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Bipartisan Leadership in the New York State Senate

12 Dec

Courtesy Marquil at EmpireWire.com

Appleton Returns #DSCC Money, Stands on Principle #SD59 #NYSen

27 Oct

While former Sheriff and Tom Reynolds ally Pat Gallivan dukes it out with Islamophobic/xenophobic ignorant birther David DiPietro, Cynthia Appleton has been mounting a competent campaign focusing on issues and ethics.  Her strengths on these points is highlighted by the press release shown below, explaining why she returned a campaign contribution she received from the corrupt and execrable New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

DiPietro is a shameful embarrassment to himself and his supporters, including his erstwhile ones, like Carl Paladino.  David DiPietro is also overdue in submitting pre-General Election financial disclosure information to the Board of Elections.  Gallivan may be a good cop, but he is a Reynolds ally and is the thankfully-departing Dale Volker’s pick to succeed him. He’s received an exorbitant amount of money from Republican apparatchiki, including minority leader Dean Skelos.  (In other words, Gallivan would merely be Skelos’ puppet in a Republican majority).

Cynthia Appleton, on the other hand, is someone who works in the private sector and isn’t a career politician or serial candidate.  She hasn’t insulted entire swaths of the population of the state of New York, and she is principled.

Cynthia Appleton, candidate for the State Senate in the 59th District, announced today that she received a contribution yesterday from the New York Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, and that she is returning the DSCC money.  “In light of last week’s very troubling report of the the State Inspector General about the conduct of some members of the State Senate leadership regarding the AEG bid, this is not money I can accept,” Appleton stated.  “I also want to make it clear that I could not in good conscience vote for anyone under investigation for a leadership position once I become a Senator.  I have spent this campaign talking to voters about reforming Albany not because it’s a campaign tactic, but because it’s what I believe we must do.”  Appleton is running on a platform that includes calling for real ethics reforms, so that legislators won’t be able to police themselves anymore, independent non-partisan redistricting, term limits, and greater transparency in Senate conduct.  “I will not bring any conflicts of interest to Albany with me, because I will make serving the people of the 59th District my only job. I will retire from my career as a nurse and make the work of representing the voters my only concern.  No outside income, no clients, no ulterior motives,” Appleton said.

Here is a debate that Channel 2 held featuring all 3 candidates for this Volker seat. For instance, when asked a question: how would you help create jobs in WNY, Gallivan talked about Albany corruption, spending, and franking privileges.  Disgraceful DiPietro basically just calls Gallivan an asshole, and complains about the fact that dry cleaners like his are regulated (because of the toxins they use).  Cynthia Appleton actually answers the question.


Here is Cynthia’s introductory video:


Please contribute to Appleton’s campaign so she can make up the tainted DSCC money she returned.  Make a difference for the suburban and rural SD-59 district that needs principled, sane leadership and representation.


Antoine Thompson: Mail Call

2 Aug

State Senator Antoine Thompson loves marketing himself on the public’s dime.  It’s substantively no different from what any State Senator does, so to have George Maziarz criticize Thompson in the article seems particularly hypocritical.  It’s also technically not electioneering on the public’s dime because the mailings tout Thompson’s “work” in the State Senate, but it’s also clear that Thompson has spent hundreds of thousands of public dollars on these mailings since 2008, and exactly no money on campaign postage so far this year.   No one should be surprised by this:

Thompson is also big on mailing birthday greetings to constituents.

“I’m a taxpayer and I don’t need Antoine Thompson to send me a birthday card with my money,” said Fabiano, the retired Grand Island resident.

Spelling, punctuation and factual errors are common in the mailings, whose content is drafted by Thompson’s staff. One headline misspelled “soldier.” A flier reporting on the results of a spelling bee promoted by Thompson misspelled the name of a school attended by one of the winners. A third mailing that urged citizens to vacation in state parks listed some facilities that are not state parks, including the Darwin Martin House.

Senators as a group are not shy about using their mailing privileges, but at least one of them is openly critical over what Thompson is doing.

“Birthday cards, picnic invites — that’s way over the top,” said Sen. George Maziarz, a Newfane Republican.

Many of Thompson’s mailings promote events his office is sponsoring.

Something he terms “community leaders and stakeholders breakfasts” are a popular topic, and his Web site lists 21 such breakfasts over the course of this year. Other mailings have promoted senior citizen cookouts and dances — “senior balls,” as he terms them. These events are always free to the public.

How is Thompson paying for them?

He has insisted in the past that state funds are not involved. But a review of his campaign disclosure reports since January 2008 shows few expenses that appear to be related to these. And his most recent ethics disclosure statement filed with the state does not list any relevant donations.

One former member of Thompson’s staff said the senator and members of his staff often solicit businesses for cash or product donations used at the social functions. The News documented one such effort in March, when Thompson’s staff solicited food donations from 20 restaurants for his annual St. Joseph’s Table celebration.

Thompson is practically the poster child for every stereotype that exists about self-interested, self-aggrandizing, self-enriching politicians. That he continues to be re-elected to go to Albany as the most dysfunctional local member of a dysfunctional anachronistic clique is embarrassing and outrageous.  With 2010 being supposedly flush with anti-incumbency fever, this is his time to go.