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Politiks iz eezi

22 Jul

The story so far:

Registered Conservative Don Hobel circulated Democratic nominating petitions to challenge George Maziarz, a Republican, in the 62nd Senate District. Hobel dropped out and has been replaced on the (D) line by registered Republican Brian Grear.

However, Hobel will still challenge Maziarz in a primary on the Conservative line, and Grear will still challenge Maziarz in a primary on the Republican line.

Heads exploding throughout Niagara County declined to comment on the record, citing the sensitivity of these events, but speaking on the condition of anonymity, they said, “BOOM!”

HT Albany Project

Niagara County Voices

14 Jul

Bob Confer: Activist and commentator.
Scott Leffler: Lockport broadcaster
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Niagara Journal: Niagara County political blog

Niagara. It’s more than just a waterfall and fail.