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Descent into Madness

11 Jun

Neoconservatives have agitated for bombing Iran because – well, that Ahmadinejad guy is crazy and hates Jews and denies the Holocaust! They want the US to bomb Iran back into the stone age and they want it done yesterday.

(At least Ahmadinejad didn’t open fire inside the Holocaust Museum.)

But Iran is holding an election Friday, and it’s quite probable that the insane jerk Ahmadinejad may lose.

The neocons who told us how awful and dangerous Ahmadinejad is are sad that he may lose.

From TPM Cafe:

At this point no one knows what will happen on Friday. But one thing that becomes clear as the neocons pray for an Ahmadinejad victory: there is no limit to what these people will support or endorse in order to achieve their goal of a civilizational war with Muslims, absolutely nothing. Don’t think they are motivated by love of Israel (which is obviously better off with Ahmadinejad gone). They are motivated solely by hatred of Muslims.

After all, imbecilic idioservatives like Debbie Schlussel blame yesterday’s Holocaust Museum shooting by a Nazi and anti-Semite on, naturally, Islam.

How about this. How about everybody stop shooting or bombing other people because they don’t like the man in the sky the other guy believes in?

I hope Iran elects someone who seeks rapprochement with the rest of the world, is willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist, is willing to withhold support of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, and otherwise paves the way for Iran’s return to normalcy. That’s what I hope for.

Unlikely, but that’s how I roll.

Shorter Buffalo Geek

13 Jan

It’s one thing to be a Republican or a principled conservative.

It’s a whole other thing to be some kind of parroting neoconservative Bush dead-ender.