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Kathy Weppner Gets Participation Award

24 Sep

Now that the Erie County Democratic Committee’s biennial re-org shenanigans have devolved into Pigeon/Mazurek self-parody, let’s check up on Kathy Weppner, the very serious candidate for very serious congress

Ms. Weppner took to Twitter and Facebook to tout her 1st place award in the ArgleBargle olympics. Or something. 

She received some sort of press-release-only “award” from a school choice advocate in New Jersey.  For the uninitiated, New Jersey is quite far from here and not at all within the 26th Congressional District. Rabbi Israel Teitelbaum is the head of this “Alliance for Free Choice in Education”, which has one of the reddest, whitest, and bluest webpages in all of the world. 

Rabbi Teitelbaum’s cause is to force taxpayers to fund religious schools under the guise of “school choice”; a clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Under the Supreme Court’s test in Lemon v. Kurtzman, any alleged violation of the Establishment Clause will be determined through a three-prong test: (1) whether the government’s action has a secular or a religious purpose; (2) whether the primary effect of the government’s action is to advance or endorse religion; and (3) whether the government’s policy or practice fosters an excessive entanglement between government and religion.

Handing out taxpayer money to fund religious schools violates all three prongs of the Lemon test; to be unconstitutional, in need only violate one. As Kathy Weppner points out, if we don’t enforce the law, we’ll become a lawless society

So what does western New York’s most unintentionally hilarious candidate do? She accepts an award from a ersatz Constitutionalist group that advocates violating the Constitution. 

The Alliance for Free Choice in Education is pleased and proud to congratulate Kathy Weppner, Republican & Conservative candidate for the House of Representatives from New York’s 26th District, for leading the battle to restore Constitutional Government. She joined candidates from across the country who visited the new nonpartisan website [omitted], and took the pledge to do all she can in support of the Constitution, beginning with lower taxes, individual-controlled healthcare and parental choice in education.

So, in order to get this “congratulations”, all Weppner had to do was scour the internet for some cockamamie pledge to take – a pledge not to her putative constituents, but to a particular special interest group that seeks to starve the public schools and subsidize religion with taxpayer money

The site was recently developed by the New Jersey based Alliance to provide the ways and means for citizen candidates to identify themselves as champions of the Constitution, and where voters may meet them, vet them and support them.

While the site is nonpartisan, its mission is to restore Constitutional government by identifying and supporting those who are truly committed to the Constitution and its clearly-defined limited powers. Although most Americans profess to support the Constitution, and every public official takes an oath to do so, a plain reading of the Constitution’s opening paragraph – the Preamble – does not resemble twenty-first-century America.

What’s great about that passage is that the Preamble has absolutely no legal effect.  It’s an introduction.  

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The Constitution has been our founding document for over 200 years, and some obscure Rabbi in New Jersey has declared that it bears no resemblance to contemporary American society, and Weppner touts this as totally cool.  So, what the hell are these people talking about? 

One-million-four-hundred-thousand gang members roaming the streets of American [sic], and a crime rate that impacts at least three percent of Americans annually, cannot be described as “domestic tranquility.” Open borders will not lead to “the common defense,” and the “blessings of liberty” are inconsistent with government financially coercing parents to send their children to substandard schools where they are subject to government indoctrination.                                                                                                                                            

Gosh, that doesn’t sound nice at all. Gang members roaming the streets! Remember back in 1787 when there was no crime at all? Remember how we committed genocide against the American Indians? Now that’s what I call “domestic tranquility”.  Also, the War of 1812, slavery, the Alien & Sedition Acts, the Burr/Hamilton duel in New Jersey – all of these things are ostensibly better examples of “domestic tranquility” and “liberty” than what idiots call “open borders” and public schools -an idea pioneered by Horace Mann.  

The United States was a product of the Enlightenment – not the middle ages. 

One need not be a Constitutional expert to recognize that we have veered far off the Constitutional track. In an attempt to turn the tide, masses turned out to vote in the most recent midterm election of 2010, and changed more seats than in any midterm election since 1938. Yet, the distance from our founding principles continues to grow more quickly than ever. It will take informed and activated voters to drive us back on track.

I thought this was a “nonpartisan” organization? 

We can restore Constitutional government, provided we not only vote, but also vote for those who stand for the Constitution and its essential principles of liberty, limited government and equal opportunity under the law. Ideally, we need to meet the candidates and vet them, just as we would do if we were hiring an employee. Alternatively, we may rely on those who have done so. Modern technology now makes it possible for this to be facilitated online.

The ways and means to restore our nation back onto its Constitutional track are now available. It’s now up to every American to do what it takes to turn our government onto the right track. We are most grateful to Kathy Weppner, of New York’s 26thCongressional District, for her courage, fortitude and tireless efforts on behalf of us all. 

TL;DR: Phony Constitutionalist Kathy Weppner gets a “thank you” from an obscure New Jersey crank who doesn’t understand the Constitution. 

Anti-Semitic Pixels Go Unchallenged

18 Mar

In the last few weeks, there has been what at least one person – seemingly ignorant of the word’s definition  – considers to be a scandal. Known to many as “one of the many lawyers who works around Buffalo” and commonly referred to as, “isn’t that guy retired”, one nominally “Democratic” activist pointed out that a horrible crime had been perpetrated – the chief executive of Erie County used the county seal on his campaign website.

Not waiting for Republicans to point out any alleged impropriety, he bravely preserved democracy and the American way by ensuring that only one Democratic politician was called out. Never mind that the seal appears on the websites of other county politicians,  this was the America-saving result: 

Thanks be to God that this grievous insult to the taxpayers of Erie County has been rectified. The entire internet has been sanitized, and you can no longer infer that there was some official imprimatur from county government over Poloncarz’s website. No word yet on whether any alleged “Democratic” “Activists” will demand similar cleansing of other political websites, lest our civilization fall. 

But why was the most glaring insult overlooked? 

If you look very closely at the “Poloncarz for Erie County” header image shown above, it is made up of tiny pixels. One of the pixels in that image is a known, admitted anti-Semite.  In spite of that fact, no one has demanded its removal, or that Poloncarz further scrub his website. County Comptroller Stefan  Mychajliw has not yet sounded the alarm – reasonably or otherwise – over this grave injustice. 

Right there. That particular pixel is clearly not only anti-Semitic, but an outspoken nazi. How is it that all of these great legal minds, all of these brave Democratic activists were so lazy and blind as to not demand that pixel’s immediate removal from a campaign website? If you go to Poloncarz’s website and attempt to give money, are you giving money to support white supremacy or euthanasia? 

These are important and heady times for self-hating Democrats. There aren’t just offensive pixels, but rude cursors, Stalinist background images, and fascist metatags – none of which have been exposed or called out by the likes of the Niagara Falls Reporter and the people who take it seriously.

“Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.” – Victor Hugo.

11th Hour Chutzpah & Obamacare Exchange Enrollment Begins Anyway

1 Oct

18 times over the last 6 months, Senate Democrats have asked House Republicans to start a budget conference in order to work out differences and compromise on differences the two bodies have with respect to the federal budget and continuing resolutions to fund the government. 18 times over the last 6 months, House Speaker John Boehner has refused. A conference committee could only lead to compromise, and compromise is strengstens verboten in tea party dogma.

So, yesterday there was a grand theater, mostly orchestrated by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has insisted all week that Obamacare has been a failure,  despite the fact that open enrollment for the health insurance exchanges commences today, whereby the House sent the Senate a continuing resolution that would delay implementation of the individual health insurance mandate for one year. 

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in political science to figure out that the Republicans don’t really want the mandate delayed a year – if they were to secure a delay (which, on its face, sounds reasonable) – they get another year to demagogue what Obamacare is, and another year to sell people on a full repeal. Why, we might even get another 10 – 20 House repeal votes on top of the 40+ that have already taken place. Take Obamacare implementation into 2014, and the Republicans get a whole year to run on Obamacare repeal and get a fourth bite at the apple of undoing a law that was duly and legally enacted in 2010. 

The House refused to send the Senate a “clean” continuing resolution that contained no effort to delay Obamacare, despite the fact that Obamacare is unaffected by a shutdown. It was all for show.

Senator Reid held up a Medicare-related artifact

So, after several attempts to send the Senate an unacceptable continuing resolution, Boehner sought a conference committee with the Senate. If House Republicans were remotely serious about governing, rather than shutting down the government, they could have done this months ago. Weeks ago. Even days ago. 

So, as 800,000 federal workers get furloughed (which will adversely affect the economy), and after all of this utterly needless drama, the Obamacare health exchanges are up and running for open enrollment today for coverage starting January 1st.  If you’re on Medicare or Medicaid, nothing changes. If you have coverage through your employer, nothing changes (although you now have more consumer protections and wider mandatory coverage for preventative care). If you have no coverage, you can check healthcare.gov and find out what your options are. More specifically, go to http://healthbenefitexchange.ny.gov/ and find out what is available for you here in New York. 

Happy Obamacare day, everybody. Even the cretins’ shutdown-for-show couldn’t stop it. 


Shorter Esmonde

1 Jul

Shorter Esmonde? 

On Friday, Cuomo is pretty awesome, and he pulled out of this argument with the Canadians just at the right time, because he’s pretty awesome. 

On Sunday, Cuomo is an obstructionist punk who is horrible, and he caused a big fight with the Canadians, because he’s an obstructionist punk. 

Shorter Esmonde’s week in Cuomoland? 

When it comes to Peace Bridge and plaza expansion, I will feign interest in its progress, because my own positions on these topics swing around more than a drunken octogenarian driving the wrong way on the I-190 in the middle of the night. 

Lenihan Returns, Ryce Nowhere

27 Sep

The Brown/Casey – Pigeon factions’ clumsy attempt to oust Len Lenihan as chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee failed on Saturday.  At the Democrats’ biannual reorganization meeting, Lenihan was re-elected unanimously by the rank-and-file Democratic committeepeople.

Last Tuesday, Buffalo businesswoman Sundra Ryce commenced a run against Lenihan.  She has supported Democratic candidates with monetary contributions, but exclusively Grassroots-backed candidates like Antoine Thompson, Byron Brown, and Jim Keane.  On Friday, Mayor Brown, Erie County Legislature Chairwoman Barbara Miller-Williams, and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes endorsed Ryce’s candidacy.  (Surprise, surprise).  This from the Buffalo News’ Politics Now blog:

“There is a movement that is taking off and gaining tremendous speed,” Brown said.

Ryce said she decided to challenge for the top party post only about a week ago, following the Primary elections. That was when she said she realized the Democratic Party needed to be “re-energized.”

But on Saturday – the day that mattered – none of them showed up.  Indeed, Ryce was never so much as nominated.  Ryce herself is not a committeeperson (one might be expected to expect her to be a member of the committee she expects to lead), and could not nominate herself.  She couldn’t even enter the meeting.  Mirroring 2008, the challenge to Lenihan was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Brown and co. were just out to jerk Lenihan around, and didn’t bother to show up and take their trouncing.

As I said in 2008,

It’s disheartening to me the fact that Mayor Brown has so much potential to be an agent for positive change in this city, yet he gets all wrapped up in losing silly, petty political battles of his own creation.

The Emily Litella school of politics – “never mind” – gets Brown some ink, and makes for some suspense in an otherwise boring process.

Congratulations to Lenihan and his supporters.  It’s time for Mayor Brown and his supporters to grow up and work together with the party leadership to defeat Republicans.  But that won’t happen because of the strategic alliance with Chris Collins that Brown and Pigeon have created and continue to cultivate.

Frankly, it’s that simple.

Spectating the Spectacles

11 Aug

An explanation of my thinking behind the “Regular Buffalo Person’s Manifesto”, composed as a response to an email I received from a member of the Public Accountability Initiative last week.

I read the Quinn interview in Artvoice and the accompanying “ideas” from local luminaries whose opinions are absolutely no more or less valid than mine or yours, and found it to be emblematic, if not a concise distillation of every single thing that’s wrong with Buffalo. Scot Fisher’s idea – that we should find the 21st century’s “Olmsted” and build a park down there. A park. Seriously. Seriously? The problem isn’t that he wants a park – it’s that if he doesn’t get a park, he’ll sue continuously to block anything that isn’t a park.

The irony completely missed by these people is that Olmsted came to Buffalo when entrepreneurs in this town made money, employed people, created wealth, became moneyed elites, supped in clubs, cut deals on golf courses, and hired Olmsted to come design parks.

In Buffalo, we embrace Olmsted and Wright and Richardson – the greats of the late 19th/early 20th century – they came to Buffalo thanks to very tight-knit, wealthy Buffalo elites. Nowadays, we get nothing of the sort – instead we fight it every step of the way. Meanwhile, in Toronto, they have a brand new Gehry building. We could never have that because (a) no one can afford to hire him; and (b) even if we could, the opposition to building something so controversial would be so strong that it just wouldn’t happen.

Buffalo today has almost none of that anymore. The wealth that we have in Buffalo is very concentrated and most of it is out in Spaulding Lake. The city’s elites are long gone, with the wealth generated by great companies that have long gone away replaced instead by those families’ foundations, which are very judicious in funding projects that are favored by the un-moneyed elites in Buffalo, and you know whom I’m talking about.

Perhaps the PAI could do a similar study of the local foundations, who sits on their boards, and who gets their money. I think you’ll find that the foundations’ wealth and the identity of its recipients is just as – if not more – incestuous than the coalitions of “developers, wealthy business leaders”, etc.

Nothing will ever happen on that waterfront because no one is every satisfied, and if they’re not satisfied they’re prepared to sue. The most recent lawsuit is astonishing because the people who brought it are foundation-support-junkies or other elites whose entire existence is founded not on self-generated wealth from business decisions, but from public money or foundation money – handouts, if you will. They believe that _their_ projects are worthy of funding, but heaven forfend we have a “suburban big box mall with surface parking”.

What you’re missing, in other words, is that there is an extant elite class that does battle regularly with the elite class dominating, as you say, ECHDC. In between this clash of elites, we regular people sit getting absolutely nothing. We get to be spectators to a battle royal, fought between rich development types on one hand, and rich foundation babies on the other. It’s a battle between one incestuous clique and another with us in the middle rooting for neither.

I’m sick and tired of being caught in the middle, and sick and tired of people pretending that the foundation babies are somehow more worthy and honest and righteous than any other moneyed elite clique in Buffalo. That’s why the manifesto was written. That’s why we’re turning this into something.

First they Came for the WASPs

18 May

I think I’ve put my finger on at least part of the reason why the right wing – both establishment and tea party – has gone completely insane.

In the olden days, government was a restricted club favoring white men whose last names don’t end in vowels. Ethnics were, for the most part, to be governed – not to govern.

Well, that’s not altogether true.

Names like “Scalia” and “Alito” are ok, because they’re conservative ethnics. They play on the same team as the WASP elites, and support the same things. It’s when you have names like “Sotomayor” or “Kagan“, well then all hell breaks loose. The former was accused of being a La Raza anti-white bigoted socialist klan-esque terrorist. The latter is accused of being an anti-gun socialist inexperienced lesbian Jew.

Buchanan’s channeling of Julius Streicher aside, this piece from a paper owned by Scottish Australian (since we’re keeping track) Rupert Murdoch, is astonishing in its pathetic WASP nostalgia.

In old-money enclaves like Palm Beach, Fla., Nantucket, Mass., and Greenwich, Conn., WASPs are being priced out of their waterfront estates and displaced on their nonprofit boards by Jewish, Catholic and other non-Protestant entrepreneurs.

The United States has always been a heterogeneous country – hardly a “nation” in the truest definition of that word, but a conglomeration of nations within one state who have consented to live together under a new governmental construct. Not for nothing Serbs and Croats lived side-by-side in Queens while their countrymen fought each other bitterly back home in the 90s.

And while people like to denigrate “political correctness”, it has become politically incorrect for the WASP establishment that ran this country to attack the nouveau powerful for their ethnicity. And that’s objectively a good thing. New York in particular has only ethnics running for Governor. Levy, Cuomo, Lazio, Paladino – that fact is something that Americans should embrace, not bemoan. That this country has attracted people from around the world to escape ancient hatreds and get ahead on merit rather than heritage may no longer be unique (see Canada, Australia) but was revolutionary.

The conservatives want to “conserve” the vestiges of WASP lordships in business and politics, but that’s a fight that’s long been lost.

But X Said Y !!1!

15 Jan

Twice in the past few months, Chris Collins has been outed – most likely by fellow Republicans loyal to Rick Lazio – as being a guy who likes to shit things out of his mouth. Obviously, this is a source of terrific amusement for me, because I think Chris Collins is one of those hyper-arrogant guys who hasn’t had anyone talk back to him or question him in forever.

It’s nice to poke sticks at his little bubble of “I’m awesome” and have those sticks be his own clumsy words.

Yet every time I post about our County Executive’s gaffes, I get the same exact variety of comments from predictable people. It generally goes like this:

Hey, what about _________________? How come you haven’t criticized or posted about [insert prominent national or other-regional Democrat here] and how he called ______________ a [insert ethnic slur here]?!

Once, a blog even criticized me for not coming out against Roman Polanski. Short answer: the preceding sentence is most likely the first time I’ve ever typed the name “Roman Polanski”, plus anyone who knows anything about that case knows that it’s not as cut and dried as you’ve been told on TMZ and whatnot.

This is all a rhetorical distraction. Trent Lott, Harry Reid, and even Chuck Schumer have nothing to do with it. My Collins/Silver or Collins/lapdance posts aren’t about any of them. They’re about Chris Collins. Frankly, I really don’t give a shit what Trent Lott or Harry Reid say ever, since one’s not even in government anymore, and Reid isn’t my representative in any capacity. So, if Harry Reid called Obama a Negro, and Trent Lott expressed his sorrow over the fact that Dixiecrats lost in the 60s, so what? That’s not the point. In fact, it’s avoiding it completely.

Because what are you trying to say? That Trent Lott excuses Collins? Harry Reid excuses Collins somehow? That those men’s statements are worse, therefore in comparison I shouldn’t critique Collins? That’s ridiculous.

Schumer? Schumer told Gillibrand that a flight attendant was being a bitch. And you know what? Maybe she was. Who knows? He didn’t chew her out or call her a bitch to her face. We don’t even know if he was in any way rude to the woman, really, except to ask to finish his call while the doors to the plane were open. So, no, there’s no comparison here with Schumer whatsoever.

By contrast…

Chris Collins told an audience in a speech an old quip of his about Shelly SIlver being the third anti-Christ, along with Hitler and Napoleon. That’s so stupid as to merit the adjective retarded.

Chris Collins told a woman, whose identity I’m trying to discover, that she can get a seat to a governmental event if she’d shove her tits in his face and grind her knee into his cock.

Somehow, that seems to me to be rather impolitic and also so stupid as to be retarded. P.C.? It’s not political correctness, it’s more about how reasonable, rational, sane people behave and talk in normal fucking society. Hey, Splett, try that “lap dance” line on one of your female professors and see where that lands you.

So, we have Chris Collins, who is my County Executive, going around saying fucking retarded things on numerous occasions, and it calls into question his character, his sense of propriety and proportionality, and any hopes he has of reaching statewide office.

Chris and I talked about it yesterday:


Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Liveblog Tuesday

14 Sep

Starting around 8:00 or 8:30 Tuesday featuring the usual suspects.