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Jack Davis Pays $10,000 to Independence Party Operatives in Erie and Monroe Counties

17 Jul

The disbursements for Jack Davis’ campaign are almost as fascinating as his receipts. Let’s home in on two notable inclusions.

Coastal Consulting South
820 South Green Circle
Venice, Florida 34285

That outfit received $1,250 per month, a total of $5,000.

Coastal Consulting at 820 South Green Circle? Yeah, it’s owned by one:

VENICE, FL 34285

And there’s another political consultant whom the Davis campaign has on its payroll.

Blanca Semidey
2 Loring Place
Rochester, New York 14624

Blanca Semidey is using her maiden name. She is otherwise known as Blanca Colon, the wife of Monroe County Independence Party chairman Rafael Colon. She, too, was paid $1,250 per month, a total of $5,000, as a “campaign consultant”.

Why has Jack Davis’ campaign spent $10,000 to Independence Party operatives in Monroe and Erie Counties?

Why are the disbursements listed in such a way as to not be obvious payoffs to the IP?

What promises were made or guarantees given in exchange for the $10,000 in payments to Colon and Orsini?

Why pay these people off if the IP line will be held by Anthony Fumerelle?

Democracy Mocked

15 Feb

The Smugtown Beacon has more lowdown on the selection of a longtime Republican donor to become the public defender in Monroe County. It has also earned a spot on the blogroll.

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