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26 Aug

The other day, I wrote that ECDC was unofficially supporting Sean Coffey for AG. I have since been informed that this isn’t necessarily the case.

I based my statement on what I had been told by unnameable sources at the NYS Democratic Convention in May. But at this time, ECDC has not formally endorsed any candidate for AG, because as my post showed, everyone is all over the place on that.

Frankly, that’s a good thing. I think the committee should always remain neutral in primary races and get behind the nominee.

A Tedious Process, Condensed

26 May

The process to make sure all five AG candidates get on the September primary ballot is mathematically complicated and has taken a solid 1/3 of an entire day.  Supposedly, all five candidates are to speak tonight, but at this rate we’re talking 9:30 or 10:00.  Here’s 1:30 mins of video of what it was like, featuring Byron Brown’s absence and Steve Pigeon’s dramatic waving of an unexpected proxy.


Can you feel the roll call?

New York State Attorney General Candidates. All of them.

26 May

Oh, spare me.

Sean Coffey. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Richard Brodsky. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Eric Schneiderman. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Eric DiNallo. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Kathleen Rice. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Many of the speakers are familiar to some of you in WNY.  Judith Hunter, the Livingston County Chair.  The Mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Miner.  Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul – in a move that justifiably introduces her to a statewide party audience – is acting as the sort of nomination wrangler.  Each one of these speeches – none of which I’m recording in any detail – is repetitive and explains why each one of these lawyers would make a great attorney general.

This is tedious and will take a significant amount of time. I don’t know if any of them will personally speak today – it’s not clear on the agenda, and we don’t have tomorrow’s yet.

According to state committee chair Jay Jacobs, at least two roll call votes will take place, each vote will take about an hour.  Supposedly, all five candidates will then speak. They are going through the roll in alphabetical order, one by one.

In the meantime, anyone with a life is rolling his or her eyes, insane with boredom.