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Sheriff Tim Howard: From Law Enforcement to Law Selection

26 Jul

Howard and Arpaio – two of the worst Sheriffs in America

Has anyone else managed to wrap their head around the fact that Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard isn’t just opposed to the NY SAFE Act, but has pledged to not honor or enforce it in any way? The power of the sheriff is not law selection – to pick and choose which laws to enforce – it is, instead, law enforcement.

It’s altogether possible that Howard has some sort of problem with the way NY SAFE and many other laws are passed or written. If he doesn’t like it, he should run for – and win – a seat on the Assembly or in the Senate.

It’s also possible that Howard thinks that the NY SAFE Act is unconstitutional or that it was hastily passed. To that end, he should have attended law school and then run for – and won – a judicial seat. Be a named plaintiff in the suit to strike it down. Be lead counsel on the case.  But that’s not all – to have a real effect he should have so excelled as a jurist that the governor would appoint him to the Court of Appeals, where the penultimate say would be had on the constitutionality question. Better still, make your way right onto the United States Supreme Court, which has the power of judicial review and to declare what the law is. It is the courts that determine the constitutionality of statutes that legislatures pass – not county sheriffs.

Instead, we have a county sheriff who has donned the mantle of legislator, governor, and Supreme Court Justice. He has unilaterally and extralegally decided that he will not enforce a duly passed law with which he doesn’t agree. This is, frankly, astonishing.

The 40 year-long war on drugs hasn’t been successful, yet Howard continues to enforce our narcotics statutes. Why?

Here’s what Howard says about the state’s new, more restrictive law regarding assault weapons:

January 31, 2013 – Our state already had some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and with the stroke of a pen our State Legislature and Governor made them even more restrictive last month, all in the name of making us safer. I don’t believe for one minute that Governor Cuomo did this to protect us; rather he rammed this bill through for his own personal agenda, so he could be the first out of the gate to thump his chest and say how restrictive gun laws are in New York , thus beating President Obama to the punch.

It is no secret Andrew Cuomo wants to be a presidential candidate in 2016. He took a very emotional event in our nation (the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut) and the unrelated murders of two first responders in Webster, NY and wrapped his constricting gun legislation around them like a bow, hand delivering it to the NYS legislature in a sweeping package that, in my opinion, infringes on every American’s constitutional right to bear arms.

We as citizens never even had an opportunity to respond to the proposed bill with our input; even law enforcement wasn’t consulted on this. In my opinion, this new law is proof of what gun rights people have been saying all along – that registration is a precursor to confiscation. We have landed on a slippery slope allowing the government to start tinkering with our second amendment rights – what comes next?

Well, why bother enforcing even the prior, “toughest gun laws”? Can you believe a local sheriff impugns the motives of the governor and the entire legislature in passing a law in the wake of the tragic massacre of 20 1st graders? Can you believe the way that statement sounds identical to the morningtime rantings of some high school dropout, shut-in, underemployed radio talk-show caller? And what especial knowledge or right does Howard possess to determine that the SAFE Act is violative of the Constitution? That’s a job for the courts, not law enforcement. Instead, Howard has appropriated for himself the unheard-of power of law selection. That’s the only real assault on the Constitution in this case – Howard’s self-appointment to be a co-Governor and court.

“We as citizens” have an opportunity to respond to the proposed bill with this input: don’t vote to re-elect the people who passed it. That’s what you can do. You can protest, you can complain, you can write, you can petition, you can call your legislators, etc. What Howard has done here – making believe that “registration is a precursor to confiscation” – is beyond an outrage. It should be, frankly, grounds for removal. 

Gun registration is not a precursor to confiscation any more than car registration is a precursor to car confiscation.

And Howard’s position isn’t the analogue to some brave Nazi soldier refusing to obey an illegal order. (That analogy has actually been made). No one asked Howard to round up and commit mass-murder of Jews, gays, gypsies, or other groups of people, and making that comparison demeans and cheapens the memories of the millions of victims of the Nazi horror.

Although stylistically different, Howard’s refusal to enforce the laws of this state is no different from what Gilbert, Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is busy doing on YouTube: calling out “libtards” and shooting automatic weapons into trees and mounds of dirt.

Sheriff Tim Howard, who is running for re-election this year, can talk about confiscatory slippery slopes all he wants, but make no mistake that this is precisely what’s going through his head. (Language NSFW)

The Post to Link To When Someone Compares A Politician to Hitler

1 Oct

Longtime commenter Mike in WNY recently likened Obama to Hitler in a thread. When asked how on earth he could make that comparison, he replied:

Hitler rose to a place of prominence in the early years of the party (1919 – 1923) largely as a result of his considerable skills in oratory, organization and promotion….Those are the skills they have in common, as well as a propensity for using those skills to advocate harmful policies.

Here is my catch-all reply – now and forever – to anyone who makes the Hitler comparison and then tries to defend it. Please feel free to make a note of the URL and just insert it whenever somebody pulls this stunt.

You’re equating Hitler – the most murderous and brutal territorial expansionist, racist, genocidal, nationalistic, racial supremacist in the recent history of the world – with Barack Obama, a guy who speaks well, has a good marketing team behind him, and wants to expand health care and other programs for the good of the country.

Comparing Obama to Hitler on the basis of oratory, organization, and disagreement with Obama’s policies is probably among the most ignorant pieces of shit-drivel I’ve ever had the misfortune to read on this site. As if no other example existed of good political organization or oratory. As if no other example existed of good propaganda or the promotion of social democratic programs. Hell, even if you wanted to equate him with contemporary Germany, the Democratic platform is to the fucking right of Germany’s version of the Republicans, the CDU.

Comparing Obama to Hitler betrays a willful and shameless ignorance of history and massive leap into a retarded Godwinism. This is, regrettably, par for the course for eliminationists who are buying into the hysterics of the right wing media, or otherwise speak Becklish.

Here’s what Hitler did:

When they opened the doors in Auschwitz… we didn’t know, we didn’t know anything…. wire, with chimneys smoking, with Germans, and it was only morning. And then these men We only knew we could see it looked like hell, like nothing we had ever seen. With [prisoners] with striped clothes who kept saying – give the babies to the older women. And unfortunately, my mother was only 46, 44, and my mother took a child from a Dutch woman – a young woman who had given birth in prison. She was 22 I think, a beautiful woman…. I had already my mother with a baby, my brother Maecel and me were walking together. And they thought the baby was mine… and I was already going with my mother towards the crematorium right away, when suddenly he [Mengele] shouted I should come back. So my mother also came back. And he said – “You go this way, [and I said] to the left,” you know. So I said no, I don’t want to leave my mother, I want to stay with my mother. And he said: “No, no, no, no, no, you go with the young people and your mother will go with the children. You’re going to a work place, and they’re going to work where its not so hard.” My little brother, my mother and the baby went towards the crematorium, which we didn’t know was the crematorium, we just knew they’re going in a different direction. When I started to cry and wouldn’t go, he took me by the arm and gave me a push – “Go this way!” I didn’t know what was happening, I could only see my father on the right and one brother… and everything went so quick that I didn’t know if I was in a madhouse or if I was seeing reality.

You’re equating Mengele with a public option for health care. Or a bailout of GM. Seriously, the Hitler thing is so fundamentally outrageous and out-of-bounds, that the only rational and reasoned response to it is to tell the person using that comparison with Obama to go fuck himself.

Read a fucking book or two about Nazi Germany – or hell, ANY book about German history – and then get back to me with your Hitler comparisons.

In the meantime, I reject it out-of-hand and can only hope that you educate yourself.

As for Mike in WNY, he’s among the people listed endorsing Chris Collins’ slate of county legislative candidates. If I was Kevin Hardwick or Lynne Dixon or Dino Fudoli, I’d be running – not walking – to distance myself from this kind of ignorant pig’s garbage. But they won’t – they don’t want to piss off the local Glenn Beck bandwagon of dozens.

This kind of thing shows you the depths people will plumb to get elected. It shows you the intellectual compromises people will make to get elected. It reinforces my cynicism in all things political.

If you buy into comparing Obama (or any other contemporary mainstream Democratic or Republican politician) with Hitler, then fuck. you.

Fake Shock of the Day: Nazi’s

6 Aug

Three points:

1) John McCain is absolutely right (from Twitter/Facebook today):

Town hall meetings are an American tradition – we should allow everyone to express their views without disruption – even if we disagree!

Town hall meetings, in my opinion, should look like this:

Freedom of Speech

Being rude and disruptive is obnoxious at best, and detrimental to democracy at worst. Everyone has their say, and then the best idea wins. Disrupting is wrong when Code Pink does it, and wrong when anti-healthcare screamers do it. And whoever pays for Code Pink or the anti-healthcare folks to scream doesn’t matter – money is speech, and the super rich and drug corporations have an equal right to free speech.

2) As Pundit points out, comparisons to Nazi’s should be saved for, well, Nazi’s. Or Slobodan Milosevic. Or other similarly horrible destructive hateful evil-filled institutions. You don’t call someone a Nazi simply because they disagree with you. America works because there is a basic assumption that both Dem’s and R’s love this country and want the best for it – we just disagree on how to get there. Let’s not fuck that up.

3) Having said all that, I threw up a little bit in mouth today watching the shock (SHOCK) from liberal commentators about Nazi allusions from anti-healthcare protestors.

Where was the shock (SHOCK) from these anti-war commentators when their anti-war brethren did the same thing?




Rush is an idiot, and shouldn’t compare Obamacare to Nazism. But where was the shock (SHOCK) during seven years of Bush-Hitler comparisons from the left? I’m going to get pissed if I have to spend the next 4 years pointing out how everything the Left is mad at the Right for doing now, they did themselves while Bush was President.

Nazis Everywhere (Today's Lesson on Totalitarianism)

6 Aug


There is hardly a website discussion or conservative radio talk show host who doesn’t rush to draw a Hitler comparison.  It could just be a manifestation of Obama Derangement Syndrome as a mirror to Bush Derangement Syndrome, but when you invoke Hitler or Nazis in a discussion about contemporary American politics, I think it helps to have a clue what you’re talking about.

Many don’t.

I’ve already repeated several times that I personally find the aforementioned types of Nazi comparisons to be beyond distasteful.  The Nazis ran a totalitarian one-party racialist expansionist dictatorship, and unless the object of the comparison is doing – oh, let’s say one of those things – the comparison shouldn’t be used.  Period.

If you can’t make a contemporary political point without invoking Hitler, it’s probably a point not worth making.

Evidently, there’s at least one local <strike>conservative</strike> cretin of a radio show host who keeps repeating that totalitarianism doesn’t happen overnight.  It creeps up on you.

Actually, historically, it does happen overnight.

Hitler was appointed Chancellor on January 30, 1933.  The Reichstag burned a month later.  A month after that, the constitution was abrogated to enable Hitler to assume dictatorial powers.  In mid-July 1933, all political parties except the NSDAP were banned, and Germany became a one-party state.

When in the past, I have heard people liken, e.g., New York State government to Nazi Germany.  Aside from the obvious hyperbole, my standard mockery of such ridiculousness is to ask the person making the comparison to get back to me when David Paterson starts his “kill all Jews” policy.  At least one person has then criticized me, indicating that Hitler didn’t start killing Jews right away, after all.

That’s true.

But David Paterson did not publish a jailhouse manifesto calling for a solution to the Jewish question, either.

The latest invocation of Hitler has to do with what has hitherto been referred to as rapid response. There’s been a lot of misinformation that’s been spread about the health care plan – seriously, there’s lots to not like about it but it hardly makes sense to make stuff up about it.  So, the White House wants to be able to do rapid response to misinformation.

That’s not the Gestapo.

And I anticipate at least one commenter bringing up the fact that a lot of leftys called Bush Hitler.  That doesn’t make it right, nor does the “Hitlery” crack.  2 wrongs don’t make a right.

6 million people were murdered by the Nazis.  Non-minority German residents lived in fear of the secret police, of the snitching neighbor, of the concentration camps.  This was no joke; no laughing matter.  Knowing what the victims of the Nazis went through, I would seriously implore people to stop dredging up Hitler and the Nazis as shorthand for, “gosh, I really disagree with this federal policy proposal”.

To do otherwise insults the memories of Hitler’s victims.

As an aside, Hitler’s Germany was hardly the most totalitarian state in history.  It was a genocidal totalitarian horror, but in terms of maintaining control over its own populace, Pol Pot’s Kampuchea, Hoxha’s Albania, and the Kims’ DPRK were/are all worse.

Godwin’s Law-esome

29 Apr

Here’s that Robert Saviola show that Amherst Town Board Member Guy Marlette appeared on. Seriously, the best opening montage ever .

HT Mike Wrona

An Era Ending

4 Feb

If there’s anything heartening about this story, it’s that the criminal fugitive died an excruciatingly painful death from rectal cancer. I hope the souls and cries of his victims haunt him for eternity.