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“New York Revolution” Goes Eliminationist

15 Sep

This was found at this Facebook page around lunchtime on Monday September 15th. 


I have no words for this. 

This “New York Revolution” group had the support of Republican challenger for the SD-62 (Maziarz, incumbent) seat, Gia Arnold. 

Excremism and Terrorism

23 Mar

During the past few days, bricks have been thrown through the windows of the Monroe County Democratic Committee’s Headquarters, and that of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s Niagara Falls district office.

Vandalism in the name of teabaggery is just a bit of harmless fun, right? A misdemeanor, tops. Hardly worth the police effort.

But it turns out that these acts weren’t mere vandalism. They were homegrown, semi-literate acts of terrorism.

(Updated)*: The brick thrown through Slaughter’s office window was accompanied by a recorded phone message stating,

Assassinate is the word they used…toward the children of lawmakers who voted yes

The brick thrown through the Monroe Democratic Committee’s HQ window was accompanied by this note:

Apparently, the terrorist brick-throwing (what else do you call it when it’s accompanied by an assassination threat?) was prompted or otherwise egged on by an Alabama-based teabagging site called the “Sipsey Street Irregulars”. Get it? Like a militia. Its author explains his rationale behind calling for these acts:

Wake up and understand what is happening in this country. You need to start listening to people who you think you didn’t have to pay any attention to, because sooner or later they will get your attention,” he says.

The ultimate predictable irony of the whole story is that the author of the Sipsey Street blog is a chap who lives on Social Security Disability. We in the teabagging movement call that a “government handout”.

Nice movement, there.

*I originally wrote that the brick thrown through Slaughter’s office window in the Falls had a note attached to it. In fact, the assassination message was left on the office’s answering machine.