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Republicans Fight to Guarantee Your Right to Contract Cervical Cancer

13 Sep

Last night, the Republican candidates for President held a debate sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party Express.

As with all prior Republican presidential debates, I power-ignored it. I ignored it with extreme prejudice. I couldn’t have possibly ignored it more. There isn’t a chance in hell I’ll ever cast a vote for someone who panders to the Tea Party types, so there’s hardly a point in watching these spectacles – these battles to see who hates science more, who is the strongest believer in the  notion that the world is 4,000 years old, who hates Obama most, etc.

But watching CNN this morning, they’re un-raveling last night’s performance, and two exchanges stand out.

On the one hand, there was the fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry mandated HPV vaccines for Texas girls, from which parents were able to opt out if they wished. HPV is thought to be the main cause of deadly cervical cancer, and stopping the spread of the virus will clearly save lives. As one might  predict, the Santorum piety wing of the party on the stage hammered Perry for what might very well be the most honorable thing he’s ever done – implemented a state policy to try and save girls’ lives. Santorum and Bachmann in particular were appalled at this “big government” innoculation and fought valiantly for the right of girls to contract a deadly cancer.

To big cheers.

I’d like to thank Bachmann and Santorum – and that audience – for reinforcing why I’m no longer a member of that party.

The other issue is Social Security. Made solvent through 2030, Perry has been going around scaring the living shit out of people paying into the system, calling it a “ponzi scheme” (which implies that it is constantly on the brink of collapse), and proposing to revery the plan to the states.  It’s objectively not a ponzi scheme, and isn’t on the brink of anything. Reverting social security to the states would turn one big bureaucracy into 50 big bureaucracies and hardly makes any sense. But they’ll discuss this sort of rank idiocy on the TV, and the Rush Limbaugh adherents will applaud wildly.

I hate what national politics have become in this country. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I cannot stand the race to the intellectual bottom and the cretin-pandering. We need a second enlightenment.

Promoting cancer and scaring seniors, and reneging on a social contract engaged in by every American? It’s downright sickening.

The Voice of Evil

15 Jul

You know, I have found in my life that oftentimes the most virulently hateful homophobes – the ones who are downright obsessed by the topic and bring it up day in and day out – are, in fact, quite unsure of their own sexuality. You know, the people who continually harp about how the Bible says that being gay is an abomination – just like eating shellfish – and quote obscure scripture passages, talk about how the gays are trying to recruit young people and destroy institutions like marriage.

Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, was a topic of conversation on yesterday’s Shredd & Ragan show, and they played the audio from the video shown below.  The topic being discussed is Marcus Bachmann’s downright evil and psychologically damaging “clinic” that he ran to try and cure gay people of being attracted to people of the same sex.


Yes, he just likened teenage kids who are confused and possibly homosexual to “barbarians”.  It’s not hard enough being a teen, or learning who you are in this world, with a body raging with hormones and confusion – you need some self-righteous bastard who’s in deep, deep denial to “cure” you of something that isn’t a disease.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying.