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All About Taxes and Spending. Srsly.

13 Jul

When I was a kid in the 70s, I’d come home from school and one of the shows that would come on channel 5 would be the “Little Rascals”. They don’t show those classic shorts anymore. Thanks to cable TV, there is a glut of contemporary shows geared to kids of all ages. But the Little Rascals may have been progressive for the 30s by letting white kids play with black kids, but I distinctly recall one episode where Stymie was sweating into a pile of flour, and his sweat came out black. In the clip referenced below, “Obama” is depicted by Allen “Farina” Hoskins from the 1930 short “Teacher’s Pet”. (You can see that episode here in its entirety). I think most people would agree that, as far as that show was concerned, what was progressive for the 30s may be considered neanderthal some 70+ years later.

So to bring us around to my point today, Allen Coniglio, a self-appointed “leader” of the Ostrowski wing of the local tea party, sent this around to his small group:

If you do nothing else in your life, you must see this. It may be the funniest thing you ever see. Hurry. They have taken this down half a dozen times but thankfully, someone keeps putting it back up. [link removed]

I won’t embed the video, because it depicts Farina as Obama, makes jokes about Joe Lieberman and the Holocaust, and likens Nancy Pelosi to a whore (she is a powerful woman, after all).

I’ve only been alive for a little more than 40 years, and I can categorically say that I’ve seen literally thousands of funnier things. There’s clearly a reason it gets taken down constantly, and preservation of an 80 year-old copyright isn’t the reason why. This is the same crowd that supports an angry horse-porn aficionado and sender of racist emails whose entire platform consists of being angry.

I think racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism are disgusting and reprehensible. I can’t fathom why or how anyone takes these people seriously. These people are petrified of change, terrified of other people’s ideas, and especially hostile to people who aren’t white males. There’s nothing new about the tea party or its leaders, and the Obama administration has emboldened them to bring their deepest fears and prejudices to the surface.