non-profit sector locally, and instead cut to the chase and simply retain the services of Soundview Management Enterprises to run them, instead.